Danger (2)

Lobo Village, West Border.

“I lost his trails” Apologetic, Liam told Ciara that is still shaking from shock and fright. Brent didn’t do anything and Andrei was thinking deeply. I wandered the forest and find nothing about the creature and what a coincidence that it attacked this house among all the houses in here? Law of gravity? What bullshit is that?

“Are you okay dear?” Ciara asked him which made him automatically looked at the old woman and smiled.

“Yes I am grandma. I was just worried that the creature would come back and eat us.” Ciara lovingly smiled and motioned Andrei to come to her. The boy went and sat beside her on the sofa.

“It will not go twice my dear. I know he’ll not” her voice is whole and is sure that the creature won’t come again. Liam with his sharp eyes didn’t let that small suspic

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