Dust and compelling cold and heat was clashing with one another with two figures striking each other’s blade with intent that could kill anyone with a weak heart.

Jumping from the ground, his speed gain more by kicking into the air, releasing bursts of mana that he put into the sole of his feet to became a platform for force and so he could reach him faster. Cygne strike his sword diagonally and hit the side of his cheek that made a thin line of blood slowly seeping out of it but Timothy twisted his body to twirl and went out of his range, lowering his body during the spin with his blade aiming for his ankle tendons to prevent mobility. Unfortunately Cygne had seen his plan and quickly kick to the air once again and went to his side, following his direction turning his weapon into the thread he mainly uses. The thread with a cross shape end floated in the air and quickly strike into his forehead which surprises Timothy and changes the direction of his aim

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