Chapter Five: A determined Human

              On a bright sunny day, Council men Leonard, Jeff, Liam, Robert, and Council woman Grace, were discussing intently on the execution of their previous plan.

             Grace wore a determined face and uttered,

 " Jeff, you and Robert distract Hela, whilst I and Liam will set off to Dekina."

Leonard face clouded for a moment and questioned, " Why am I not included in the plan?"

"Yes Grace , why is Leonard not included?"

 Jeff approached Grace.

"No you are wrong, Leonard is included, you guys just didn't allow me to finish. As you all know that, if all five us are absent , the King and Hela will be suspicious.

 "That where Leonard will come in. So, he is going to stand for us and come up with a lie to cover us up."

 Grace countered.

With a satisfy answer, Leonard smiled, thinking the job assigned to him was the simplest.

Robert and the others also nodded.

The scheme was finally concluded.


          Early in the morning, Jeff and Robert set off to Hela's place.

"Morning Sorceress Hela, we are here to apologise for the other day."

 Robert greeted Hela with a sweet smile.

Jeff annex Robert's words and chirped,

 " Yes Sorceress Hela, we are sorry and promised not to say anything bad about the Mighty one again."

Hela was perplexed, and look into their eyes to see whether, they are lying or sincere with their words.

After a moment of silence from the Sorceress, she gestured for them to enter and called her assistant to entertain them.

Jeff and Robert smiled internally, they didn't expect their plan will go so smoothly. Seems the tides were on their sides.


Grace and Liam began their journey to the Demons Kingdom, after confirming that the Sorceress is distracted which will enable them to leave and return to Krestila without anyone noticing.

Leonard of course, performed his job well during the meeting with King.

After a journey of ten hours in the carriage, they finally arrived at the great Demons land.

"What are you meek creatures doing here?  It seems you are not afraid of death!" 

The demon stationed at the border bellowed at them. 

Feeling scared, Liam moved to stand behind Grace, and she huffed at his actions.

"Hello, we are not your enemies, and we are here to meet the Higher ups." She responded calmly. 

The Demon laughed hysterically.

 " Oh, I don't think he will waste his time on lowly creatures like you and I won't either."

" It actually important, and am sure if he knows about it, he won't hesitate to let us in.

"Though, there are other means for me to let him know, but of course I just want to take the most proper and respectful way. 

"You seriously don't know how important this message is, but I will surely let him know no matter what, and when he finds out about it, including you trying to stop us from delivering the message, then I think you know the consequences.......huh I mean a guard like............" 

Grace seized him up and down with her eyes and continued,

 " If he kills you, oh you won't mean anything."   Then, she smiled ferociously.

"You.... How dare you?!" 

The Demon laughed faded and he barked.

 " It seems you lack the knowledge about who is superior between Humans and Demons,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

His words were cut short by Grace sentence. " As I am talking to you, the message is already going to the Higher ups, and soon they will be wondering why we are not in the Kingdom yet. Plus, if they find out you are the main reason why and also planning to kill us, then am afraid your days are numbered."

The Demon stiffened and grounded his teeth.

" Fine, but I assure you there is always a next time."

The Demon finally decided to tell the  higher ups and seek their permission first.

All this while, Liam was full of admiration for Grace and he praised her. 

" Grace, you are awesome! I didn't even expect you can face a Demon so boldly, wow you are my idol now."

Grace snorted in annoyance. "Please, if I were a coward like you, we will be in pieces now."

"You can't blame me Grace, it normal for me to be afraid of a Demon of course." Liam reacted and reasoned well.

The guard finally told the Higher ups and surprisingly, the head of the higher demons who goes by the name Victor, granted the guard to let them in.

Finally allowed to go into the Kingdom, Grace smiled in her dark red cloak. Things seems to be going very smoothly, she thought.

Coming into the Kingdom, both were greeted with an immensely heat with the sneering, growling, and disdain looks of the Dekinans because of their smell and presence as Humans. 

 However, Grace was less concern about the Dekinans hatred for them except for the heat. She was burning but tried to endure it.

Liam was scared to hell by the Dekinans look, whilst wiping his hot sweats at the same.

Dekina was also a very beautiful kingdom flourishing well, though it couldn't be compare to Krestila, but the Dekinans are very pleased with their kingdom, most especially the heat in their Kingdom.

Hell is their main place and it no wonder why the Demons love heat.

Victor was very surprised at Grace insolent boldness and sneered.

 " Well, well, look what we have here."

Grace ignored Victor's sarcastic remarks and smiled. 

" Your Highness."  She greeted.

"Your Highness."  Liam also greeted, still in awe about the Palace unique beauty. 

Glistering bright red orbs could be seen scattered on the ceiling, giving the palace a bright glow, a statue of Belial right in the middle of the big throne room.  The marbled floor was breathtaking with the golden color, and the tall palace walls were adorned with gemstones, gracing it as a beautiful thing to view.

Victor scowled annoyingly. "  What's brings you here?  Speak immediately! I don't have times for meek creatures like you!"

Grace flushed with embarrassment but still composed herself. 

" The reason why we are here is because, we want to cooperate with you."

Victor laughed like a maniac.

" You think I will cooperate with creatures like you?!  In your dreams! You should be lucky that I haven't kill you yet and now you are telling me this?! Hun!"

Through gritted teeth, Grace controlled her anger and voiced out.

" It will be good, if you hear me out your Majesty, and I will be glad if you don't underestimate me."

Victor fixed his gaze on Grace.

"  What can a creature like you do for me? Fine! Let's hear out what you have to say."

"We want to help you take over Krestila and also to stop the prophecy from coming true."

"Yes, your Majesty and that's why we came here. You might want to object but don't forget the Krestilans still have Insisa lights to protect them, so with that, you can't take over Krestila.

"And if you want to wait till releasing Belial , the Halfling might have been born then, therefore things will not be easy."

Liam finally joined the conversation and said seriously. His words seems to have done something positive, as Victor was silent for a while.

"Oh, perfect timing to join the conversation." 

Grace rolled her eyes and thought.

Victor gestured for the other Higher demons to come closer and they whispered some words among themselves.

Clearing his throat , Victor faced the two Krestilans councils.

 " It has been decided. We will cooperate with you, but I will warn you not to try and act smart. Don't forget we can easily kill you."

Grace and Jeff looked at each other and beamed.

"But your Highness, let's have it in mind that, this plan requires patience." Grace riposte immediately.

Victor gave a Curt nod.

Grace then smiled nefariously.


After, Grace left. Victor and the three higher demons came into a discussion.

Higher Demon one - " So, are you going to cooperate with them?"

Higher Demon Two - " Yes, Victor, let's us know your real plan. Those creatures are nothing but annoying and frail.....they disgust me!"

"Nahhhh,,,,,,they are just my pawns. I will only use them and dump them when am done." 

Victor replied the Higher demons.


 The three higher demons looked at each other and hummed.


Back in Krestila.

General Brian has been assigned to train and teach Alina in anything that involves fighting, especially swordsmanship and Archery since Alina loves both of them more.

"You see Alina, when it comes to fighting, the main things are to focus and note your aim.

 Most times, your opponent will try to exasperate you, so you can lose control of your emotions and act irrationally. Therefore, giving him or her the upper hand to get you and claim victory."

General Brian lectured Alina and she listened with rapt attention.

Alina exclaimed.  " I knew the moment I prepared myself, that fighting won't be easy. "

"Yes Alina, and that's why no matter what, you shouldn't always let your emotions control you especially when you are fighting. 

"You should rather be calm, with that you will be able to think clearly and defeat your opponent."

She stood up with her eyes sparkling in admiration.

"Got it General."


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