Long Live The King

Iretiola blocked Emi before he could open the door that lead to his compound.

"What do you want?, the contest is tomorrow" Emi said, this man was really getting on his nerves, right at that moment, Emi wished he could punch him really hard with his beast soul.

"I told you, the King is a murderer, and you a warrior god still let him sit still on that throne"

"First" Emi walked head to head with Iretiola "I am no longer a warrior god, and second" he paused "I am a human god and third, we don't give a damn about other people's past, only the future we hope to be better"

Iretiola was visibly shocked, it was time for his next line of action, he thought within himself

"If you won't reason, others will"

“Good for you”

Little did he know that what he called a plan was no longer effective as he thought it would. But for someone who was so blood thirsty for power, he failed to see it.

The day for the fight arrived quickly, everyone already arrived at the arena, it contained the whole of the city and still spaces for about a thousand more. The city had really prospered during this little time after the invasion on it.

Iretiola was the first to walk into the arena, he wielded two swords in his hands, he was shirtless, with short khaki that he wore, his growl was deadly.

"People of Ayenireti" he shouted as the murmuring died down. "I have brought new hope, the one you call a king, Is just an imposter" He said.

On the part where the elders and Chiefs sat, they only looked at one another and smiled from the corner of their lips, relaxing their back to listen to Iretiola's terrible speech.

"Hmmm" Emi sighed from where he stood, with his palm wine gourd with him. He sipped slowly and watched as the drama unfolds.

"Your king is a murderer, a beast who murdered his father" Iretiola said, as people began too murmur in surprise.

"I remember clearly that man, made us work to our bones, he collected from us what we don't have, what wrong with Iretiade liberating us from his father, even in such way" an aged man responded

YESSSSS!! the aged ones who witnessed such terrible reign shouted in support of the man that spoke.

Iretiola stood speechless, the unity in this city was BEYOND what he imagined

"Get on with the fight and go back to your hole where you crawled out from" another man shouted and threw a tomato at him.

The King advanced towards the arena, a spear and a shield in his hand, his face was guarded with a helmet, he was also without shirt, and wore a light red short.

"Disgrace is the mother of all shame" The King said and with a swift movement threw his spear at Iretiola. He managed to dodge it, but it left a horrible wound in his chest.

The cheer from the crowd, weakened the spirit of Iretiola.

"Leave this city and never return" The King said, removed his helmet and headed out of the arena.

Iretiola grabbed his sword and rushed towards the King, the King unaware of this continued to head out of the arena. Emi saw this and threw the wine gourd and summoned his beast soul, he made it fast as possible, but it was too late. Iretiola slashed the King on the back, immediately, the King went down.

NOOO! Adeshewa screamed from where she sat, stood up to her feet trembling.

The beast soul threw Iretiola into the air, swayed him and sent him to the ground. Emi quickly carried the King and ran towards the house of the chief priest.

The whole of Ayenireti, hurriedly made their way after Emi, forgetting about Iretiola who managed to struggle to his feet. Now the best thing was to leave this town, he would still come back to get this throne, only that his plan won't be watered the next time.

After three days, there was still no improvement in the King's health, the sword of Iretiola was deduced to have been laced with an enchanted poison, although the priest did all he could do, there was still no improvement.

The Chief priest stepped out from the palace, the sad faces that threw questions at him.

"The King in his present situation, has asked me to make Emi the King till he recovers,

Emi would be our acting King, till the king recovers"

"LONG LIVE THE King" the priest said as the people took it up and shouted repeatedly, each going down to their kneels to pay him homage.

Emi felt troubled within himself, the King should be dead before they could chant long live the King on him, he threw a questioning look at the priest who willingly avoided eye contact.