Fall of Emi


Emi felt his hands tightly bounded. Too weak to move, his hands we chained which made him float in mid-air, he tried for a little but every attempt only drained more of his strength. It was a spell bound chain that sucked every strength one gathered.

Someone splashed water on his face, and threw the bucket on the floor.


Emi groaned feeling exhausted, he looked down at Ajanaku, with heavy eyes.

"Wake up"

"You should have killed me when you had the chance" Emi said and spat to the ground.

"Killing you will be too much of mercy, I want to break you" Ajanaku said walking round the guard room

"Why, why does it have to come to this?"

Ajanaku felt remorseful, his spirit weakened by the question, he knew there was a better a way resolve, but what can they do about the deadly sin called Envy.

"Rest, I will need you to hear the wailing of your people, when I bring them to their knees"

"What did Esu promise you, longer life, dark forces, riches?" Emi asked

"Shut Up" Ajanaku shouted placing his hands on his head, feeling annoyed he left the guard room, banging the door loudly behind him.

Emi tried controlling the tears that flowed from his eyes, the gods had forsaken them, was this a test of fate. No way, how cruel must the gods be or how stupid was he to have ignored the warning of the gods

"All gods should perish, betrayed by my own, may the gods be forsaken, who will worship you, if your true worshippers are dead, and slaughtered like animals, tortured by those weaker?"

Obatala was filled with rage, Emi's words drove into the depth of his heart, who will worship them, who will they protect, who will they lead.

The remaining gods only sat down silently and waiting for Obatala to give his verdict.



At Ayenireti, the land was already plundered, chained and filled in a straight line, into slavery they went, something that has not happened and never did they thought it would.

Adeshewa chained to Ajanaku's horse, looked into Ajanaku's eyes, the evil he has become.

"What dignity do you have, trading your own people into slavery" She asked angrily.

"If only you gave me the attention I wanted" Ajanaku said, slowing the pace of his horse

"Stupid excuse"

"There is no need talking to this animal" The King said, from behind.

"A bastard of the soil"

WHACCCCKKK!!! the King received a heavy lashing from one of Ajanaku's demon soldier.

"Take it easy on the old man" Ajanaku said and stared at Adeshewa.

"Where is Emi?” She asked in a pleading tone.

"He is not dead yet"

Ajanaku knew in his heart he had wrong everyone, but the thirst of real power felt good and worth sacrifices, he thought.

Emi is gone

The hope in us is dead

Even the gods has turned deaf ears to our plea

Other kingdoms have heard of our downfall

Our unity is shattered.

Ajanaku stood in the midst of the dark gods. He looked threatened and frustrated, his anger was rising very fast.

"Nobody kills Emi, until I see it fit" Ajanaku shouted furiously, pointing his sword at Iku(death)

"Idiot, his comeback will be fierce on us all, we only pretend Obatala and his fellow won't retaliate on this matter, we all know he will" Sigidi said.

"You have no say in this matter, we gave you these powers you possess" Ologundudu said and his eyes flared red.

Esu all this while only kept mute, watching them calmly, at last he spoke

"Whats the point of killing Emi, when immediately another Warrior god will rise?" Esu asked and not getting any reply, he took his leave.



Emi could feel the presence of the King and Adeshewa from his prison, he knew he had to do something, but every little power he gained was being drained immediately, he was lost in thought when Ajanaku walked in.

"Seems you won't die yet" he said

Emi was still yet to know what Ajanaku had in mind for him, all he prayed was solution came before it was too late.

"I know there are here" Emi said slowly

Ajanaku clanged his sword against the wall, as two of his demon warriors brought in Adeshewa

She freed herself and ran towards Emi raising her head to have a better view at Emi who hanged from above.

"I warned you" She said feeling sorry for her husband

"I am sorry"

Adeshewa felt something irritating within her and she hurried to a corner of the guard

room and began vomiting.

"You've planted in her" Ajanaku said and hit Emi with his beast soul.

Emi on one part was happy, but rethinking, situation only got worse, Ajanaku surely has found another means to deal with him.

Emi could now feel the living soul in Adeshewa, he smiled, he couldn't bear the smile, then he laughed loudly.

"It's a girl, and she posses, the Spirit, Grand God spirit" Emi said and laughed loudly.

Ajanaku at this statement got more irritated and dragged Adeshewa with him out of the prison.

Now Emi’s fear were reduced, the Spirit of the Grand Gods came with an advantage, the bearer would not only feel secure but at a very tender age of the bearer, the power was at its peak, no harm could come closer, but as they grow the power to some extent reduces, but the Grand Spirit was known to be the highest height of the Spirit Warrior.

Adeshewa was safe, and their child in her was also safe, but all the same Emi knew, their years in slavery was still prolong, if that child was their only hope, they still had to wait till about fifteen more years in torment, at least that was what he thought, little did he know that things would take a very drastic turn.

Ajanaku furiously walked on the gods in midst of their meeting. At first they all felt angry but something made their attention turn towards Adeshewa, who struggled to set herself free.

On seeing these demons, Adeshewa became scared, her heart almost popped out through her mouth. She began sweating uncontrollable.

"HAAAAA" Esu moaned feeling the power flow that flowed through Adeshewa, he descended his throne and moved closer to her.

He stood about 10feet in height, his body was heavily built, his face was the opposite of his description people were familiar with, he looked too handsome for such an evil role.

"The Grand Spirit flows through her, second encounter in the whole of my existence" Esu said and bent down a little, stretching his hands forward towards Adeshewa's face. His attempt to touch her only made him go through an indescribable pain that pulled him to his knees. He regained his strength and moved back a little, at this it was easy to tell, confusion had fallen on all of them.

"Take her out of my sight" Esu said waving his hands and was already seen on his throne.

Ajanaku handed her over to the guards, and continued the meeting when she had left.

"What do we do about her?” Ajanaku asked, this whole drama was taking unimaginable turn, the stone was hurling at them.

"Nothing, for now, we all know no harm can come to her or the child" Sigidi said.

"I warned all of you, this human will bring confusion" Irunmole said and bolted at Ajanaku.

Ajanaku with quick reflex gave him a maximum hit of his Beast soul, sending Irunmole against the wall. At this, Sigidi, turned into sand and advanced towards Ajanaku, and pulled him to the ground, the sand formed a sharp dust sword and stooped directly on Ajanaku's Adam apple.

"Cast him out Esu"

Esu now dumbfounded, said nothing, after minutes of staring, he disappeared, leaving the other gods speechless.