Everyone is a Warrior


Far from Ayenireti, those the evacuated before its downfall, looked at the plains they had left behind, as it went up in smoke, thick black smoke. They had no shelter, barely enough food to go round.

The Chief Priest led them to a cave he had discovered on one of his expenditure looking for medicinal herbs. It was large enough to contain the whole of Ayenireti.

"We shall settle here for the meantime, before dusk, we shall all gather around and have a meeting" The Priest said, holding tight to his staff.

Three days of trekking almost non stop, they had to eat and regain their strength, was it now down to starting from the scratch, their farms, savings, foods, would all be gone just with the blink of an eye.

Evening approached fast, as they all gathered round the Priest, to them he was their King, he practically knows and sees than them.

"Our people are not dead, in fact a new hope has risen, the gods now lives among them"

He said and turned around, facing the other set of people, since they form a large circle, he wanted to make sure, they saw the happy expression on his face.

"It is our duty to, help them and renew our hope" He said

"Ayenireti is dead, our land is gone " A youth said from the gathering


The youths shouted, expression of weariness in their spirit.

"No, no,

IRETI is not dead, we, we are the ones that are called Ayenireti, not the lands, if one of us still breathes, then IRETI is still alive" The Priest said, trying to make them see his point.

"What's the point of action" A girl said from the crowd.

"Everyone is a warrior, we have hearts strong as mountains"

The gathering yelled loudly cheering themselves. The priest raised his staff up, immediately the noise died down.

"We are going to free our people, let the gods know that we never leave our own to suffer, and we teach that bastard Ajanaku, that he made the greatest mistake ever"

They felt the extraordinarily refreshing air and drizzling of rain. A sign that the gods was fully behind them.

"Prepare warriors, it is not an easy task"



Esu entered into the prison where Emi was kept, for a while he looked lost and them finally spoke.

"Am surprise there could be two Warrior Spirit, which means the great gods also lies" Esu said and giggled

"Desperate time class for desperate measures why do you look like you are scared, remember you brought this upon yourself" Emi said and smiled back at Esu. "You are scared, I can feel the stench, but it's okay to be, at least now I know the gods do fear unforeseen circumstances" Emi said hanging

"Bring her head" Esu said and face the entrance.

Whose Head Emi thought, for certain it couldn't be Adeshewa's, but she was the only

"her" that he knew.

Out of a sack, Esu pulled out Adeshewa's lifeless head and threw it at Emi's feet where he could clearly see it from where he hunged.

"Impossible" Emi said, boiling with maximum range, "What have you done?”

"Taking all that matters" Esu said and used his trident to push the head.

"The child?"

"What do you expect, it's dead, never trust the gods"

Emi heart was broken, his life was becoming meaningless. Nothing was beginning to matter anymore. Could it be true, what Esu did.

The Chief Priest led his handpicked warriors, fifty in number, into the Realm where they held the others captive. They already had a drill, a sneak attack. Little by little, they conquered, any demon soldier spotted moving or standing alone were quickly attacked and silently murdered. This they did till every demon soldier were overpowered.

"Princess" A soldier whispered drawing the attention of everyone in the cell.

"We've come to free you all" The soldier said and opened the iron door, silently leading them to extraction point.

After they had all gone except for King who was reluctant at first until he saw Emi but he was finally persuaded to go

The last person was about crossing the realm, immediately sighted by a demon soldier which screeched out loudly, the echos vibrating through every inch and corner of the realm.

"Princess you have to go" The Chief Priest said trying to push her.

"No I must stay, I am an added advantage, I am pregnant Ifagbemi, with a grand spirit" She said.

At these words the priest felt relieved he knew what it meant

"Protect the lady" Ifagbemi said and closed the portal.

In minutes, before them were devious monsters, the least of them was a creature like crocodile, with face of a man. Adeshewa took the lead and slowly advanced, the energy she emitted gave the monsters no choice than to steadily move back.

Ajanaku followed behind Esu and other gods right into where they kept Emi only for him to be nowhere to be found.

"Who did this?" Sigidi shouted.

Emi followed behind the soldier that freed him, trying to regain his strength.

"The Princess awaits" The soldier said, urging Emi to walk faster.

"Wait" Emi paused for a moment. Whatever this is, was really surpassing his understanding.

"Adeshewa is alive?”


Emi felt power surge in his system, he felt refreshed, and he then realized he had just broken into the second level of the Human God, he was no longer a warrior god, which means to some extent he could now match Ajanaku.

Esu and the others now came face to face with Adeshewa, the priest and the warriors.

"You think this is an advantage" Esu said directing his questions at Adeshewa.

He appeared behind her and placed his right middle finger at the back of her head, making her fall straight to the ground. Before the priest could summon his spells, Sigidi had already sent him to the ground. The gods attacked so fast that within the split if a second they had defeated all of them. Ajanaku, one by one, sucked the warriors souls, using it to recharge his Dark God Spirit. Leaving the Priest and the Princess.

He was about taking the Priest soul. Then WHIIIIMMMMMMMEEEEE! Emi’s beast soul passed through the midst of the gods, paving way for itself, it hit Ajanaku so hard he was rammed again a pillar that stood about 2meters from where he stood.

The gods look back and saw Emi and the warrior that freed him.

"Kill that one first" Esu said pointing at the soldier.

Sigidi was the first to advance, he turned himself into dust and with the force of a sand storm he came furiously.

Emi charged his beast soul into a thunder,  that surged from his hand.

AAHHHHAAHHH!! Emi yelled and sent the thunder Bolt towards the sandstorm. For a while everywhere went quiet. Sigidi could not move, neither could he transform into his normal self. The sand storm stood still.

"Guess the gods don't know something, thunder with sand produces glass" Emi said.

He pulled the warrior behind him to the ground, avoiding an incoming beast soul. Now it was down to 6 against two. Emi saw Adeshewa as she struggled with whatever

Esu did to her. Slowly moving in circles, Emi got to where Adeshewa was and slowly bent down, at the same time looking at the gods before him to avoid surprise attack and helped the Priest to his feet. 

"Three of you, get out of here" Emi said without listening further he pushed them into their realm through the portal the priest had summoned. 

It’s now him and six gods. He ran towards them yelling, Okunkun was the first to receive his punch, disorienting him from shading, he grabbed Ajanaku by the leg and in mid air, gave him a blow against the ground. 

Now the hell beast were no longer hindered. They all regroup, leaving Emi greatly outnumbered. He created the way to his realm, but it seemed to glitch, every time he made it, he could not make it hold.

"You are going no where" Esu said wickedly, his voice echoing through the realm.

Just then behind Emi a very bright light shone, and from there advanced the greater gods. Obatala who lead the team, stood beside Emi with his Fury Axe, that was stainless, but ages of war, this axe had soiled in countless blood. Sango stood on Emi's right, his bloody black axe, repeatedly gave a flash of thunder, beside Sango was Ogun, his arm covered completely with metals, at a stroke of a finger, it advance further into a sword, the last person on this crew was Yemoja. Sure she has her own love thrill with Esu but were now bitter enemies.

"What is this" Esu shouted.

"Gods and man" Emi said and ran towards them, as the other gods followed into a fight duel.

Obatala pinned Esu against the wall and on the other hand, his axe tore through a demon beast, turning it into complete ash. Obatala swayed his axe and hurled it at Esu, who immediately disappear and appeared behind Obatala.

Sango only sent his axe forward, the axe went round and round cutting every beast that stood on its path.

Ogun made through Ajanaku, phasing through him, he pulled out Ajanaku's heart, and dropped it to the ground and smashed it with a metal that advanced from his leg.

“That won’t kill me” Ajanaku said and smiled.

"Yes, but it will reduce the use of your beast soul" He said and kicked him, to the ground.

Esu knew this fight was going out of hand, and vanished, as the rest followed suit running for their lives.

"This is not the end" Okunkun said but before he could vanish. Yemoja threw a spare at him, and he gave a loud blast, and immediatel the realm was filled with darkness.