Spirit Within Us


Ajanaku found it hard to summon his beast soul without having serious side effect of unbearable pains. After the heavy defeat, the evil gods have persuaded Esu against his will to ban Ajanaku from their midst.

Ajanaku saw his destination ahead, a smaller village compared to Ayenireti, he rode his horse into the city, with the money he had with him, he purchased a hut to live in and begin a new life, although not a life free of evil.



Emi held Adeshewa by the arm, and carried his child with the other hand, and before the crowd, with the King standing near him.

It was a tradition in Ayenireti to name a child on the 8th day after birth.

"She shall be called IRETI" Emi said joyfully. And went in leaving everyone to the main celebration, with enough food to go round.



Ajanaku finally found his place among top ranked assassins in his new settlement.

"You new comer, you know what I as the master demand from you" A bald headed man, said, he had a pot belly, that made him look more of a gambler than a high paid killer.

Ajanaku said nothing, but down within, his blood was already boiling with rage.

"I receive 80 percent of your daily income" He said wickedly.

Ajanaku came out of the room where the leader had called him in, cleaning the blood stain on his sword, he looked blankly at the others that worked under the leader.

"I am taking over, anybody that opposes should step forward"

Without anyone moving an inch. He signalled to them to go in

"Dump his body in the river and I will only be collecting 5 percent of your weekly income" He said.

They cheered happily, clanging their swords against their shield, as two walked in to find a way to dispose the body of their former leader.



Into Ayenireti came a cart, the decoration on the body told whoever was in it was from a wealthy family, it headed straight to the palace, two palace guards intersected it before it got nearer to the palace.

"Whose escort are you" a guard asked holding firm to his sword.

"Tell your King, Ajagunmasa, returns" one of the three escorts that followed the cart said.

The guards signalled to themselves, and the one who questioned ran into the palace.

"My Lord, someone request your presence" He said kneeling down.

"Who? " the King asked irritated, someone would ruin the blissful union he was having with his family.


The King suddenly froze where he sat, his body became pale, at the hearing of that name.

Everyone noticed the King reaction. He quickly got up and made his way, adjusting the crown on his head, and the rest followed.

He arrived outside, Emi stood guard, drawing Adeshewa closer to him. For a moment everyone was still. The cart door opened and a young man alighted, he dressed in a very matching attire, he probably was very wealthy, only very few could afford a cart, and guards to follow, his face was radiant as he smiled at the King moving closer.

"Iretiola" The king said feeling stunned.

Iretiola walked gracefully and hugged him tightly.

"Traitor" He said to the King whispering to his ears, but the radiance on the face were opposite of their words.

"What are you doing here? "The King asked and smiled.

"Your daughter is beautiful and even with a baby" Iretiola said and released his tight hug on the King smiling happily.

"Let's go in, it being very long, I am happy to see you, you've grown oo" The king said and lead the way.

Emi exchanged a quick glance at Adeshewa, his spirit was really against this strange visitor.



They all settle down to dine, as food kept coming, the servants didn't fail in their duty of supplying before they ran out.

"Hmmmmmm, uncle I really missed eating with you" Iretiola said

The King only grinned and stared cold at Iretiola.

"Adeshewa, you might not remember Iretiola his father really sacrificed a lot for our town" the King said slowly.

Iretiola stared into Adeshewa's eyes, and smiled lovely at her.

"It's really being a long time, even I could hardly recognise her"

"And here is Emi, the Human God" The king continued his introduction, patting Emi lightly on the shoulder.

"Ahhhhhhhh, I have heard a lot about him, you really place an impression on people"

"He is also Adeshewa's husband" The King said.

"Hmm, I feel the love, beware of traitors"

Emi excused himself followed by Adeshewa, the heat of the conversation was becoming unbearable for them.

"This throne does not belong to you" Iretiola said, sitting opposite the King, so both could clearly stare deadly at each other.

"Then who?"


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