Rise of A Grand God


After 9months living in NIRETI cave, they decided to go back to their land and begin a new life. But it was only calculated for Adeshewa to put to bed before noon the next day.

Emi made sure every concoction the Chief priest gave him was used the right way, so as to make her birth easy. The King made sure the mistake he did during his own time won't be repeated, taking and pointing Emi through safety measures and preventing him from panicking over little issues, like when Adeshewa would suddenly cry in pain, holding tight to her stomach.

"The water line is broken" Adeshewa said and clinched her hands on Emi's hand.

He wasted no time in lifting her on his hands and headed straight to where the mid wives were

"Leave her and go" They said pushing him out of the cave where they dwelled

"I thought it was supposed to be tomorrow evening" Emi said feeling worried.

The midwives said no further words as the expression on their faces told Emi, he bothered them with his questions.

Emi went out only to see, all the villagers already gathered around, mixed feelings on their faces, while some were praying the birth was successful, others were happy he would be becoming a father at a tender age of twenty three.

Emi rushed to meet a midwife that held a calabash to get water. She only ignored Emi's questions and continued with her task. Emi sighed heavily feeling depressed.

Minutes later the head of the midwives came out with a baby in her hand, curled up carefully and wrapped in a wrapper.

Emi ignored the tears that dropped from his eyes and walked nearer, the King followed suit. He held the baby in his hands feeling proud, and passed it on to the King.

"Adeshewa" Emi said looking at the midwife with mixed feeling.

"She needs rest" She said smiling and led Emi into the cave to meet Adeshewa. He was happy even much happier as the people danced happily.

Emi knelt beside Adeshewa, for a long while they both smiled at themselves, not finding the right word to say.

"It's a girl " Adeshewa said lowly

"Yes, and she looks like you" Emi replied smiling.

"Father" Adeshewa said smiling at her father who walked in on them

"Young couples" he said as people began coming in to congratulate them.

"We return to Ayenireti at dawn" The king said and gave the crying baby to her mother.

At dawn Emi prepared the horse carriage and carefully settled Adeshewa and the baby on the cart and went ahead, leading the way back to the village.

On getting to Ayenireti, the land was far destroyed but not beyond reconstruction. 


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