Flashback; 40 years ago

40Years Ago

The mantle of kingship fell solely on the family of Ajagunmasa, history has it, they had taken the brave step of leading a revolt during their time in slavery, so as a reward for bravery, they became leaders, and started a new life. Down the line many generations came and went, now it was the era of Iretiade, the father of King Iretilana (Present King).

Iretiade ruled the land with an iron fist, he made them work to the bone. The one that took after him was Iretiola (Son of Iretiade's brother) he always like the fierce way, trampled on the lower class, times were really hard for Ayenireti. Then something tragic happened. Iretilana put an end to his father's reign. He stabbed the King in his sleep, nobody knew how it happened. Only Iretiola was a living witness, but he said nothing, it was not his father, He thought the King in line was him, then the gods chooses a murderer, this event forced him to leave the town and swore to come back when he knows the case would have died down to open dried wounds and get his revenge.

"You called me Uncle, which I am not, now tell me, why you are here" The King asked, after reaching for a cup of wine.

"Relax brother, I will be gone soon, are you scared your secret will be exposed" Iretiola smiled at him and said "Of course, I am here to tell everyone what happened that night" He said and left the table.

The King felt heavy at heart, killing his father was the only option he thought he had, the man tortured everyone, even his mother was not left out, practically he set them free, and now his past is hunting him.

Early the next morning the King summoned Emi and all the elders including Chiefs and non-chiefs into the palace. The only way to win a war that comes like a killer without a sword is with good words.

He cleared his throat and without much hesitation began. After he had narrated all that happened. Silence fell on everyone, he had freed them truly, and he was specially chosen by the gods to rule, and no one has ever regretted living during his time. But an invader who is a son of the soil cannot be banned without any real reason.

A case like this, needed critical reasoning to solve. 

IRETI led out an ear irritating noise that forced Adeshewa out of the meeting.

"My Lord I suggest we kill him and throw his body" an elder said


Everyone exclaimed giving a dead stare at the elder that talked.

"My lord, for now we cannot deduce any solution, let's wait and see his next line of action, probably it will give us an edge" Emi finally spoke

"hmm, the boy has reasoned well" One of the chief said and the others supported and immediately the meeting was disbanded.

Emi got to his hut, only to see Iretiola with his child, playing with her, throwing and catching her. He walked closer, opened the wooden gate of his compound, Iretiola smiled on seeing Emi.

"She is a very strong child, I couldn't easily get rid of my hand from her grip " He said shaking IRETI's little body easily

"Where's Adeshewa?" Emi asked and stretched his hand to receive his daughter from him.

"Haaa" Iretiola sighed, feeling relieved, as Emi received his child. It was like he had lifted three water calabash at the same time.

"She is in the kitchen" he replied and sat on the long bench that was near the wall of the hut.

"Do what do I owe this visit" Emi asked.

"I need to tell you something and I need your help"

Emi sensed a foul play already, he knew his visit was not about something good. Iretiola smiled and placed his hand on his right shoulder.

"I know of your past failure, to protect your people" He said, carefully

"News travel so fast" Emi said

"I can help you unlock all levels of your Spirit soul in less than 3 weeks"

Emi stood still for a while and place IRETI on his legs, this offer was tempting, in three weeks he could become a grand god, and no one he cared about could die because of his weakness. think about your wife, your child.

"What is in for you?" Emi asked.

"I want the throne"

What Ayenireti failed to know was that their village was rising very fast in popularity and in wealth and strength. What kind of people set themselves free from a god, not just any god, evil gods for that, and the killer of it all, they were supported by the grand gods.

All other King's trying to invade them now threw that thought far from them.

"Where were you when Ayenireti was lost? " Emi asked he was about saying another word, when Adeshewa came out of the hut.

"My heart, welcome, hope you are having a nice time with our visitor? "She asked smiling.

"Yes, and he is about to leave, I have persuaded him to stay, seems he has a lot at hand to catch up on" Emi said and handed IRETI to Adeshewa.

She went back in to attend to what she was doing.

"If you won't comply willingly, let me let you know first that your beloved king is a murderer" Ajagunmasa Iretiola said and took his leave.



Emi entered into his hut, and settled down to eat, the nice aroma from the vegetable soup almost made it impossible for him to wash his hand, as he began to eat greedily.

AUUHHAAAH he sighed and the back of his palm to wipe the sweat that were dripping from his face. Adeshewa only stared surprised, she has never seen him that way, she giggled softly, drawing Emi's attention.

'Aren't you eating" He asked noticing he had being the only one eating.

"You feel hungry than normal, don't worry I will get another soup from the pot for myself" She smiled and kissed him light on the forehead.

Right in the palace, Iretiola was having a very heated conversation with the King.

"Renounce your kingship now, or I will let every living soul in Ayenireti know what you did" Iretiola threatened, his face was fuming with anger.

"Let me ask you, why did you decide to return to Ayenireti after these years"

Though that question was rhetorical, Iretiola knew anyone who ruled Ayenireti, was like having the other Kingdom beneath their feet. He angrily walked towards the King.

"I am the rightful heir"

"Let me remind you, your father willingly abandoned the throne for the younger, and the gods chose me to rule, of which you are a living witness" The King said pointing his horsetail at Iretiola.

"You know our tradition, if a brother won't step down willingly, we have to contest it's duel, the winner becomes king" Iretiola said.

"You wish to defile the order of the gods, the duel with whom gods have rightfully chosen"

"Even the gods make mistakes" Iretiola said, "I challenge you tomorrow" He said and bolted out of the palace.

The King summoned the previous elder and Cheifs, Emi and his wife,and narrated what happened about an hour ago between him and his brother.

"We cannot let a monster rule us, I mean the devil we have known is better than the angel we haven't seen" An elder said as the other cheered in support.

"Now that he has used the law, right to a duel, we have no choice than to comply" Another said again.

"If truly the gods chose you, my lord contesting with him shouldn't be a problem, since the gods will always support who they chose"

The King sighed and ordered, ink and a scroll should be brought to him, immediately he inked down on the scroll.

"I have accepted his challenge, Adeshewa tell the town crier to announce to everyone"