Mystery Revealed

Supply Bunker, Blackwolf Base camp, Mt. Elberus

They crawled through a maze of air conditioning vents. Luckily the blueprints provided them a way to turn on every intersection they met. But even with the blueprints, they had difficulty. They crawled for half an hour, looking for a perfect spot to infiltrate. All they could see was a fraction of what was inside through small vent holes. They saw a few personnel dressed in white Disease protection suits with a transparent glass protecting their faces. Assuming, about 3 or 4 scientists were walking around these chambers.

Finally, at the very end of a vent was a small cover screen where they could descend safely in a small utility room. There was no one inside. Luke was first to descend without a sound, followed by Lance and lastly, Kate.

"According to the plans, there are 4 chambers,” Luke whispered to them as they circled the blueprint. “The smallest one looks like an office and the qu

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