The Immortal Greed

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The Immortal Greed

By: Aspirant07 OngoingFantasy

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An ex-military who undergoes training in covert operations, Blackwolf, becomes one of the elite soldiers of the Kill squad. At first, he thought they will be fighting against growing Rebel troops in the mountainous borders of UAC. But as his journey prolongs, he then discovers that the Commander of Blackwolf is fighting against immortal monsters. Not because of the sole purpose of eliminating the threat, but because the Commander wanted to gain immortality himself and create a legion of immortal shape-shifting super soldiers. Lance plays a great part in stopping the Commander and his troops of Super soldiers from the brink of a global apocalypse.

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  • Aspirant07


    just started to write again after i finished my first book. it felt good to have actually finished one book. then unto the next

    2023-03-22 15:21:38
  • LoveRod


    good characters . great start

    2021-08-13 01:43:13
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35 chapters
Castle Rise Hotel, Bower City (6 months before) The serenity of the night crept throughout the sophistication of the Castle Rise Penthouse. The night achieved long years of peace, giving comfort to every constituent of Bower City and its neighboring allies. But this peacefulness that the night carried hung in a balance, so delicate that a small spark would topple everything into chaos. United Alliance Confederation Defense Secretary Henry Wallace was soundly sleeping, all naked, under his bedsheets. With him was a high-class hooker comfortably sleeping, curled at Henry's left side. Ring! Ring! Ring! Suddenly, the wireless digital telephone placed on top of a nightstand rang loud and replaced the night's serenity. Secretary Henry woke up and rubbed his eyes, hauled himself from slumber seemingly from exhaustion, and sat at the edge of the bed. Cursing under his breath. Lazily, he reached for the telephone's loudspeaker button. A deep voice echoed from the phone's speaker. "Secreta
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The Kill Squad
Mt. Elberus, 2300 H On a very quiet night, the wind blew cold and darkness engulfs the heavy rainforest of Mt. Elberus. The sound of crickets and dancing trees was only audible at this time of night. The coldness chilled the bones of the black ops team heading to the mission site. There were three armed vehicles in convoy running at medium speed bouncing off against the rocky terrain. Captain Luke Mason and his 20 fellow agents were very silent in the armed military vehicle. They could not comprehend what, but maybe it was the cold breeze the Mountain offered with a perfect combination of lifelessness and a blanket of darkness or the risk of participating in any Kill squad missions. The Captain, a handsome middle-aged man, addressed his team via radio and went over the mission details. Efficient, experienced, and dedicated to the military code, the Captain possessed, had gained him the respect of everybody under his wing. He headed the Kill squad with highly trained assassins and th
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The Inevitable Fear
Base Camp, Mt. Elberus Unrest occupied the room as the two military personnel sensed tremendous stress about Commander James. He sat on a swivel chair a few steps back from their desks and often the Commander will linger at their monitors as they felt his breathing touching their nape. Redundant questions were being asked and the same answers the two military personnel delivered. "Anything? Any signs of the Kill squad?" "Nothing sir." Every minute took longer than before as sudden fear crept into their skin, not for their Commander but for their comrades' safety. It was highly unlikely for the mission to fail, or so as they expected every Kill squad to be a success. Following mission protocols, they must have considered all options, barricades, and anything that could pull the mission down, but seemingly they did not. 'Could this be our first failed mission?' The military personnel was perturbed with questions in their minds. At last, a blue moving object appeared on their dark s
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Lady at the Bar
Astron City Various colored lights and high-rise buildings, some of which seemed to seize the heavens, occupied a vast stretch of land at the Center of the United Alliance Confederation. Roads intertwined in different levels, some were overlapping and some were strategically built underground, stretching to the outskirts beyond the barren. People from different places varied in terms of status and visited this somewhat enchanted place to indulge in various selections of majestic tastes of fine living. It was their capital, the wealthiest, largest, most advanced, and where the UAC commerce rotates, named Astron City. Oftentimes than not, people were transformed in this City. They tend to acquire a sense of unexplainable hope of thriving as they wanted to experience more of this City. Different memorials were constructed in every corner of the city that commemorated the victory and survivability as it was under siege by Rebel militants, years ago, almost destroying a significant fract
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A Call to Arms
River Creek, Astron City The machine hummed, increasing, as the accelerator's pedal descended closest to the automotive floor. It conquered the highest revolution almost beyond its safe capacity. It swerved and cut traffic between a stream of city cars running at medium speed as the road lights blurred in Lance's vision. Lance drove his Prius a little bit hazy and drunk with little concern about safety and life. Maybe he was looking for sudden death, to end this all. As the volume of city lights decreased, he was now beyond the grasp of the Capital. He drove towards home or now a house that sits on a medium-end City subdivision. He drove past medium and large houses in River creek. It was past midnight and the neighborhood was quiet. Their subdivision's street was lit faintly with distant street lights and with a slight number of trees planted in between them. River Creek was dark and gloomy during this time and the crescent moon was high, illuminating the area like a large fog lamp
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The Eyeball
Astron City - the next day Sun rose from behind the hills. Its rays peeked through, slightly embracing the beautifully designed neighborhood, River Creek. Birds chirped, as they were heard every morning, bouncing from beautifully spaced ornamental trees emphasizing the concrete road webbing through the subdivision. Almost overlooking the expanse of Astron City, making this property a little bit above the medium-end classification. As the sun was at its peak, the ornamental trees provided shade on roads to maintain coolness if people opt to evade the slightly harmful sun rays. At this time of day, River Creek was almost a bunch of empty houses as the majority of the tenants went to Astron City, burying themselves to work just to compensate for the lifestyle that they have chosen. But not Lance, he stayed in the house during the daytime to sober up for the next drinking session. Most often than not, he went out during nighttime - a scapegoat to his liking, evading the never-ending ser
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The Invitation
Warehouse 12, Astron City *** The tall man behind the table finally spoke. "Lieutenant Lance Davis. Welcome. Please sit down." Lance felt sudden ease. He sighed and exhaled deeply. His heart pounding decreased. More than a familiar face, a hero, celebrated by many, a memorable monument made for his unequaled level of service to the country, but to some extent, he was not sure if it was good or not. On the other hand, he was the black operatives Department Head. Maybe he needed somebody to do his assassination missions, off-the-books from government authorities. Nonetheless, he was calm now. If he was targeted then he was already dead years before. "I know who you are. You are Commander James Johnson." Lance turned around and saw Kate, the woman he acquainted with last night at the bar. At that moment, Lance knew that the letter was legitimate for the reason that Kate was under Commander James Johnson. He sensed no hostility from Kate nor from the Commander. Kate lowered her gu
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Animal Instincts
River Creek, Astron City, UAC *** Angela parked her SUV in their garage. She was back from her hometown at Barnsford. It was a long drive and took her 5 hours to Astron City. As she disembarked, she sighed heavily bearing the ungrateful feeling of unhappy married life. The feeling was loathsome, the thought of having a nice home but a failing marriage, it was as if it became normal. Angela did not even have a solid definition of a happy marriage. She was not only unhappy but she was also hurting most of the time. Their home was situated in a quiet neighborhood. Living inside their house provided an immense discomforting quietness that always drove her to cry. Their house was expensive for an average couple. When they were canvassing for a house, Lance wanted to impress her wife when he was still active on duty. Thus pushing him to buy an ostentatious house up above the hill overlooking the beauty of Astron City. It was perfect to live a quiet and private life beyond the loudness o
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The Great Morning After
River Creek, Astron City Angela woke up the next morning from a very deep sleep. She stretched her arms wide, her breast widen, and straighten her back. She realized that their room was so messy. As her memory recuperates, her mind sent flashes of her and Lance indulging intimately with each other last night. She looked around the bed and realized that she was alone, with only crumpled bed sheets, pillows on the floor, and their clothes lying on the floor. This scenery made her smile. Not just a faint smile, but a meaningful one. No need for words to support her feeling. The intimacy they shared was worth a million words that rekindled their marriage a hundredfold. She missed him, she needed to cuddle more to relive their last night's experience. Her heart pounds fast and every beat demands to see her lover. Butterflies in her stomach defined her emotions. She went down to their kitchen and found 4 pancakes, 6 sunny-side-up fried eggs, and a plate of fried bacon served on their din
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A Hero's Death
Route 55, Brensby, Bower City *** A fat and bald police officer, in his early forties, sat down on his chair with her both feet placed on top of his desk. He was eating peanuts and waiting for something to happen. Suddenly and unexpectedly, his landline phone rang loudly. The police officer stretched his right hand while staying in a slouched position. "Brower Police Station, this is Officer Jones." The police officer lazily answered as he always anticipated a prank call. "Officer, there is a car accident. The car collided with a lamp post and it is burning.. here in route 55." The anonymous male voice spoke at the other end of the phone. Officer Jones jerked and took his feet off the table and sat rigidly while hearing the voice over the phone. "Hello, hello, hello, who is this?" Jones exclaimed. The conversation was suddenly cut-off. "This is Roy. I am riding on Route 55 towards Astron. I just passed by a burning car right on the curb. Hurry up, maybe someone got hurt." It ans
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