The Invincible Billionaire

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The Invincible Billionaire

By: Princez CompletedUrban/Realistic

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William Axton was a poor son-in-law who just wanted to be close to his daughter but the greed of the Michelson family he was married into almost drove him to his death. Luckily he was saved by a ghost who offered him fortune for his help. With fortune and powers in his hand William vowed to make those who did him wrong pay.

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  • Weng



    2024-02-18 17:47:51
  • Joe Kort


    This is a great read! Love the fact it is not a random son in law story

    2023-10-16 07:54:36
  • Gargi Khatavkar


    amazing story

    2024-01-17 00:41:02
  • Mhi Dey


    Nice stories

    2023-12-15 17:40:27
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135 chapters
The Invincible Billionaire. Chapter 1.
..Inside the beautiful residence of the Michelson family.“Get out of here!!!” The voice of a lady roared fiercely like a lioness as William was thrown out the front door by two guards.William felt the world spin before his eyes for a second while landing on the ground.“I don’t want to ever see you here again! Leave my daughter alone!” A lady elegantly walked out of the house. Her steps were elegant but her expression wasn’t. Her hair was black with a mixture of grey. She was in her sixties but she seem to be in her forties.“Ma all I ask is to stay near my daughter. Besides I want Clarissa to explain to me why she would do that to me?!” William head was touching the ground meanwhile he inwardly gritted his teeth in rage.Still he pleaded but all his plea fell on deaf ears.“Explain what?! That she has left you for a better man?! You can clearly see it in the photos of her with Mr Anderson. Don’t you want something better for her and your daughter?!” This time the lady smiled misc
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The Invincible Billionaire. Chapter 2.
..Hearing the word ‘Execution’ didn’t give William a reason to calm down with all that’s going on.The worst part about it all was that the huge man in front of him currently holding a machete gave him enough reason to believe that he was actually about to be executed.“Someone very important wants you dead! So any…”Before the huge man could complete his statement, William instantly dashed away.He ran into the streets without looking back.The men in black never expected William to react fast so their surprise left him with a little time to pick up a pace.William was dropped into the lonely parts of Hilton city where people with low status lived in.A place were old men who were drunk to stupor along with beggars and hooligans dwell.None of them bothered to react with what was going on because scenarios like this happened here frequently. After all, it was because of this fact he was brought here to be killed. No one would interfere.William was frightened and didn’t bother to s
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The Invincible Billionaire. Chapter 3.
..William was very confused.What the hell happened was what he was asking himself?Am I dead or what?Am I in a dream was all William was asking himself?He last thing he remembered was the fact he was about to die by the hands of all this men but now he’s confused to see that they are the ones dead.The huge man who was proud and feeling all strong fled away like an abused child when looking at him.It was the opposite outcome of what he expected to happened.Another mystery were the bloodstains on his hands. He could tell that they weren’t his. The only other people who were bloodily injured here were the dead men in black.William didn’t want to believe it but everything was pointing at the thought…“Did I…do this?”“No you didn’t!”A voice swiftly caught Williams attention which caused him to look at his right to see a man leaning on the wall of the Alleyway with a calm expression.It was a handsome young man that didn’t lose to William in terms of look at all.He had a set of
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The Invincible Billionaire. Chapter 4.
..“What?” William couldn’t hide his stupefaction when he heard what Charles just said.His sudden word instantly caught Clark’s attention causing him to raise his head. Clark could tell that William and Charles were currently having a conversation but what they were talking about he did not know, however, since he could only hear William it was hard to make out anything from William’s words only.“You want me to become your family’s heir?”“What?!” This time it was Clark turn to get stunned.“Yes I do.” Charles nodded confirming what he had said.“But how’s that possible?” William asked.He was not born into the Morgan family. He was a nobody and from the look of things the Morgan family was a very big family. Besides this is the first time he’s actually hearing about a family having their martial arts.There’s just no way that a nobody like him can suddenly become the heir of a big family like that.“Did the Young master just say he wants to make you the Morgan’s family heir?” Clar
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The Invincible Billionaire. Chapter 5.
..It was night in the Morgan’s Family Residence.The Morgan residence was not just like any normal residence of other rich families. The residence was as big as a village.There were trees, a big pond and even cherries blooming. The area was almost like a beautiful forest and in the center of it all was a very huge grey mansion. The huge mansion inside a very big compound that didn’t lose in size to other big families that were out there.And to top it all off, one of the assets that made the rich look very wealthy in Hilton city were available in endless amounts inside the compound…these assets were the cars.It wasn’t any normal cars but cars that cost more than a million dollars. There was the Brabham BT62 that cost 1.4 million dollars, Mclaren speedtail that cost 2.2 million dollars, a Ferrari that cost 5 million dollars and so much more. The collection of expensive cars was endless. It was heaven on earth and pure wealth at its peak.There were servants moving about in the comp
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The Invincible Billionaire. Chapter 6.
..A big skyscraper was standing firm in Hilton city. At the very top of this building was a label with a bold word written on it. Anderson Inc.It was a busy day inside the Anderson building. Everybody were moving around in the building to make sure everything was going well in the company by doing their various tasks.They didn’t just have to do their task but they also had to look good because Mr Anderson was around and today was an important day for him so they couldn’t afford to screw anything up. Doing so will be getting fired and depending on the severity of their mistake they may never work anywhere else again.And there were those workers that were out to show Mr Anderson that they were capable.“Is everything going well? Is all departments doing what they should be doing correctly Linda?” A blonde haired man asked as he stared down at the world from his glass window in his office.His fingers were locked together behind his back in a relaxed posture. He didn’t give a glance
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The Invincible Billionaire. Chapter 7.
..It was not an understatement to say that Linda’s hands were sweating.No matter how many times she tried to confirm if she had the right person, this was her reality.The instructions was that Mr Morgan was waiting for her outside in blue Gym wears. However, to her surprise Mr Morgan was not looking flashy at all. There was no bodyguards with him and there was nothing she could spot extraordinary about him. She doubted so many times that she had the right person even till now the doubt were still evident in her eyes.Looking at the man in front of her, she couldn’t blame the receptionist for making such a horrible mistake by throwing him out. However, with the silence in the room she was hoping she didn’t make a mistake on her part.“What are you doing here?!”The person who broke the one second of extreme silence that dawned on the room after William walked in was Lady Michelson.“What do you mean by that Lady? I am here for the meeting!” This time there was no politeness in Wi
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The Invincible Billionaire. Chapter 8.
..Ring! Ring! Ring!It was almost like a prophecy was being fulfilled. Just as William had declared, hell instantly broke loose for Mr Anderson when William left his office.It only took two minutes for his phone to start blowing up with calls and notifications so much that it seemed like the phone could barely handle the messages coming per second.Mr. Anderson didn’t want to believe but the notifications he was seeing were showing him his reality.[“Hey what’s going on? We have just been informed that the Anderson inc. ceases to exist!” ][ “This has to be a joke! How can your company be liquidated like that! I invested my money in your company because…][“Mr Anderson…”][“What is…” ]Countless of notification announcing his nightmare showed on the screen of his phone. Mr. Anderson could only stare blankly at his phone while he was still on his knees.“Sir…” Linda tried to inform her boss but judging from his actions she decided there was no need.Lady Michelson could only see wha
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The Invincible Billionaire. Chapter 9.
..A few minutes before William arrived at the Michelson residence.As usual it was a busy day in the Hilton city. There were cars zooming off to their different destinations and people working to their various destinations too.The Hilton city was a city where the rich also lived in so it was not a rare sight to see people been accompanied by their bodyguards. Seeing such people like this brought questions to people’s mind…who is this important person to be accompanied by bodyguards? Sometimes some of them were popular to be recognized by the crowds and sometimes others were not.However, even if Stacy was a rich lady she preferred to stay away from the spotlight and go through her day without bodyguards.Stacy, a black haired lady in corporate suit came out from her beautiful compound along the road. She was wearing a corporate suit that was composed of a suit jacket and her shirt. The skirt wasn’t short but it gave her figure eight curves away.Usually this part of the Hilton city
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The Invincible Billionaire. Chapter 10.
..We all have where we draw power from…A lot of people have different motivations in their life. Some have motivations for money, some for drugs and some for sex and all other beauties of life.However, for William his motivation was the owner of the beautiful feminine voice.It was then he turned towards the direction of where the voice had come from.Behold it was his lovely wife.His image reflected in Clarissa’s beautiful eyes. Clarissa is a beautiful lady with blonde hair. Her curves were so good that it would drive a man insane for lust by just setting sight on her. She was wearing a blue dress.This woman was his main reasons he lived here before the birth of his daughter. She and his daughter are his main drive in life.However, there’s a saying that all good things does not last. Finding out from Lady Michelson that Clarissa was having an affair with Mr. Anderson hurt him a lot.It felt like he had been stabbed a hundred times in his heart.Now the woman who caused this fe
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