The One True Billionaire's Heir

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The One True Billionaire's Heir

By: Soso Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Asher was born into absolute PENURY! A pawn in his family in-laws game. He moved from foster home to foster home, living a hard life as a teen. Asher feels blessed to have an Angel as a wife. He loved her with everything in him. He did anything he could to please his in-laws who always demeaned him. Finally, an opportunity sprouted up for him to prove himself to his in-laws. But it costs him everything he held dear to him. What happens when Asher decides to clap back at those who took him for granted after the revelation about his true identity while facing challenges and competition in his new life? Read the electrifying pages of "THE ONE TRUE BILLIONAIRE'S HEIR" and find out how Asher makes everyone who crosses his path pay.

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  • Samuel


    Very well written ,love the story lines

    2023-12-08 13:31:24
  • Adaugo Evelyn


    Wonderful ......

    2023-11-25 06:01:45
  • DERA


    Oops, I'm already a fan of Asher! I got glued to reading from the blurb and I wasn't disappointed. Beautifully written, the author is well-skilled in conveying the life scenarios of every character.

    2023-11-24 11:08:41
  • Tobore Obodoh


    Its realistic view. The grammar is clearly written that you will not just want to skim through.

    2024-02-23 03:34:23
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166 chapters
Chapter One
'Take the blame'.Asher had just returned home from a long stressful day at work. He heard some weird rumours at work, but he was really sure if it was true.Well that wasn't what mattered to him right now. Today was his wife's birthday and he hoped to have a blissful celebration it with her like he did every year. He has known his wife Elena for eleven years, married to her for seven years. Yet his love for her renewed with each passing day.Asher nudged the living room door open and was met with a tense and eerie atmosphere. Mr Andrew Miller and his wife Grace sat together on one couch,while Elena sat on another couch with her hands folded. He couldn't really read the expression on his in-laws faces, but his wife's face was heavy, it looked like she had been crying.That was what really mattered now. He hates seeing her in tears."Elena" Asher rushed to his wife ,who covered her face with her hands as their eyes made contact.Asher misunderstood the situation and thought he was in t
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Chapter Two
"What?" Elena asked, unsure of what she heard the first time."I will take the blame for your father. I'll happily go to prison for him." Asher reaffirmed, standing up from the couch."What the hell are you on about now?" Elena snarled at Asher."Baby, let me do this okay? Please" Asher begged with his eyes, while his in-laws watched the exchange."You're okay with going to prison?".Elena asked cynically."Elena see, it's just for a few days, I'll be back before you know it. I'm sure father has a plan"."No, I can't -"."I forgot to add, Asher, you'd have to divorce Elena" Andrew said, cutting Elena off."What?" Asher and Elena asked rhythmically. "Yes, that's the only way for everyone to believe the story"."Divorce? Oh! Dad please" Elena said, looking stunned.Andrew sighed. " Let's say you threatened to divorce him because you caught him cheating. To rebel against you and the family that supported your cause, he laundered money. People will direct their hate towards Asher and we wo
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Chapter Three
"Oh my God, Asher, I'm so sorry". Elena said, tears streaming down her eyes."You're crying again" Asher said, worried ,as he used his green prison clothes to wipe the tears off her eyes."I'm so sorry. Dad had to do this to you. I never should have allowed it. I'm so sorry, Asher"."It's fine baby. I'm fine. You know I don't like seeing you crying"."You dummy, how can you worry about me right now when you look like this?. Look at you. Why would they do this to you?". Elena cried out in frustration."I'm fine Elena, stop crying. I don't want the guards getting suspicious over nothing. Moreover your father said I would be out of here soon. I trust him, he won't leave me here. I'm just so happy to see you "."You're such a fool. Do you really think my dad gives a shit about you?. He forbade anyone from visiting you. Not me, not your buddy Peter. No one. Do you know what great lengths I had to go to see you?" Elena asked in between tears." I'm hundred percent sure he ordered these monste
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Chapter Four
After a long moment of intense and rigourous kissing,Elena laid on Finn's chest and traced her hands over his arbs."So". Finn asked as he trailed his fingers on her hair."What?". Elena asked as she bit her lower lips. She was supposed to feel embarrassed but Instead, she felt relaxed and happy." This round was different". Finn said, tracing his hands over her lips."Well!! Yes it was". Elena revealed,"it was phenomenal" she said, raising her head to meet his gaze."You see?, it's all because that dude is out of the way"."It just doesn't feel right. All of this doesn't feel right"."Don't blame yourself babe, he wasn't even supposed to be in the picture. Your parents gave him a chance at a life he would have never imagined. Now that he has served his purpose, we don't need him again""Did you know about this all along?". Elena asked marvelled."Yes of course. Did you really think I let you go just like that? Not to talk of the son of a nobody". Finn said, smirking."Wow!! You guys a
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Chapter Five
" Arghhh!! My head!!". Asher winced as he tried to open his eyes. The back of his head banged seriously. He held it in pain. Asher slowly opened his eyes but everything was still a blurry haze."Arghhh!! Fuck". Asher cursed slowly as he tried sitting up but a throbbing headache restricted his attempts. He suspiciously eyed his environment and noticed he was no longer in his prison clothes nor did this place look anywhere close to the prison's infirmary."What the hell? Where am I?." Asher exclaimed looking around.A young man in his thirties rushed to his side, filled with worry in his eyes." Thank God you are finally awake. It's been days. I was becoming so worried. Young master, how do you feel now?.""What? Who are you?". Asher asked, blinking his eyes, trying to remember what he had seen the strange man before."I'm so glad you're finally awake. My name is Riccardo, your butler." "I don't know what you're talking about. But why am I here instead of prison?". Asher asked, confus
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Chapter Six
" Your father is waiting for you. The Rodriguez lineage and Dynasty needs to be continued by you.Your $5000 billion dollars worth inheritance is waiting for you sir.". Riccardo said as Asher's mouth dropped in awe and his eyes widened as if they were about to pop out of their sockets.Goosebumps filled Asher's body as a cold shiver ran down his spine."Hmm? Wh-..What?". Asher asked, shocked."Yes sir". Riccardo affirmed."What? Oh my God. No wonder you guys could get that heartless chief of police and warden to release me". Asher said as he ran his hands through his thick hair, shaking it."The Rodriguez Dynasty holds immense power in Italy and it has been so for generations." Riccardo continued dutifully without anyone asking him. "I'm so sorry for the life you lived so far as Asher White." Riccardo said while bowing down to the ground. "Young master, I'm so sorry for failing you."Asher watched him with amazement. His head couldn't wrap around the whole situation for a moment. No one
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Chapter Seven
Asher walked into the majestic dining room and his mouth dropped in awe. It was grand with high ceilings and an ornate chandelier. A massive mahogany table stood in the middle of the room with plush velvety matching chairs. Different varieties of food filled the table and servants stood at both sides of the table, ready to serve.Three persons were already seated on the table waiting patiently for Asher to take his seat.Asher sat down, not sure of what to say. He could feel the tension build up in the room, but he wasn't sure if everyone felt it or the awkwardness was from him.Sitting at the head of the table was his father, seated with a stern expression. His stepmother sat next to his father while his step brother sat across from him.Finally breaking the silence, his father spoke up."We are glad to finally have you in our midst again, Emilio". Asher's father, Vincenzo said. His voice was polite but there was an underlying sense of unease as he was not sure on how to act around h
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Chapter Eight
"Mr Wilson, I ask for your understanding. Give me a little time to figure this out. I have no idea why Skyrock Company would terminate and sever ties with your company. In fact, my staff always made sure there was no glitch or any cause for them to complain. I put my best staff in charge of that." Andrew Miller said with a pale face as he explained to Finn's parents.Ever since Asher terminated their Corporation with Apex industries, the Wilson business had suffered major loss. Which was in turn bad business for the Millers Firm as their legal advisor and consulting firm."There is no way Skyrock company would just terminate our contract with them just like that. Something must have gone wrong somewhere for them to no longer want to do business with us. And it was your firm's job to make sure nothing like that never happened". Finn's Father Henry said, raising his voice.Andrew's face went white as if all the blood drained from it. This was bad for his firm. The Wilsons were his bigge
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Chapter Nine
What about this dress?”, she asked the shop attendant. “That's a Gucci Original released at the Sclavania fashion house” “Urgghh, please. I want something from Casa Grande's, the recent releases” “Well, in that case, we have just the perfect one.” The shop attendant took Elena across the room to their collection. The red dress immediately caught her eye. She whipped it off the open wardrobe, admiring the red, flamboyant dress with its studs and pearls. “I want it. Pack it up for me” “That would be $800,000” She gave the shop attendant her card. “Declined” Elena gave the girl a very disgusted look. The girl tried twice but of course she couldn't gather the guts to tell Elena the same thing. The woman seemed to have some influence. Her superior was informed to address the situation. “Madam, I'm sorry but it seems that your account has been closed, more like blocked to go straight to the point” Elena gave a mocking and belittling laugh. “You guys had better get your machi
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Chapter Ten
“What the hell are you doing here at…”“I should be asking you. I mean, you ought to be breathing your last in jail. Anyways, how'd you get here?”Asher shakes his head. She really was a devil and hadn't changed a bit.“Wait. Let me guess. Borrowed suit, borrowed perfume. Ahhh, job seeking. Umm … just so you know, your qualifications wouldn't even pass the door, So… I'd advise you to go back.”His assistant, who was standing there the whole time, was confused. This woman could clearly not be talking to Emilio Rodriguez like that.“Or should I remind you that you have no background?”, she laughs mockingly. “Nobody wants a broke ass pauper Asher, Nobody wants a jail break who still has no recorded job experience because of some stupid contract he signed years ago”Asher smiled, stroking his chin with his hand. Just then, the receptionist came out and rushed to greet him. She bowed and took the file he was holding. As he walked past her and through the open hall, the employees bowed t
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