The Last Heir Of The Bastien Empire

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The Last Heir Of The Bastien Empire

By: Aphro_dite OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Brad Jones Bastien is a young poor man in his mid 20s who suffers gravely in the hands of his in-laws. One sudden day he was asked to reclaim the lost fortunes of a family he never thought he had. Now he's the most powerful man in the city and he is ready to have his revenge on everyone who had ever treated him wrongly, starting from his mother-in-law.

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Chapter 1.
Being a twenty five-year old young man with no job, and not even the slightest bit of predicted hope along your path, was definitely a scary thing to be.Brad Jones Bastien was a young man and a graduate of banking and finance from a local university in the US. Too bad though that he had no job and no money!He asked himself a lot of the time, 'is it a crime to marry for love?'Brad was married to a lovely and beautiful woman named Emily Wilson, who was two years younger than him. And although Brad had never for once regretted his decision, life would always torment him at times, revealing to him a glimpse of the life he would have gotten if he hadn't gotten married into the Wilson's household.The Wilson household was one of the mighty and powerful families in New York, one of the US biggest towns. Unfortunately for him, they also happened to be the family his wife was born into.And what disturbed him the most was that she was not bothered by his low status. She cared less and alway
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Chapter 2.
Brad continued his stroll for the next fifteen minutes in peace, until his phone began to ring again.He picked it up to check who his caller might have been, and to his utmost surprise, found it to have been his father in law, Noah Wilson. Noah wasn't too different from him. He came from a poor family and got married into the Wilson household, and thus, received all sorts of insults and blasphemies from his wife's people. Soon, because of his cowardly behavior, he too began to creep low and adjusted just fine to their harsh behaviors. Even from his wife! Brad picked up. "Hello sir, good evening." "Good evening? Hmph!" Scoffed Noah. "What exactly is good about the evening, huh? What is?" Brad sighed. He was already used to his father-in-law's drama, so he remained calm. "I'm sorry, sir." "You just will never learn, will ya?" Queried the man, while Brad remained quiet. "Listen boy, you have decided you were ready for anything the instant you agreed on marrying our daughter. Why a
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Chapter 3.
As the bus began to move, Brad's mind started to grow confused as he wondered what in the world could be happening to him at the moment. Kidnapping in broad daylight?? Well maybe it had been during the early hours of the evening, but still! It was so unlikely. Who were those guys? Why had they abducted him? For what reasons! Brad had no money at all. He decided that perhaps if he could plead with them... but that would probably not change anything at all. What if they asked him for a ransom? How would he pay them? Not any one in the entire universe besides his wife would care. He sighed, wheezing in as the air choked around him. No, Brad. You have to be calm, he thought. After a while, the car pulled over. Brad had been led into a house and upon taking down the bag, he saw an old man coming his way. His vision still blurred a bit, but he was certain that someone had been walking down his lane. He stole a quick glance at his environment and to his utmost surprise, realized he
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Chapter 4.
"Yes sir, the Wilsons did know your family and they were mere followers back then." Explained the old man, and Brad listened wholeheartedly. "Years back when your family were still alive, they supported families such as the Wilsons and others that were low on wealth financially, and made them become better by funding their account with huge amounts of money. They provided good jobs for them, and thus, they became rich. On a condition that they supported them back by becoming one of the shareholders of the company.""Okay, so they helped the Wilsons and now they too are part of the shareholders?" Brad asked impatiently. The old man nodded. "They did, sir, and all was good. Though they withdrew their shares in the company already. After the tragedy that befell your household... the sudden catastrophe that resulted in the death of them all. May their gentle souls rest in peace." Said the family butler, bowing his head slightly in respect for the dead. Brad did the same. "But how come I
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Chapter 5.
That evening, Emily had to visit her parents house because of the way her mother, Ava had suddenly left in a call. The woman was a dramatic woman, Emily knew that well.Still, the woman was her mother. She needed to just go visit to see they were alright. And since her husband hadn't been home yet, she decided to head out. Soon enough, she arrived at the home of the Wilsons, where she had lived just a couple of years back.The compound and entire building had been nicely constructed... Money was involved in the amazing work of construction. The Wilson household held so much exquisite luxury because Ava Wilson was an exquisite luxury woman herself!Conor was at the doorstep to unlock the door for Emily, and the moment he saw it was her, his eyes flashed bright. "Welcome sister," said Conor, Emily's older brother by three years... Same age as Brad. His dark fringe curled neatly beneath his forehead, a little bit messy but not enough to ruin his handsome face.Everyone said he got his go
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Chapter 6.
Brad woke up on the beautiful Saturday teaching his wife on how to place the bid.His plan with his family butler, Harry had gone like this:A day earlier;"I know what we should do," Brad had proposed to Harry. Harry listened carefully. "We need a strategic way to inform the shareholders of the company that the authentic heir of the firm was back. He had read sometime that in some big companies, only the CEO could host events like a bidding contest and auctions. And that was exactly what he was going to do."We will host a bid contest." He said proudly to Harry. "That way no one would be able to oppose my return, or doubt it."That had been what he thought earlier, and that Saturday morning after his wife had suddenly received the phone call from her mother, he had made up his mind to make her win the bid and become the next family CEO.She sighed, not understanding a word he was saying, but he was convincing enough and had told her not to worry. That he would protect her and their
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Chapter 7.
That morning, the day of the bidding announcement came and Emily's mother had announced that they would be coming over to their home. She also said something about mocking her and her husband, Brad.This actually made Emily panicked a bit. Yes there was no doubt that she trusted her husband, but still.. Fairy Tales were only after all tales for a reason!She took another glare at her husband who had been sitting calm on the sofa, munching on his chips. "Honey," she called, and Brad turned to face her. They'd been seated opposite to one another. "Do you actually think we can pull this off?"He smiled, only for a bit. Truth be told, Brad was new to all of the political issues, and so he couldn't give his wife a certain reply. "Honestly Emily," he said calmly, "no. I don't think we can pull this off."His response brought a heavy sigh from Emily."But I can assure you that for now, and you know, since I got a job offer at the same firm hosting the bidding contest, there hasn't been anoth
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Chapter 8.
That same evening, Ava was hosting a very annoying but important guest. Her sister, Ivy. She was the twin to her other brother, Lex, and they were both older than Ava by a year but they made it seem like it was ten! Ivy was an influential woman and was acquainted with a lot of powerful politicians in New York and even outside, and so, she always treated everyone around her low, and deemed herself high above them all. Ava disliked her for this. She came in with a glass of red wine, handing it over to her sister. "Here you go," Ivy eyed her carefully like she and the glass had been contaminated with some sort of heavy germs. Ivy had her father's traits; slender and tall with bright blue eyes and brown full hair. She was beautiful, and then, she was rich. Every month was always a schedule for some sort of important beauty treatment. She sighed, then collected the glass of wine at last. "Too bad we're not celebrating." Ava knew she would tease her in the end. That silly secretary na
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Chapter 9.
Sooner than he had expected, a quick notice had been sent through his message: please Mr Jed Griffith, you are no longer welcome to work with us at Stoneshell any longer. We will ban you and any of your family that try to partake with any business consultation with us from this very moment. Thank you. He had still been present in the firm, reading the message like it had been written in a foreign language, then some hefty men nearly twice as big as he was came towards his direction, lifted him up in the presence of everyone and threw him out. They didn't stop until they arrived at the trash bag outside before dumping him there. There had not even been a split second for an embarrassing moment.His personal assistant hurried out to meet him, cleaning his clothes which had attracted particles of stains, but Jed pushed her away, sending her to a quick halt. He was now starting to feel embarrassed. What would Ava think of him? Or his sister?! He was doomed. Doomed! ✩★✩Brad met with h
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