The Legendary Son In Law

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The Legendary Son In Law

By: Arxwen Pshma CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Atlas Grayson returns to Daoda city after 17 years of living in the mountains. He lost most of his memory. Came back to Daoda city as a son-in-law. People consider him the worst man for not having wealth. Allison, who became his wife, even felt that Atlas was very pitiful. But with his martial and medical skills, he turns the circumstances around him on his side, he gets a lot of help from great people until something closed in the past opens up. It is …. An extraordinary figure that would never have occurred to those who belittled him.

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  • Al Disomimba


    fantastic novel worthy of reading

    2023-02-07 04:54:40
  • abiqat


    It's so good to see a man with full of secrets

    2023-01-24 15:06:28
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225 chapters
Chapter 01
Several times the man who was still wearing his favorite shirt again sighed. His face looked normal, and his appearance could be guessed by those who passed there that he was nothing more than a manual laborer who would face the hot sun every day.All that was their judgment when they saw this tall man's outer appearance, plus the expression on his face that had seemed uneasy from earlier.''Just follow the flow of life, young man,'' said a middle-aged man who recently had often met him around this park.''Old man, how are you this morning?'' asked Atlas with a faint smile.The man who, without being asked to sit down, had filled the space next to Atlas, who was still showing a simple smile. A long bench in the northern part of the city park that Atlas used to frequent. This place is one of the few locations he often stops by to calm his head as if the seasonal wind that passes through this open space can carry away all the complicated thoughts that sometimes have been settling in his
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Chapter 02
Atlas now only focuses on the middle-aged man who doesn't seem to get better. Without thinking about the glances of the people around him who stared in astonishment.''Sir, this is not a spectacle that you can see up close!'' prevented one of the particular flight attendants on duty in this cabin.Atlas ignored the indirect ban and grabbed the middle-aged man's wrist.The doctor, kneeling beside Atlas, looked surprised and fixed the position of his glasses which had slipped slightly from the bridge of his nose. With just a little push from the tip of his forefinger, the drinks were back in a comfortable position.''Are you a doctor?'' asked the doctor who should be the only hope as a helper for this middle-aged man.''No, but I will try to help this man,'' replied Atlas flatly.“Tch, young man, this man's life is not a game. I'm a doctor and will help this man recover from all this when the plane lands."If only the pilot didn't show up that very second, the feud between Atlas and the
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Chapter 03
''A-acupuncture?'' The Pilot reacted.All the reactions that came after were different from what Atlas expected.Everything was very different, with some villagers who came to him and Master Blake to ask for help. All of them here gives a resigned look, seeming to look in disbelief because they think Atlas's words were a joke at the wrong time.Medical science is far more advanced than acupuncture.''You don't believe it? I've helped many people through this technique,'' said Atlas trying to convince them.''Sir, if you misstep with your 'ancient' ability, can you account for it to this, Miss?'' Martin was still trying to suppress Atlas. He will stick to the principles of his profession and all of these have clear procedures that he must adhere to."I already told you, even your ability to read, I doubt it. Now you say acupuncture to help save this person's life. Do you want to be a spectacle? Or are you crazy?" Martin pointed at Atlas repeatedly. There was no way he, who was a great
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Chapter 04
''Grandpa?'' whispered a young girl who had just realized. Whether it was all thanks to the help of Doctor Martin or a natural miracle, she only fainted for no less than five minutes. Martin straightened his head and took a deep breath. Now he looked so greedy as if he wanted to scoop up all the remaining air in the airplane cabin. He was staring down at Atlas, still silent, standing not far from the curtain. He was about to leave the cabin but failed because he heard the girl's soft voice. He considered this a natural response. “You can see how modern medical science got to this point? I'm not sure if this young lady will wake up after being pierced by dozens of needles of an ancient method that isn't guaranteed of technique.” Doctor Martin felt the upper hand. Everyone there started whispering to each other and looking sinisterly at Atlas. He knew that now everyone there was insulting him in a whisper. Even the flight attendants, supposed to maintain their attitude towards their
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Chapter 05
''Is everything all right?''The question from the woman, who seemed to have been very curious about what was happening in front of her, was not meant to indicate she was worried about other people. However, it was a question to release her curiosity and become a topic of conversation that could keep her mouth busy with other women who were also waiting earlier with curious faces.Atlas didn't mind and chose to sit back down immediately, then closed his eyes."He didn't even waste his last breath on me," the woman quipped.Not enough two minutes to get calm, the footsteps of a flight attendant recognized by Atlas were heard approaching and stopping beside him.“Sir, is there anything you need? The captain sent me here,'' said the woman quietly."Captain?" Atlas slowly opened his eyes, his thick eyebrows barely knit together. Who is the Captain?''The captain is currently controlling this plane,'' she replied quickly.Atlas immediately understood. The man who works as the primary pilot
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Chapter 06
Arrived at the big hospital, Sain Hospital. The grandfather was immediately rushed after landing right at the airport earlier. Luckily, the trip to the hospital didn't take much time. The older man immediately got immediate help from the hospital. Someone with an important position owns shares in this hospital, they respect the older man named Miguel “Leave it here. I will check it now!” The doctors were very busy trying to save Miguel's life. They examined him carefully and implanted many high-tech medical devices in Miguel's body. Giselle, who was Miguel's granddaughter, was very restless, her tiny body trembling. She just wanted her grandfather to be safe. The doctor was in there for a while, making everyone wait anxiously until the sound of the door opening slowly caught the attention of many people. Not long after, the doctor came out of the operating room. "How is my grandfather, Doctor Marcus?" Giselle's voice greeted him immediately. It had been several times that she had
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Chapter 07
Atlas turned his head. He ended up saying only some of the things he had just prepared.Now his eyes see a woman with a luxurious style. Noble looks perfect in her bag and shoes, and many eyes watch her."Hey, what are you guys up to?!" snapped the woman, who immediately sucked everyone's attention, including Arlo, the man who had just said Atlas casually.Allison, that woman's name. She had smooth, shining white skin and long hair, very pretty for a woman her age. Once again, the clothes she wears don't fit the eye.Meanwhile, in silence, Allison looked Atlas up and down. She saw Atlas's shabby appearance and messy appearance because all of the man's belongings fell to the asphalt.“Oh, we're not doing anything, Allison. I'm annoyed with this guy who ran into me first. Shouldn't we walk while looking at the road properly? With his shabby face and clothes, this man was walking around casually. It's normal, isn't it, when I'm angry?”Arlo expressed his version of the reason. That's pla
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Chapter 08
Atlas finally arrived at his destination, the Ortega family's mansion. Atlas smiled faintly even though he had felt uncomfortable with the cynical taxi driver earlier during the trip. Finally, after the many obstacles he had experienced since the trip, he could sigh in relief. There is only one step left to complete the task."Okay, I'll go in. The sooner the better,” Atlas muttered.He immediately pushed open the gate, which made the bodyguards who were there approach him quickly. The bodyguards stopped his footsteps. Someone suddenly shouted at him loudly.“Hey, beggar! Why are you so presumptuous to enter someone else's house without permission?!”Atlas turned to his side. He now saw several bodyguards who put fierce faces on him. They looked at Atlas with sharp eyes.Atlas took a deep breath. "Sorry, Sir. I have important business to go inside. Because I have to meet the owner of this house." Atlas spoke politely, he did make a mistake earlier by just walking in. But that was bec
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Chapter 09
Atlas tried to find the right opening to see that person. Only when he turned around did he know who was speaking in support of him. "That's the woman from earlier," Atlas muttered in his heart. In tune with Alison's gaze. She was also surprised to see the man she had met at the supermarket earlier. “He's the same person. That guy at the supermarket just now,” Alison muttered in her heart. Even though she was shocked, she tried to stay regular. Arriving in front of all of them, she joined the crowd of bodyguards, also the three members of the Ortega family and also Atlas, Alison glanced at Atlas. She was a little relieved because Atlas did not immediately identify himself. “You just came in and immediately said nonsense. Just look at him. His appearance is simply impossible to meet grandfather.” Robert said. He was so arrogant. That's just her nature, and Atlas saw him from the first time she came here. "But there must be a reason, grandfather told Atlas to come to the house, rig
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Chapter 10
Benedict's expression was stiff, the pain made his body crumble.His hands couldn't contain the blood he had just spat out from his mouth. Except for Atlas, everyone present looked on in horror.“I told you! He has no ability! The villager is deceiving! He wants to kill grandpa!” Robert shouted, he tugged at Atlas's shirt. His grip is very firm.Alison ran to Benedict, and she touched her grandfather in great fear. She was shaking violently.“That ancient ability is completely useless! Alison, you are so stupid for believing in this guy!”Lola pointed at Alison, and she threw all the blame on Alison arrogantly."Everything is fine." Atlas was still speaking in a calm voice. He stared at the red face in front of him, and Robert raised his hand.“You should understand that there's no need to get involved. You are an idiot! I can't possibly understand medical matters. I doubt you can read a book!”Robert pushed Atlas, and he fell to the floor with his hands squeezed.He wanted to bring i
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