"So... where is it?"

"I don't know either, it's all full of weeds," replied an equally confused Resa.

Both of them were still standing at the threshold of the tomb gate. The view in front of them was only weeds as tall as an adult's elbow, the tombstones were not clearly visible from a distance. The tombs here were not taken care of as they should be, but Resa thought they were not taken care of because no one paid someone specifically for that. As in other places, there must be a caretaker to clean all the graves, and guard the graves against thieves.

There are rumors about the theft of pocong ropes, grave land, the bodies of virgins who have just died, and tombstones are often stolen because they are said to be sold at high prices, but for other stolen items, they are used as tools in order to gain power from magic. Many people want to live forever with unquantifiable wealth.

Resa sighed heavily before finally looking at Silva who was still busy with her own thoughts beside Resa.
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