Lumberjack ?

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Lumberjack ?

By: Lvmberjack OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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A young, experienced lumberjack named John experiences a series of horrific events, which then gradually begins to reveal his true identity Who exactly is this person? A lumberjack?…

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CHAPTER I ( pt 1 ) ( Silva )
PART 1: SILVAThe forest is a terrifying place for some people. It is wild, cold, mysterious, and lawless. However, for others, the forest is a calming, peaceful, natural, beautiful, and even enchanting place. At least that's what a logger named John thinks. He has been living in the forest for a long time, and he has been through a lot. John isolated himself in the forest not for any particular reason, but simply because he enjoyed the beauty of nature within it. It sounds logical for a professional logger, except that there might be a terrifying fact that he is hiding.I always think about this. The deeper I think about it, the more I want to ask about my thoughts. So, is it true that everything in this world has two sides? Like two sides of a coin that stick together but have opposite meanings. A simple example is in the book that I am writing. In the beginning, I explained that the forest is a terrifying place, but not for John. Another example is a knife. There is always a sharp a
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PART 2: TRAGODEAA few weeks after his last meeting with the hunter, that night John received shocking news. The hunter was found dead suddenly in his cabin, and the cause of death is still unclear, with a fairly severe blunt force wound to the back of his head.John was very shocked and saddened by this news. He feels he has lost a mentor and a good friend, and he is also worried about the mystery behind the hunter's death. John decides to do his research and begins to find out more about this mysterious death.In the morning he talked to several people around the settlement in the forest and heard various stories about hunters who suddenly disappeared or mysteriously died in the surrounding forest. He also found several clues indicating that there was some suspicious activity going on in the area, such as illegal logging and wildlife trading.With more information and evidence, John begins to devise a plan to uncover the truth behind the hunter's death and prevent illegal activities
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CHAPTER I ( pt 3 ) ( FAMILIA )
PART 3: FAMILIAWhen he arrived at John's house he felt very tired, his wife welcomed him and made him a cup of coffee, he then sat beside John, looking at his pale face "What happened, John?"John took a deep breath and rubbed his heavy eyes. "I'm so tired, honey," he said, sipping the coffee his wife had served him."Yes, I see you look very tired," said the wife while stroking John's back.John later told his wife that for the past few days, he had been seeing strange things when he was tired. He felt like something was following and watching him, as well as strange sounds that couldn't be explained.His worried wife immediately advised John to go to the doctor. However, John refused because he felt that this was just plain tired.His wife was worried and begged John to go see a doctor to make sure that nothing serious happened to his health. John finally agreed to see a doctor after seeing his wife's great concern.After conducting an examination, the doctor found that there were n
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PART 4: HALLUCINATIO ?John continued to work as a lumberjack in the forest. He enjoyed the fresh air and the sounds of nature around him. However, he also felt a deep sense of sadness every time he saw the trees being cut down. He knew that he was contributing to deforestation and harming the environment.One day, while he was working on a particularly large tree, he saw a family of birds flying out of the branches. It was a beautiful sight, and it made him think about the impact of his work on the wildlife in the forest.John decided to talk to his boss about his concerns. His boss listened patiently and suggested that John join a team that worked on sustainable forestry practices. John was excited about the opportunity and immediately signed up for the program.The sustainable forestry team worked to ensure that the trees were harvested responsibly and sustainably. They also worked to preserve the natural habitat of the wildlife in the forest. John was thrilled to be a part of this
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CHAPTER I ( pt 5 ) ( DOMUM )
PART 5: DOMUM Several months had passed, and now it was time for John to go home and return to his old job as a lumberjack. He said his goodbyes to his SFT team members Allie and Drizz, who came up to him and hugged him. "Promise me, someday we will meet again," Allie said. John gave a thin smile, "Of course, I won't forget all of you."John then shook hands with the others and left. He brought a gun for protection because there were many dangerous things in the forest that he didn't know about.On his journey, John got lost and stopped to rest under tall trees while eating his provisions. He tried to draw a map and estimate how far his home was.His method worked, and John arrived at his home just before sunset. He went straight to his house and searched for his wife, but he was shocked to see that the inside of the house was very different from when he last left it. He wandered around, amazed. "Hanna!" He called out to his wife, but there was no answer at all.Suddenly, John starte
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PART 6: OPPIDUM The next day John went to work and met Will and Jack, they greeted each other and immediately took their axes to chop down the trees,at that time John was assigned to cut a very large tree, he was overwhelmed so he called his friends to help him while he went to the tool shed where he worked Jack looked up and was amazed "Gosh this tree is so big, I've been working for decades and this is the first time I've seen a Meranti tree this big.""Me too Jack, me too.." Will replied to Jack's words while also amazed They also followed John to get a rope and brought some of their co-workers there to helpthe meranti tree is indeed very tall and big, the leaves are also dense, the morning light seems to shine through the leaves of the tree the morning atmosphere there is very fresh and warmwhile getting ready these workers lit their cigarettes and chatted for a while, at that time a truck driven by Will came over to pick t
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CHAPTER II ( pt 7 ) ( MORS )
PART 7: MORS John returns to SFT with a renewed determination to protect the forest and hunt down the gangsters responsible for its destruction. He shares his suspicions and discoveries with his SFT team members, including Allie and Drizz. Together, they strategize and plan their next moves. The team conducts thorough investigations, collecting evidence and interviewing locals who might have information about the gangsters' activities. John's expertise as a former lumberjack proves invaluable in identifying signs of illegal logging and the locations where the gangsters might be operating. They delve deeper into their investigation, John and his team uncover a network of criminals involved in various illegal activities, including deforestation, wildlife trafficking, and drug trade. They realize that these gangsters have been exploiting the forest for their illicit operations, causing significant harm to the ecosystem. Driven by their shared mission to protect the forest and bring th
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PART 8: SOMNIUM In the realm of dreams, John's subconscious became a playground for the surreal and enigmatic. As he slumbered, his mind transported him to a haunting and visceral scenario. In this dream, John found himself deep in the wilderness, chasing down a formidable and menacing wolf. Driven by an unyielding determination, John pursued the elusive creature with unwavering focus. With each passing moment, the chase grew more intense, leading to a climactic confrontation. In a swift and decisive action, John's instincts took over, and he managed to overcome the wolf, bringing it down with a lethal strike. The dream took a macabre turn as he severed the wolf's head—a chilling and gruesome image etched into his memory. Following the startling events of his dream, John awoke to find himself in the safety of his bed, the remnants of the vivid dream lingering in his thoughts. Yet, he chose to dismiss it as a product of his subconscious, attri
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PART 9: INITIUM The days passed, John found himself increasingly haunted by the vivid dream that had plagued his mind. Its imagery had become a constant presence, lingering in his thoughts like a ghostly whisper. Unable to shake off the unsettling feeling, he felt a growing urge to confront the source of his unease.    One evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a veil of darkness over the land, John made his way to the basement of his house. It was as if an unseen force guided his steps, drawing him toward the hidden depths beneath his home. With trembling hands, John reached for the shovel tucked in the corner of the basement. He couldn't explain the compulsion that drove him to dig, but he knew that he had to uncover the truth lurking beneath the ground. Each strike of the shovel sent a shiver down his spine, the anticipation mounting with every mound of dirt he unearthed. Sweat dripped from his brow
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PART 10: MUTATIONS   As the weight of his secret pressed upon him, John's resolve hardened. He knew he had to take drastic measures to protect himself and bury the truth once and for all. With a mixture of fear and determination, he packed his belongings, his hands trembling as he gathered the necessary tools. Descending into the basement, John's heart raced, the echoes of his own footsteps seeming to amplify the gravity of his actions. He reached the spot where he had uncovered the headless corpse and the hunter's lifeless body. The sight sent shivers down his spine, but he pushed aside the waves of guilt that threatened to engulf him. Carefully, John began to dig deeper into the ground, creating a makeshift grave for the macabre discovery. Each shovel full of soil felt like a heavy burden, both physically and emotionally. The sound of the shovel biting into the earth seemed to mock him, a constant reminder of t
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