The Mentor and The Ten Heroes

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The Mentor and The Ten Heroes

By: NumberOne OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Paul Cozelario, a young man who has just been kicked out of school, is suddenly chosen and destined to become a mentor. As a mentor, Paul is assigned to find ten people who are chosen to be a hero, where the ten humans are scattered in various cities. Within a month, Paul must get 10 heroes. After going through various types of challenges and obstacles, Paul finally managed to find 10 heroes. Paul began to name the 10 heroes under his guidance as 'MINERVO' However, Paul and MINERVO's struggle is still long, and the road is quite steep. Because the 5 FINGERS organization emerged which was very strong. Can Paul and MINERVO beat 5 FINGERS? Will 5 FINGERS beat Paul and MINERVO? Read the story of the MINERVO.

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7 chapters
"So what other trouble have you got yourself into, Paul?"Said an adult man who was around thirty, wearing a bright red shirt covered with a jet black suit. His voice was deliberately suppressed because he was very annoyed and tired of having to deal with bad boy who always caused trouble at his private school.The floor of his private office was also littered with the shoes of the naughty boy who was standing in front of his desk.Annoying.He didn't even know what way to punish him anymore, because he had used various ways to punish the boy, but still, all of that didn't deter him in the slightest, instead of dampening things down, the problem only got worse.His buttocks were already hot because he had to sit in an upright position for quite a long time in his chair when dealing with his students, because he had to look dignified in front of all his students--including that bad boy--to be a good principal."This is unfair, sir."The deep voice of the boy named Paul instantly broke
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Chapter 1
The sun was shining brightly, heating up the asphalt road that seemed to be twinkling emitted by its rays. Birds flew happily while chirping happily singing to each other, enlivening the atmosphere of the hot afternoon.And the sound of insects typical of summer creaking in each tree makes the afternoon even more noisy. Then, Paul appeared, a burly young man whose face was full of scratches, pedaling his bicycle leisurely across a very hot asphalt road. He was also seen wearing a school uniform from a well-known local high school; white shirt wrapped in a white jacket and white trousers, all white.With sweat covering almost his entire body, making his clothes wet as well, he kept pedaling his bicycle, even though the sun, which was quite hot at that time, stung his brown skin until it hurt.The streets were still quiet, there weren't any other vehicles passing by, even though it was already very midday, but that was natural, because the area where he lived was in a residential comple
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Chapter 2
"So you see, sir, in fact, you have been chosen by the Lord to be a Mentor to the ten fireflies.""M-Become a Mentor!? For ten fireflies!? What do you mean!?" Paul was very surprised to hear that."Let me be clear again, sir, so in essence, you have been selected to be a guide or adviser to those ten fireflies, and also, they are not just little animals that fly around, sir. They are like humans, have reason and feeling, even able to speak too."Paul and his mother were completely dumbfounded by Roswel's explanation. They thought, what the pale man said was so absurd. Even though times have advanced, why do things like that still exist? It felt like they were just hearing fantasy stories, which of course, couldn't possibly exist in the real world."Paul!" The mother called out her son's name, with an uneasy facial expression. When Paul turned to his mother, the woman immediately voiced back, "Don't listen to that person! He looks like one of the patients from the mental hospital! We h
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Chapter 3
Forced, Paul finally came down from his room, to meet Olivia who was standing at his doorstep. On the other hand, he also didn't want his mother to open the door for the girl, because according to him, it would be very troublesome."Yeah? What's wrong, Olivia?" said Paul after he opened the door of his house, to meet the girl with wavy black hair, who was standing holding Paul's green backpack.Instantly, Olivia's face turned red as her eyes met Paul's, she lowered her head, hiding her face. Then, in a slightly nervous voice, Olivia said, "I just came here to return your bag that you left behind in class." Olivia with shaking hands gave the bag she was holding to Paul.Paul immediately accepted it, but he felt something was different about Olivia's attitude. According to Paul, this time, Olivia looked shy, even though usually she was very talkative and annoying. Was there something that made Olivia turn into that? Maybe she's just in a bad mood? The more he thought about it, the more
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Chapter 4
Olivia walked alone, crossing the winding deserted streets, with bloodshot eyes, after being kicked out of the residence of her classmate, namely Paul. Olivia's heart hurt, because of her good intentions to help Paul, but was rejected harshly. This surprised Olivia, she understood, that in fact, in this world, not everyone would be happy if someone else helped them, there are some people who would get angry when someone else wanted to help them, like Paul for example.The sky had started to turn yellow, which meant that the afternoon had turned into evening. Soon the sun would set, and stupidly, Olivia still hadn't come home. On the way, Olivia is worried about herself if her parents realize that her only daughter is coming home late. She would definitely be scolded all out, if found out.This is all Paul's fault, Olivia thought irritably. Yes, according to her, all this because of Paul. If the man had brought his bag before leaving, Olivia would not have bothered to visit Paul's hous
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Chapter 5
As a result of Roswel's words, who said that; from now on, there will be a time limit on task completion, and the maximum time is one month. It made Paul very surprised to hear that, he even couldn't sleep thinking about it repeatedly while lying on the surface of the bed. He was restless, depressed, and could not think clearly. Because Paul was confused about where to look so he could find ten people, which would later be used as the vessel for the firefly spirits.Paul was really freaking out now. Moreover, says Roswel, there will be a penalty for Paul, if he can't finish his assignment in one month. Paul glanced at a jar of ten fireflies on his bedside table.Sighing, Paul smiled bitterly at the firefly trapped inside the jar."You guys are so troublesome." After saying that to the fireflies, Paul turned off the light in his room and quickly went to sleep, resting his chaotic mind and body, so he could be refreshed the next day.The next day, Paul woke up earlier than usual. When h
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Chapter 6
Using his bicycle, Paul leaves his house, to carry out his duties; looking for ten people who want to be used as a place to rest the spirits in the form of fireflies, which are currently in a jar, and the jars are kept in the pillion area.Even from the start, Paul was aware that getting ten people was not as easy as finding cats roaming the streets. Because what he will face is a human, who has reason and mind. They couldn't possibly say 'okay, I do it' when offered by Paul, because humans are not that stupid, who freely give their bodies to stranger. That's very, very impossible.For this reason, Paul had to carefully plan who and where the people were most suitable to serve as vessels for the spirits he brought. But, Paul also shouldn't choose people arbitrarily, because the person he will choose will carry out an even tougher task, namely to become a hero, that's what he heard from Roswel. But Paul also doesn't really understand what's so good about being a hero in this modern era
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