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Kevin Robinson is a 50-year-old male. There's nothing special in Kevin's life. Kevin is just a man who works guarding a book rental store. His love of books made him enjoy his job, even though his life was limited. Until one day, suddenly when he woke up, Kevin realized that he was not where he came from. An unexpected thing had happened in Kevin's life. The novel book entitled Wizarding World brings Kevin into a new world, namely the world of wizards. Can Kevin live in peace within the wizarding world? Or can Kevin return to his original world?

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Chapter 1
What if your life, which has always seemed unremarkable, suddenly turns out to be very extraordinary?Something that felt so impossible and unimaginable before in the blink of an eye suddenly changed my life's journey.My name is Kevin Robinson I am a 50-year-old man who is mediocre and also very ordinary away from the impression of luxury. I was just a book rental store clerk with a relatively minimal salary even if it was just for my living expenses. My love of books made me enjoy this job, albeit with a very small salary.For me, books are windows that take me flying into different worlds. By reading a book, I seemed to enjoy traveling the world I never did.I am just a loner who lives alone in this world, having neither a wife nor a brother. Let alone get married, just to live alone I feel very limited. However, fortunately, I lived surrounded by piles of books, so that my all-around life could go through until now my old age.Every day there will always be many young children to
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Chapter 2
"Hey, let's get up quickly! Why are you back to close your eyes again!" shouted the little girl who instantly woke me back up and made my two eyes open instantly.My drowsiness seemed to vanish instantly, my eyes began to open wide, and I held my eyes wide. My eyeballs seemed to be perfectly rounded, it was because I was now in confusion. My mind is still so messed up, I still can't know what's going on with me at the moment. I also began to keep staring at the beautiful little girl who was like a doll, my gaze sharp and full of big question marks."Am I still dreaming? Why does this dream feel so real?" I muttered softly."Hey, what are you muttering about? Get up quickly, Evan!" the little girl shouted back in her loud voice."Evan? Who's Evan?" I muttered again feeling very unfamiliar with the call. What's more, I don't know who Evan is at all. Because obviously, my name is Kevin.At first, I felt that this was just a dream, but after I started slapping myself on the cheek I finall
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Chapter 3
"Honey, you don't tease Ella often. Then come on, now you have to prepare yourself immediately because this is the first day you are going to enter the magic school," Sarah said softly to Evan while stroking her beloved son's hair."Yes, Mother," I replied as I returned Sarah's smile indicating that I was indeed her beloved son.Sarah and James started to leave me alone in the room. After the door was closed tightly again which indicated they had completely disappeared from my sight now my brain began to return to its original place."Aaarhhhhgggg!" I yelled softly as I smothered a pillow to prevent my voice from coming out loud."What's the matter? What happened? Why can I suddenly be in a novel I read last night??" I said full of confusion and question marks.I started to get out of bed and walked to a large mirror in the corner of the room. I saw in the reflection of the mirror a boy who also had beautiful blue eyes and short brown hair. The boy in the mirror reflection is at first
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Chapter 4
***After taking a very long time, the antique carriage finally seemed to stop. My stomach felt a little nauseous and my head felt a little heavy, I thought maybe I was a little motion sickness because for me it was the longest trip I've ever been on a train ride.Upon realizing the carriage seemed to be stopping Ella also seemed to rise to her feet and carry with her an old-fashioned-looking bag. I rushed immediately behind Ella, carrying a bag similar to Ella's, a very classic old-fashioned bag.Ella's footsteps, which were still a girl's, seemed so fast that I had to look up at Ella's footsteps. After all, I didn't want to be left behind by Ella because, to be honest, I didn't know at all about the wizarding world I was entering at this time. Although Ella seems to be angry with me at least I know that Ella is the main character of this novel where she has a human side and is also very fond of her family including Evan her evil twin brother."Ella wait for me!" I said as I waddled
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Chapter 5
***A look in Ella's eyes was still staring fiercely at me. Ella was so surprised because for her not only did the apology feel strange coming out of Evan's lips but Evan's behavior at this time also made Ella so astonished."You... you," Ella said looking confused.Huft!Ella immediately let out a long breath while turning her face away from me.I saw for a while that Ella's face seemed to blush with shame. It turns out that a little girl like Ella can also feel ashamed when she gets warm treatment from her twin sister."Huh thank goodness Ella didn't think anything weird about me," I thought again inwardly.Looking at the reaction from Ella, it seems that I already have a plan that I must be more kind to Ella so that the storyline of the novel can change and I will also not die being killed by Ella like in the original story.Soon the pumpkin train we were riding in had stopped. Ella immediately went downstairs and was followed by me behind her carrying my bag. Not to forget Ella ga
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Chapter 6
"Come on Evan we have to go in soon because soon school is about to start," Ella brought back to me."Alright, Ella," I said excitedly.Now a new beginning for me has just begun. The start of this new school will also begin Evan's life journey. Now I can't help but have to fight to be an Evan. Because now I am no longer an old grandfather named Kevin, but I have turned into a 10-year-old boy named Evan. I should be able to change the plot of Evan's destiny. I should be able to be Evan a good wizard. And I also have to be a supporter of Ella, Evan's twin sister who will later become a great wizard in this wizarding world."My new life has just begun," I said to myself.Ella and I began to enter the building called the witch school. We were both guided by school officials and directed to their respective dormitories.I walked towards the boys' dormitory guided by an old grandparent, while Ella walked in the direction of the girls' dormitory guided by an old grandmother. Even though we w
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Chapter 7
Robert also began to walk toward the empty bed. And started putting his bag there."Alright, this will be my bed for now. I hope our school will be fun, Evan," Robert said."yes. I hope so too, Robert," I said in reply to Robert's remark."Let's put on our uniforms immediately because the welcoming ceremony for new students is about to begin," Robert invited."Okay, okay, okay!" I said.Robert and I immediately prepared to wear clothes that I thought were similar to graduation clothes with his clothes that looked big and wide."Is it true that this is our uniform?" I asked Robert."Yes, This is our uniform. Don't we look cool and like adult wizards, Evan," Robert said enthusiastically."Oh well. I think so," I said back to Robert.But I don't think I look cool but instead like a kid about to graduate with clothes that look oversized on his petite body.'It seems that I have to grow up soon so that this shirt doesn't look oversized anymore in my body,' I said to myself.***Soon there
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Chapter 8
"Girl, it's so amazing! Congratulations Ella Wylhem Sach Scotlav. The magic you have is light magic which very step magic. Even for the past thousand years, only you are the only wizard who has magic power with light elements. It's so incredible!" the bald teacher said cheerfully happily."What an amazing schoolgirl. Ella Wylhem Sach Scotlav you will be my student!" said Prof. Julia abruptly."Ah, thank you very much, Prof. Julia," Ella said full of happy looks on her face. Of course, Ella seemed to feel very happy after prof Julia offered a direct student position to Ella. It is a matter of pride and also an honor to be considered directly as a student of the principal."Ah, how could I forget the magic element that Ella possesses is a very step light element. And it is that element that will later lead Ella to the top of the great witch," I thought to myself.It was this privilege of Ella that caused envy and jealousy in the real Evan. In the novel, it is told that Ella attracted th
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Chapter 9
"This bread is very good," I thought to myself.The taste of the bread turned out to be beyond my imagination. Behind the very, very ordinary appearance of the bread, it turns out that a taste is created that is so delicious. I greedily devoured that piece of bread without me realizing it."Slow down, Evan. Drink this water so you don't choke," Robert said attentively to me.Indeed, I also did not expect that I could not stop chewing for the sake of chewing in my mouth, I had finished one piece of bread and some fruit but it felt like I was still so hungry, and hungry it felt like I still wanted to continue to finish the food."It's true what I said earlier that this bread tastes so delicious, we can finish it all," Robert said confidently."Hu'um, you're right, Robert," I replied in agreement as I chewed on the second bread.I didn't expect this bread to taste so good so amazing. Either I'm already feeling starved or is it the taste of this bread that is so good that it tastes like m
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Chapter 10
*** "Evan! Evan let's get up!!" There was a sound that finally started to make me open my eyes. I saw That Robert was beside me at this time. "Evan you finally woke up too. I've been trying to wake you up but it doesn't work. Evan let's get ready. This is our first learning, lest we be late for class" Robert said again with such excitement. "Ah what?" I'm still starting to digest Robert's words in my mind. "Come on Evan take a shower right away because the bathroom will be full soon and you won't be able to come in time to class if you don't get ready soon," Evan said, who kept talking to me. "Ah yes, Robert" I replied which had already begun in full consciousness. As Robert ordered I immediately rushed in the direction of the dormitory bathroom. It's true what Robert had said before that the bathroom had started to get claustrophobic and I had to start queuing to be able to get a place in the bathroom. "Ah, why is there also no bathroom here? Why should the bathroom be separat
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