Crutiara: Where New Demon Lords are Born

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Crutiara: Where New Demon Lords are Born

By: Ariathros OngoingFantasy

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Nazuno, a demon student and a victim of abuse, wants to become the demon lord candidate to change the demon realm into a pleasing place. But her fear of failure holds her back from becoming one. "Demons are failed creatures that needs to be fixed." She'll soon meet Ritake who will help her achieve her goal. Later on, she'll know the greatest revelation of Ritake.

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  • Chasly Karganilla


    this is one of the best novel ive ever read

    2022-02-27 11:28:05
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29 chapters
1. The New Transfer Student
In this dusty room, everything was scattered. All over the place, books tumbled down the cabinet. It was unsightly. It is the leaves from the outside that make up the floor pattern.Then there was I, a peacefully sleeping man. While I drowse, I salivate unconsciously. For an unknown reason, my pillow, which is supposed to be on my head, is placed under my foot.I groan as I roll to the right edge of the bed in my sleep. I fell, of course. The back of my head hit the ground hard, waking me up from the imaginary paradise I'd been dreaming of.I groaned for real this time. In no time, I rubbed the back of my head to ease the pain. I mumbled my curse."Argh!" It's been my 6,812th day of living this miserable life. I wonder every time I clean up this mess, it keeps growing. I never thought there was a hellish place other than hell.I can't ask Risano to clean up again. She doesn't care. This room is my room by the way. There is no harm in asking for a cleaning service, but if Risano sees it
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2. Tears of Fear
She’s cute. I can’t deny it. But this isn’t the time to think of thoughts like that!She is 5' 4" tall with long brown hair and a slim body. Her chest and bottom are average. Judging from our uniforms, we’re going to attend the same university.When she takes my hand and stands up, she quickly wipes her eyes until no tears are visible. The shaking that she felt had stopped. She’s surprisingly calm.She bathed in sweat. But even if she was, she should have entered university by now. Since when are these guys chasing her?“Are you fine now?”She nods as an answer.Turning around, I begin walking. “Then there’s no time to waste. We’re already late. We should rush through the gates…”But she pulls my cloth to stop me from walking. As I turn towards her, she shakes her head. Is she deaf?“You’re late as well. Why are you slowing down?”With a whisper, she replies. “Guards.”Does she want to take custody of these smugs? Does she know that we’re already an hour late to catch our breath at the
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3. Listening to a Lecture
There was a realm where demons lived in the past. Zeno is ruled by a demon lord and was once a place prone to human invasion.Without a clear reason, humans once treated us as pests. In their eyes, we are evil. We did nothing at all.It all came from the tales of the reborn hero fighting the demon lord. Those absurd myths became human religion and later became international beliefs.Those myths led to a war, an unreasonable war between humans and demons. Those humans just couldn't stop back then. Every demon lord becomes a threat to them.Humans are a complicated race. Even though they are weak unlike the beastmen, the sylphs, and the others, they are formidable creatures. A demon can have a hard time reading human actions.That made the hierarchy of the demon realm become different. Instead of demon nobles, war generals became demon lords. The monarchy became a competition for power. Gluttony was replaced by unity.Demon Lords are volatile except for one… well, almost one. He is an un
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4. Aroma of Food and Coffee
This lunch time, I accepted Majiro’s request to walk around with him. I would have lost my way back to my classroom if I had not trusted Majiro with my freedom.We first stood in front of the building where the classrooms are located. In preparation for his active introduction, Majiro opened his arms wide."Welcome to the sophomore school building. This is where sophomore classes are held. There are a lot of sophomores at Crutiara, and a building is adequate for them."The school building is a huge two-story building with a huge area. Its exterior has pillar designs, and its roofs are triangular and pyramidal.The first floor’s ceiling is impossible to reach for a six footer. No wonder why classrooms are also wide.Do they have a different design for the buildings from other years?" I asked.“No. Do you see the buildings there?” He points his fingers toward three buildings with the same layout. “The numbers pasted on the building represent the years of students.”“So that roman numeral
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5. Mothers Could Fly
The school will end at 5 PM. The bell rings and the same crowd swarms outside the classroom. The same girl stands up again and walks away with the guards. I was right. Her name was Tsuki Kugiyama. She became the topic of my conversation with Majiro earlier in the park. "Before the break, there's some kind of apocalypse going on. It keeps bugging me. Do you know what's going on? It feels weird not knowing any of your norms." "It isn't the norm, if you can call it that. It has been like that since uhm… two weeks? No, it's been a year already." "A year!?" "Don't you know her, Ritake?" I shook my head. "I barely know anyone who's stepped on Yruiburg's ground." Majiro puts his hand in his chest and slowly smiles while looking at the sky. "Being Ritake's first friend in Yruiburg is such… ughh." I knocked on his head. "Stop moaning! By the way, who the heck is she?" He winks at me and does an idol-like pose. "Tsuki Kugiyama, the lead dancer of the pop group ChENA. She's pretty as hec
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6. Duel Against Failure
And as we got in, I saw a woman flying towards Nazuno. She had the same hair as hers and she looked young with an adult's body. She has a sweet face. She smiles broadly and hugs Nazuno as tightly as she can. Nazuno can't move due to suffocation. It seems like the woman is immature... perhaps out of excitement? "Nazuno, my darling! Did you miss mom!?" Is this the reason why she wanted me to be late? Her mother is excessively sweet. Nazuno tries to find a way to escape, but as I thought, her weakness is physical. "Stop it, Miss Haimika. I can't breathe…" "Eh? My daughter doesn't call me mom? Are you embarrassed because there are other people here?" "Idiot! We're in a formal setting. You should act accordingly!" As soon as Miss Chiho looked at me, our eyes met. Nazuno was able to escape when she lost her grip. But I might be the one who won't be able to escape this time. She narrows her eyes and walks towards me step by step. I flinch back at every move she makes until I'm cornere
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7. The Second and Seventh Day
Plot Driver: Ritake Hanashiba "There is," I said seriously with my furrowed eyebrows. Without thinking of anything, I ran as quickly as possible, all with my Spatial Sense turned on. The only drawback of this is that I can't detect waves. That means I can't see light nor hear a bit of sound. I can describe it as I'm transferred in the particle space dimension. I can sense the particle of the body accelerating in a rapid state as it goes down the stairs, but because I've limited the range to just a few meters, he instantly vanished from my radar. Catching up with that stalker will be hard, knowing that there are too many lineages with ability regarding speed. I need to ask more of her, but that eavesdropper destroyed our time, no romance intended. I feel too bad that I can only apologize to Tsuki through text. If a word comes out that we've been connected, we'll be considered both suspicious individuals. Her 'perfect' image will be destroyed. I think that's what she's scared about.
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8. Despised Title
"I'm sorry… I misunderstood your intention…" "It's fine. I'm sorry too. I didn't know that would shock you that much." We are both leaning on opposite walls as we face each other. But her face was better than earlier when she still sees me as hostile. She's sitting with a bowed head. I just want to have a proper chat with her. There seems to be something bugging her since I saw her yesterday. "Do I look creepy in some way?" I asked. "No!" She looks up and I can see her eyes under her bangs. When we've made eye contact with each other, she quickly averts it. "Then, can I ask you the reason for running away after you saw me?" She shouldn't have been suspicious of me, no? "I…" Her hands shake while she grips her knees. "I'm not… fond of people." I quickly averted my eyes away from her, not because I'm shy about her. I can see her white panty in her position. "I… ughh… I'm sorry… again… for shocking you…" I scratch my head and chuckle. "Is there… something wrong?" She asked with
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9. Two-Week Suspension
Humaea, the archdemon of purity, is the only demon whose heart is working. A sweet and kind archdemon, she has even been called a goddess. She is the prophet of life in the past. Before the Great Depression, she was a model and a trainer. The huge clinic building was inspired by her. She has extensive knowledge of healing and regeneration spells, enough to be considered immortal. But what stands out the most is her kindness to her kin. Crutiara became the symbol of invigoration after being modeled after her. Students here are expected to be kind to each other. I won't allow a student like Yomu to dirt her name. Yomu clenches his hands as they prepare to beat me up. "Playing hero, aren't you? But too bad, you chose the wrong opponents. Pay the price with your life." I smirked. His head is burning like a dragon breathing fire as he charges toward me. "You dare mock me! I won't be easy on you!" Currently, we are in an open space beside the warehouse. There are rarely people who pas
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10. Just Involved
Zeno, the demon realm, evolves its technology through magic. Magic can be used to call someone from long distances, broadcast news, preserve food, and more. Zeno's current civilization doesn't accept any products of innovation. One's inventions can only be used personally. One can't sell it unless it doesn't threaten employment rates. From cell towers, to broadcast gems, and so forth, mages are the ones in charge of it. With the use of magic, one can decode texts, copy keys, and heat the hot springs. In this realm, magic is a form of currency, a requirement for survival. If one has a low aptitude, one will struggle in the lower class. But it's unfair that one's fate has already been decided since birth. But there are those whose talents are undiscovered. From generation to generation, people from the slums have been stereotyped as weak and having low magical aptitude. They are still claimed weak even if they are not able to determine their magic aptitude. There are those who bypas
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