The Miraculous Rise of the Billionaire Heir
The Miraculous Rise of the Billionaire Heir
Author: Twilight Writings
Chapter 1. Horrible Player.

 Alaric watched as the other players of the team did a great job in the practice. While staring, he knew he couldn't match up to them. 

 They had always been better than him. They always were.

 He was weaker in every way anyone could think of, and while he didn't have money for tuition, he had to depend on this team to make a living.

 If he played for the team, then he would receive allowances.

 He was a poor little college guy who didn't have the basic necessities and couldn't afford them, coming from a very poor family. He was no match for them, all these rich folks, who played much better and taunted him all the time. 

"Come on Alaric. The ball!" Some of the other teammates hollered at him, urging him to make a defense and dribble Jake, a top player, who was attempting to take possession.

 His feet faltered and he fell to the ground, Jake passing him, and kicking his legs to the side, as he attempted for a goal. Alaric groaned as the pain coursed through his muscles and bones, and suddenly, all over his knees. 

 They laughed at him and made fun of him, calling him horrible names. He didn't want to give up. He had to make sure to earn their respect by beating Jake. If he could do it, then, he would be praised.

 But the top soccer jockey was not ready to give in. Alaric muscled up to his feet, leaping on them, as he tried to regain his balance.

"Here Alaric, head the ball!" Another teammate, Liam, hollered at him. His eyes rolled in the direction, and couldn't stop the firing ball, rocketing towards him. He felt a strong blow to his face, as the ball hit him, and he fell to the ground immediately, almost knocked out by the effect.

 He touched his bleeding nose, and his aching eyes, and they all laughed and jested at him.

"Look at him. He's such a loser," the quarterback, Norton taunted, laughing at Alaric, and all other team players joined the action.

 He was their little boy, a toy they could play with.

"I guess it's over for you, Eric. You have to find some other place to fit in. Come on, look at us, you're not even in our league," Jake said, smirking at him.

 Norton walked up to Alaric, who was intimidated by his masculine figure. 

"Look up here kid. If you're not good enough, we'll kick you out," he threatened him.

 No. He didn't want to go. This was the only source of income, or else, he wouldn't be able to go to school. 

"I don't think you'd amount to anything in life, Alaric. Look at you, who claims to be an athletic joke. You're such a bloke, and you can't even take a ball firing at you. Showing some set of skills there would have impressed us. How do you expect your rotten self to be on our team?" Jake asked, smirking at him. He was enjoying it, and a derided Alaric did nothing but stared at them in dismay.

 The fear of getting kicked out of the soccer team made his heart race faster, and panic run through his veins, but he couldn't amount to anything.

 It seemed like they were right. He began to question himself. 

"Get the hell back up, you stupid thing!" Norton said, charging at him. "Why? You can't face us? You're a loser, right? Prove it. We want to see you disgrace yourself, dog," Norton taunted.

 He was the leader of them all. The others laughed at him, taunting him with jeers.

"Look at the wimp. Just to kick the ball had his bones melt like jelly, haha," they mocked, and laughed.

 He felt the bitterness sprout in his heart. No matter how much he tried or practiced, they were still better than him. Moreover, they were all tall and had good physiques, every girl's dreams, and he was an ugly girl's worst nightmare. 

  No one would accept him. Thankfully, the only person he had was his girlfriend who loved him for who he was, and he definitely needed to give her a gift for always supporting him.

 She wasn't here, so it was him against these guys.

"It seems he's in shock of a big loss. It is the best loss of his career, and I'm sure you're out of this team with this. We can't have a wimp represent us," Norton said. He pulled off his socks and threw them at Alaric's face. They were stinking and smelly, and he brought out five ten-dollar notes, thrashing them right in Alaric's face.

"Here! Take it. Feed your home, and sulk with the socks. They're as stinking as your life is, don't you think?" He cursed.

 Alaric didn't believe his eyes. Hot tears began brimming in them, and he didn't anticipate he would face this sort of humiliation. It was just too much to handle. Before he knew it, other pairs of socks were thrashed on him, and most of them landed on his face. 

"Take a whiff of it, as failure is taking a whiff of your life," Norton, the quarterback, cursed, laughing at him, and they jested at him, throwing some notes of money.

"Use it to feed your family," some of them insulted, and they all marched out of the field. He watched as they left, and the tears spilled out.

 He wondered how much of a curse his life was. Looking down at the notes, he gathered them all and had to take them. He was so broke not to be able to afford the cheapest of things, and he might starve if he didn't rely on his money. 

 Wiping his tears, he stood up to his feet, falling as he would make it up. Managing to get up, his legs shook terribly, and his nose ran. He needed to make it back to the changing room where he had to change into something else. 

 As he reached the end of the hallway, almost close to his dorm, the moaning sounds, and sweet chuckles reached his ears. Something was wrong. He opened the door slowly. Luckily, no one was here to torment him. 

The noise became louder, which meant that this was where it was coming from. He noticed it was coming from the shower.

 It couldn't be what he was thinking.

He was shocked by what he saw. 

"Sasha?" He gasped, with eyes wide, staring at the scene. 

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