The Almighty Heir's Return

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The Almighty Heir's Return

By: M Zana Kheiron OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Brandon has always been bullied by gangsters, but everything would change when college finally started, in another city. Love seemed to be just right for Bran, but he was betrayed. Bran may not be who he seems. Will he have his revenge? Will he succeed in prooving his value? And will he ever believe in love again?

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  • Haarroyal


    What can I say? I'm speechless for real. Starting from the first few chapters, its really intriguing and captivating. The characters and the story plot makes me wan' read more. The novel is time worthy and recommendable.

    2022-10-23 23:11:34
  • Annette Scheaffer


    Fantastic book until the chapters started repeating (wasting money) leaving us hanging with respect to capturing the bad guys, tie up loose ends, and the happily ever after. I hope this updates correctly soon. It would only take 10 or so new chapters to bring to conclusion. Very disappointing!

    2023-03-09 04:35:00
  • O4igins master


    Really good start to the story. I hope brandon and Lucy get together and she gets out of the being engaged to damon

    2022-09-10 06:20:04
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171 chapters
“That’s for you to learn your place! Got me?” Kayle Jamerson said, while kicking Brandon, who was on the ground. Kayle bent down and grabbed the poor young man off the ground by the hair, to make him lift his head and look at him. “You answer me when I talk to you, shithead!” He pushed Brandon hard on the ground and motioned with his head for the others to finish the job, while he stepped aside and lit a cigarette. While the others kicked, punched and laughed at Brandon, Kayle felt his chest warmer. He hated to be second place, and if that stupid boy thught he could humiliate the great Kayle Jamerson like that, he was damn wrong!When they were satisfied, Kayle and his gang left, laughing, while Brandon was scattered on the floor, bleeding from the cuts in his face and all his body hurt. That was not the first beating he received from Kayle and the others, but that time they hit him really badly. ‘I have to get up…’, he told himself. And that was not just about his honor, but becaus
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Fresh Start
Already on his way to Bloomington, Brandon was happier than any other moment in his life. He was admitted to more than one university, but he opted for the program at Illinois Wesleyan University, a very nice place to live, a small city and the most important: far from Helena, Montana. After he made himself home, he had a good night of sleep. By morning, he woke up feeling happy, full of energy, even if his body was still recovering from the beating two days earlier. Maybe in Bloomington, Brandon ws about to get his fortune.During his first class, he was just sitting there, waiting for the professor. He got used to being alone, no one wanted to sit with him in high school.But today, a pretty girl came into the classroom, she looked around and chose to sit beside Brandon.“Hi, My name is Erika. Nice to meet you!” The girl greeted Brandon, which made him very nervous.“H..Hi, I’m Brandon.” He replied.Looking at the nervous boy, the girl smiled.“Could you tell me about this lesson?
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Kayle. Kayle Jarmerson, with all his almost 6.5’ height, muscled arms, dirty blond hair and malicious icy blue eyes, was there, inside the room, holding a camera and his friends were just behind him. Brandon could only think about Erika, but all his worries vanished in the next moment, because she left the bathroom and was held by Kayle, who kissed her. “Did you really think she would want you? She is my girlfriend, you idiot!” Kayle asked, full of venom in his words. “Let’s show the world what Mr. Brandon Ashford’s incredible body!” Everybody, except Brandon, started to laugh. He cast a glance at Erika and she was not the same person from minutes before!Brandon was not too skinny, but he was not too muscled, either. His body was full of bruises, given by none other than Kayle and his friends. “What are you doing here? Why are you here?” Brandon ended up asking. He thought his life was going to change, once he was far from those bullies who made his life a living hell since he was
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Not a joke
“Do you really think we’ll fall for it, Brandon?” Kayle sneered. He looked at the others who were getting up from the floor and they all started to nodd. “My dad is rich and you, shit head, is a good-for-nothing beggar!”Brandon remained silent, just watching while his butler worked on the phone. He was just staring, serious, and his expression was blank. Erika, who was still by Kayle’s side and watched the whole thing, was now observing Brandon a bit better. She had just played her role as Kayle asked and, in fact, she had not looked at the man near her. But now she could see how handsome he was. And of course, his kiss was great, although she could never admit it. “Kayle’s father will end you!” One of the bullies said. “Not only you, Brandon, but those clowns, too!” “Yeah, he will. Nobody touches me and lives another day!” Kayle smirke, nodding. “All done, sir. The information is gathered.” The old man said in a very polite and professional way. Then, turning to Kayle, he contin
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Nice tan
The next day arrived and Brandon acted as if nothing happened. He got up, took his shower, put his clothes on and after having his bag on his shoulder, he left for classes. His butler had called a few more times, but he was not in the mood to answer just to dismiss the man. While he was walking inside the campus, he noticed that a few people were looking at him and he frowned a bit, but thought that was nothing, after all, except from Kayle and his friends, he was not known. “Sexy abs, huh?” Brandon heard someone say, but he didn’t think the person was talking to him and kept walking to his classroom. “Damn skinny. He should eat more.”“At least he seems to be quite big down there.”“Gross! Don’t talk about it… his body is not nice…And he is weird. A loser.”Now, Brandon was sure they were talking about him. Not that he really cared about what others thought or said about him, but in some way, it disappointed him. Going to college should have been a new start, a new life, but no. I
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“Is everything alright, here?” The professor asked and Kayle got quiet, looking elsewhere. “No, actually, it is not.” the girl said and turned to the professor. “Mr. Sharman, those guys here were bullying our classmate.” She pointed to the respective people. “Bullying? Like in high school?” The dark haired professor asked, frowning while looking at the bullies. "Definitely. And here is proof!” She showed the professor all the small papers and flying notes. After the professor read two of the papers, he looked at Kayle and the others. “We’re gonna have a little chat after class.” He said and motioned with his head for the blonde girl to return to her seat, because the class was going to start. They spend the whole morning with Mr. Sharma, so Brandon only got the chance to talk to her by lunch time. “Ah, hi.” He called her while she was collecting her belongings. “Hi!” She smiled at him. Brandon tried to keep the thoughts about how beautiful and shining she was from his head. A f
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Lunch time
Lucinda was with her hand offered to Brandon. He looked at her face, at her hand and decided to shake it. “Friends.” He said and when she took her hand back, he didn’t like it very much. “Have you eaten?” She asked. “Not yet.”“Neither did I… I’m starving! Wanna eat with me?” Brandon frowned. “Ah, weren’t you supposed to have eaten with your boyfriend?” “He’s not my boyfriend.” Her response was very fast, meaning she wanted to make it clear. “And he was called by his father, so he just left me here and left.” “Ah, I see.” Brandon said, nodding and looking down. Inside, he was smiling. So she was not dating the guy. He knew he shouldn't be all happy with those news, but he was, in the end. “We can go wat and I tell you a bit more about this complicated situation I’m in.” She said and smiled at him. “Shall we?” “Definitely. I’m starving as well.” They both walked, side by side, to the food court of the mall. They were not talking, just walking and Branon could smell her shampo
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Lucinda yanked her arm and stood again, taking a few steps back. “As I said, you do not own me, Damon. I won’t stay here and keep listening to this. Excuse me.” She started to walk away, but Damon followed her and held her by the waist. “Lucy, come on. I’m jealous, ok? You are to be my wife and I don’t want you talking to that kind of loser.”“He is not a loser, ok?” She took a deep breath. “Look, Damon, I know our parents want us to marry and all, but it does not mean we have to.”“No, we don’t have to, but I want to. I want you.” He held her arm, making her stop walking. “Lucy, please. I want to be the man by your side.”He was looking at her with pleading eyes, but she couldn’t stand him. Yes, he was dazzling handsome and most of the girls were falling for him. But Lucy couldn’t stand his personality. “I know. But then… please, let me be for a while. I need space. And you need to stop acting like this.” Damon remained quiet. At first, he was reluctant to marry Lucinda Fairfax.
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The three men turned to Brandon and looked him up and down. The taller, probably their leader, started to laugh. Brandon was tall, around 6,5”, but he was skinny and the three guys were not buke, but much stronger than him. “Sod off, idiot.” The taller guy said. “You leave her be and I’ll go with her.” Brandon answered and the three of them made weird sounds, mocking him. “She is having fun with us, now, get the fuck out of here! Unless you wanna have fun, too.” The bunker one threatened, taking a small knife from his pocket. “Bran, go and get help!” Lucy said and received a slap across her face. It busted her lips and Brandon couldn’t stand by and watch. He did something he never did for himself, he fought.Of course, he had no chance against one of those guys, let alone two of them. The third one just stayed around Lucy, trying to kiss her and roaming his hands over her body. After a while, Brandon, who was on the floor and raised by his shirt, fell to the ground with a thud wh
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The next day, Lucy didn’t go to college, but Brandon did and people looked at him strangely, since he was clearly hurt, but nobody asked him if he was alright or if he needed help. Not that he would ever think they would. Damon saw Brandon and turned his head, pretending he didn’t know him. Brandon chuckled. Of course, it was all an act to impress Lucy. How predictable, huh? Brandon just walked to the building. It was Friday and he couldn’t wait for the day to be over.Nobody picked on him, but he saw some girls looking at him with a certain curiosity, but none talked to him, so he just shrugged and let it be. “Mr. Ashford, may we have a word?” Professor Ramirez asked when Brandon was about to leave class. “Of course, Professor.”The class was soon empty and the tall, dark man leaned on his desk with his back to it, folding his arms in front of his chest and looking at Brandon. “I’ve heard you got into a fight. And for what I can see, that was not a good one.” Brandon sighed befo
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