355. Discover

Amidst the boisterous street, a party of three men and one woman was walking together calmly as each of them donned in different clothes. One of them possessed a tall posture and unapproachable aura that made every passersby think twice to bump into him. His eyes were sharp, and he wore an ordinary commoner robe just like everyone else. But the most eye-catching part of his is the large halberd he carried with him as he shouldered it. 

Another man was wearing something that looked quite fancy, similar to the clothes and garments worn by those of noble blood or merchants. In his waist, a sword with crossguard made out of jade and shaped in the symbol of the dragon. Even the sheath of the sword seems to be crafted from a demonic beast in a glance, seeing that there were scales covering it. Though his fair countenance attracted some secret glances from the ladies on the street, yet the pe

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