The Unstoppable Warlock

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The Unstoppable Warlock

By: De-Queen CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Lucas was a son-in-law in a normal family, his real identity was a successor of a mysterious family. It was a family that had martial arts skills, the knowledge of medicine, and even the magical power of the gods. But the family disappeared and Lucas was the only heir left. Many years ago, Lucas saved an old man and as a means of showing appreciation, he asked his granddaughter, Elena to marry Lucas. The arrangement did not go well with Elena and her mother, but she had no choice but to accept because of her inheritance. Elena cheated on him and got pregnant with her millionaire boyfriend. Lucas was kicked out of the house and became homeless. Luck was on his side when he saved a lady that same night and in the process, his ring got activated, awakening his magical powers. Not only would he Revenge for the Betrayal but would also try to investigate the truth of why his family disappeared many years ago.

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172 chapters
Shocking betrayal
Lucas was anxiously standing at the bus station waiting for the next bus to convey him to his house. If he had not taken laxative drugs for cold the previous night, he wouldn't have overslept this morning. The bus arrived some minutes later, but as he was about to step onto the bus, he dipped his hand into his pocket to check his ID card and he found it empty." Shit, I have forgotten I changed the pants I wore yesterday", he lamented. The distance from the bus station to his house was not far so he rushed down home to pick up his ID.A stone's throw from his house, he spotted a lady's face being kissed by a man. Lucas rubbed his hand over his face, and he couldn't believe what he just saw." It's not possible, I might be hallucinating", Lucas thought. As he moved nearer, he could vividly see his wife smiling through the kiss."Elena!" He shouted. Elena looked shocked, she hurriedly detached herself from the man kissing her and turned around to the person calling her. With a shaking v
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The Good Samaritan
CHAPTER TWOLucas frowned and was confused. He thought his hearing was playing jokes on him until he heard the screaming again." Help! Somebody help me!!!" Now he was sure someone was indeed in danger. He started tracing the sound of the voice with his torchlight because everywhere was dark. As he got close to the main road, he saw some gangsters chasing a beautiful lady. Beautiful was an understatement; she was a goddess. The girl was tall and fair with long wavy oily hair. She had the perfect body shape. She was more beautiful than the bitch he called his wife. Lucas blinked and shook his head, " I shouldn't be thinking of this right now, I need to save this damsel in distress". He moved his right leg, but he paused," No, I don't want to get into trouble the second time. That was how I saved George years ago and as a result, I met that bitch and her wicked mother. I should be careful, once bitten twice shy they say right?".But he got confused and as he was about to turn his ba
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Unexpected Discovery
A series of events ran through Lucas's head and a new scene was displayed. The scene showed two huge fit guys fighting. It looked like they were training in martial arts though, because their moves were not to cause harm to anyone. They wore large dark regalia and they were both sweating profusely. Lucas was seen at one corner watching the guys but he was confused." Watch carefully and learn, for the time has come for you to know your roots," A middle-aged woman said, approaching Lucas. The woman looked beautiful and she wore a beautiful smile on her face. Lucas checked her very well, but she didn't look like someone he had met in his entire life. " Watch and learn? My root? I'm confused ma'am. And if I may ask, who are you?", Lucas asked the woman." Yes, Lucas. You are the heir to our great kingdom and you are chosen by the gods to take revenge on our lost one and to bring back our kind from hiding. You are gifted and you are to lead the kingdom." The woman said as she dragged Luc
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The Divorce
Lucas stared at Alex for sometime, then he frowned. Although he was betrayed, he didn't show his emotions. If it were to be before when he had nobody, when he thought he was alone in this world, his life would have been shattered,but after the previous night occurrence, he was rest assured he wasn't hopeless. He even felt stronger after learning of his hidden gifts and knowing he had a kingdom somewhere, his mind was at rest. He knew Marie would come again to teach him what he needed to know. With patience, everything will fall back into place. He would be a great man.He remembered one of Claire's lessons when he was at the orphanage, there were times they would sleep hungry because there were not enough resources to feed them.Some money sent by the government to the orphanage was spent by some greedy officials, and foods set aside for them were being shared also.Claire taught them to always be strong, no matter the condition they found themselves in. She taught them how to withs
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The Meetings
" I'm happy I finally found you. I thought I would never see you again" the girl uttered joyously after she had already calmed down.It turned out that the girl Lucas saved the previous night, Lilly found him. She sent her men on an emergency search mission to find the man that saved her. She was from a wealthy family, so she had all the resources needed to search for a missing person.Her men refused to rest. They brushed the entire city for Lucas' whereabouts. They used all the technology available, and they resulted to involved all the middlemen to know Lucas's identity. So when Lucas was found at the entrance of the court, it was a mission accomplished for them.Lucas was surprised to see the girl looking for him. He was bewildered. His thought was that the girl had fled and he would never see her again, but seeing her brought back the memory of last night. How he suffered for a total stranger and how was nearly beaten to death by the hoodlums chasing the girl.What could be the
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Ex Jealousy
Elena stared horribly at Alex, as she shot him daggers with her eyes. She couldn't believe what just happened. How could Alex slap her? What could have prompted such despicable action from him? She was the victim, yet she was the one getting slapped by her proclaimed lover. She was so hurt that tears almost dropped from her eyes. She wanted to say something but when she noticed the deadly stare from Alex, she kept mute.Alex bowed to the girl respectfully and apologized," My lady, I'm very sorry for the ill character of my girlfriend. Please forgive us". Alex knew he had to respect the lady because she was from a family he could not toy with. Toying with a member of the Rowland family meant digging his own grave. He was a trained businessman, and he knew the people involved in business administration in the city, so he had to give regard to those in high ranks. He had to drop his ego to save his business.Lilly did not even acknowledge his filthy apology. She knew he was just pret
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Brutal Humiliation
Lilly left with Lucas to where she parked her latest Jeep. Most people who had seen her driving such a big car kept wondering how a female would choose that type of car, but knowing she didn't care about anybody's opinion. What she always did was to make herself Happy.She took Lucas to her car and she forbade her driver from driving them. Her reason was that she wanted to be in the car alone with Lucas because she wanted to discuss something with him. She entered the driver's seat while Lucas stayed beside her.She asked Lucas if he would like to listen to some music, while he nodded positively. She put on the music and they headed to a luxury restaurant in the city. The restaurant was visited by people of high Caliber in the city. The setting was like that of a five-star hotel. Only the rich could afford the kind of hospitality rendered in the restaurant. It was situated at the center of the city for easy access.Lilly shook her head and murmured to the beat of the music she was pla
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" What the hell is going on here? Lilly's voice boomed with authority. The manager turned and gazed at Lilly confused. Everywhere was just silent." Can anyone explain what happened here? Why is no one talking?".Then she faced Lucas, "Why are you still outside Lucas, I thought I asked you to wait for me inside. What is the problem?". The manager turned pale as he heard this from Lilly, he knew he was in trouble already. Had he known Lucas was Lilly's guest, he would not have humiliated him." I came here as you instructed ma'am, but the doorman and the manager denied me access to enter the restaurant. I tried to mention your name when I approached the doorman but he dragged and embarrassed me seriously. The manager's attitude towards me was the worst when he came out. I thought he would understand me as a mature man, but immediately after he saw me, he started calling me all sorts of names. He even accused me of being a fraudster, can you imagine that? To crown it all, he raised his
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Love Fight
Fredrick watched Lucas from head to toe. He was wondering if Lilly had gotten herself a boyfriend in a short time. From the years he had known Lilly, she had been a strong woman to reckon with. In the early stage of her teenage years, she dressed in masculine attire. Everyone regarded her as a tomboy. But as she grew older, her mother changed her mindset. She wanted her to dress like a lady to attract responsible suitors.Lilly never accepted any man who had approached her, even if they were rich. She never gave any of them any chances. Some regarded her as being proud, but few people who were closer to her knew she was humble. She loves a carefree life, and she isn't ready to sacrifice her freedom to be under any man.Fredrick had tried all his possible means to date Lilly but all his efforts proved abortive. Being a family friend, he sent both his parents to Lilly's parents to convince their daughter, but Lilly's parents responded that they couldn't choose for their daughter. All th
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The Dinner
" Hi Dad, I'm sorry I couldn't pick up your calls. I was busy. Hope there is no problem", Lilly was answering her phone calls while driving with Lucas by her side." I'm fine princess, I heard about what happened to you and I was really worried. I have warned you to be careful sweetheart", the voice of Justin Rowland, Lilly's father could be heard at the receiver end of the phone." Don't worry yourself, Dad, everything has been settled. And I'm fine, thank you for asking", Lilly calmed her father." Silly girl, thread with caution and stop making your old man worried. You know you are the only child we have, be careful okay?" He cautioned his daughter" I'm very sorry Dad, I will be more careful from now on", Lilly replied, feeling remorse for getting her dad worried. " Anyways, I have started my investigation on the source of your attack. Gabriel told me some guy saved you, I need to meet the guy. Can you bring him over for dinner? I need to appreciate him", Justin asked his daught
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