A Rise to the Throne

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A Rise to the Throne

By: themaryfagbenro CompletedUrban/Realistic

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From enduring workplace bullying to facing mistreatment from his in-laws, Adonis has always remained kind and loyal. But when he stumbles upon his wife's affair and their sinister plot to eliminate him, everything takes a dramatic turn. And then Suddenly, after an accident, he awakens to a shocking reality as a prince and the rightful heir to a powerful throne. Now thrust into a world teeming with treachery and ambition, Adonis must navigate the intricate web of the royal family. With revenge burning in his heart, he embarks on a journey to transform himself from a downtrodden victim into a formidable and confident figure. As he confronts his scheming stepbrother with a manipulative mother and his ex-wife with her crazy family, a thrilling battle for power ignites. In this captivating tale, Adonis's resilience, love, and pursuit of justice will be put to the ultimate test. Can he overcome the darkness that lurks within the royal family and find true happiness? Or will secrets and sinister forces ruin his newfound chance at a brighter future?

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  • queen


    I am very much interested in this one, let's go!

    2023-06-19 08:16:58
  • themaryline35


    I recently started reading this book, and I must say, it has captured my attention right from the beginning. The chapters I've read are absolutely captivating and left me wanting more. The author has a unique way of describing the characters and their emotions, making them feel real and relatable.

    2023-06-19 08:09:45
  • Olulana Oreoluwa


    I'm really captivated with this book so much. I know I'm definitely reading this to the end! it's a breathe of fresh air. love it!

    2023-06-19 07:55:30
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135 chapters
Chapter 1: Shadows of Ridicule.
Adonis sat in his cramped office, peering out of the small window, lost in his thoughts about his life. The stale air in the room made him shift his tie repeatedly, while beads of sweat trickled down his face, adding to his discomfort. Leaning back, he surveyed the enormous pile of work on his desk, contemplating the meager compensation he received for carrying out these tasks. Adding to his frustration, it seemed that his contributions went unnoticed and unappreciated by everyone in the company. He took a deep breath, the deepest he had ever taken, trying to gather himself. "Adonis, all this work is right in front of you, and you're just staring out the window? Do you want to get yelled at again?" his inner voice chastised him, breaking through his contemplation. Just as he was about to refocus on his work, the door swung open forcefully, jolting him from his reverie. He looked up to see his boss standing there, his face flushed with anger. A deadly glare was aimed directly at Ado
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Chapter 2: Unveiling Betrayal.
Adonis stood frozen in disbelief, his grip on the cake loosening until it slipped from his hands, crashing to the ground in a messy heap. His eyes remained locked on the shocking sight before him, unable to tear away or utter a single word. They moved past him, locked in their passionate embrace, oblivious to his presence and the shattering of his world. It felt unreal, like a cruel dream taunting his sanity. "This can't be real. It must be a twisted illusion," he whispered through gritted teeth, his voice laced with a mixture of hatred and anger. With seething fury coursing through his veins, Adonis stormed towards the room, each step resonating with his mounting anger. As he approached the scene before him, his heart sank, and a lump formed in his throat. This was not a nightmare; it was a harsh reality he couldn't deny. "Harriet?!" His voice spat out the name, dripping with a mix of disbelief and rage. The couple abruptly halted their actions, sensing the intensity in his words
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Chapter 3: Shattered Illusions.
Adonis maintained a tight grip on the bleeding stranger's shirt, his anger fueling his determination. Harriet's voice echoed in the room, filled with urgency and concern. "Adonis, stop! get that smelly body of yours off him. You are going to injure him." She pleaded, her voice piercing through the chaos. The stranger, fully aware of the impending danger, knew he had to defend himself if he wanted to leave without severe injuries. With a surge of strength, he retaliated, delivering a powerful punch to Adonis's face, attempting to free himself from his grasp. Adonis staggered back momentarily but refused to release his hold. On the other side of the bed, Harriet watched the violent confrontation unfold, her voice filled with desperation. She realized that if she didn't intervene, the situation would escalate into a brutal fight that could cause irreparable damage. Driven by the instinct to protect, Harriet rushed between the two men, forcefully separating them. "That's enough! Stop
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Chapter 4: Intoxicated Despair.
Harriet swiftly dialed her mother's number, desperately seeking for someone to take her side. However, the connection was poor, and she strained to hear her mother's voice on the other end of the line. "Mum, mum, are you there? Please, are you there?" Harriet yelled with increasing urgency, her voice echoing in the room. Adonis stood in disbelief, taken aback by Harriet's dramatic plea. His gaze intensified as he continued to approach her, his expression filled with a mixture of anger and confusion. "Harriet, what is wrong with you? are you finally feeling guilty?" Adonis asked confused as to why she was being so dramatic despite knowing fully well that he would never hurt her.Harriet's mother's voice finally broke through the crackling phone line, bringing a glimmer of hope. "Harriet, what's happening there?" her mother inquired. "It's Adonis, Mom. He's trying to hurt me. Please, come and rescue me from him," Harriet pleaded desperately. Adonis persisted in his approach. Harr
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Chapter 5: Desperate Measure.
Harriet and her mother sat side by side, their laughter punctuating the air intermittently. In that moment, Harriet couldn't help but wish she had heeded her mother's warning about marrying Adonis. Taking a deep breath, she realized she was now married to him, and every aspect of her life seemed to be in shambles. Suddenly, her phone beeped, interrupting their conversation. "It seems you have a call," her mother remarked, prompting Harriet to retrieve the phone from the floor and answer it promptly. "Hello, who is this?" she asked, with her mother leaning in closer to listen. "Is this Harriet? Mr. Adonis Wealth's wife?" a deep voice resounded from the other end. Initially, she contemplated denying it, as she anticipated that Adonis had likely gotten himself into trouble. However, she didn't want to be labeled as a gold digger, so she reluctantly confirmed, "Yes, it's me. What's the matter?" "You're required at the police station immediately. It's urgent," the voice replied ste
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Chapter 6: Poor to Master.
Adonis rose early that morning, preparing himself for work. As he stepped into the kitchen, his eyes widened at the sight before him—the dining table was already cluttered with an array of food. Puzzled, he pondered, "What could be going on here?" Confusion swirled in his mind as he tried to make sense of the unexpected display. Soon, Adonis noticed Harriet slowly approaching him, adorned in her apron, and a gentle smile gracing her face. She reached out, seemingly intending to embrace him, but his eyes shot her a piercing, icy glare. "Don't," he uttered sharply, his voice carrying an air of unresolved anger. "Sorry, darling. Are you still upset about what happened yesterday?" Harriet inquired, hoping for some form of acknowledgment, but he remained silent, withholding any response. Adonis continued to observe her as she made her way to the dining table and unveiled the meal she had prepared. Despite its enticing appearance, coming from her, it felt like a foul stench emanating f
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Chapter 7: The true Heir has Spoken.
As the woman carefully checked Adonis's temperature and administered some medicines, he remained in a daze, unable to make sense of the situation unfolding around him. His mind was a whirlwind of confusion, desperately trying to piece together the fragments of his fractured reality. After attending to his needs, the woman informed Adonis that if he felt strong enough, everyone in the palace would love to see his face just to rest assured that he was okay. Adonis nodded absentmindedly, still filled with cluelessness. He watched as she left the room, leaving him to grapple with his disoriented thoughts. Gathering what little strength he had, Adonis slowly rose from the bed, wincing as pain shot through his neck. The room he found himself in was like something out of a dream, adorned with opulent furnishings and an air of grandeur. The walls were draped in rich tapestries, and sunlight filtered through ornate stained glass windows, casting vibrant colors across the room. He went out of
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Chapter 8: Shocking Revelation.
The crowd surrounding them erupted into applause and cheers. Whispers filled the air as the realization spread like wildfire. "The prince and true heir to the throne has arrived," the profound-looking man declared, his voice resonating throughout the hall.Adonis's mind buzzed with a mixture of confusion and curiosity. How did he end up here, as a prince? And why did his appearance seem different now? His father, sensing his son's questions, gently released him from the embrace and placed a hand on his shoulder."Come, my son," his father said, leading Adonis toward a nearby chamber. "Let us provide you with proper attire. There are many things we need to discuss."As they entered the chamber, servants quickly scurried to fetch new clothes for Adonis. The room was spacious and elegantly decorated, with intricately woven tapestries adorning the walls and a large ornate mirror positioned prominently at one end.Adonis couldn't help but steal a glance at his reflection in the mirror as t
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chapter 9: He's not Dead.
A house with champagne and lit music was one of the best places to carry out celebratory events.Harriet poured herself a glass of wine, her body relaxed into the comfiness of the almost worn out sofa in the living room, her head bobbing in rhythmic movement to the classic country music that played from the speakers an her heart squealing with excitement at the fact that her plan to get rid of Adonis had worked. A victorious smile graced Harriet's lips as she raised her glass up to sight, the incandescent light creating a glitter that emitted from the glass. Adonis' death was going to be the start of something new for her, she knew it. Gone was the man that brought her unending ridicule in the sight of people. The no gooder that had restrained her wings from soaring with the title of a wife. Her heart bubbled with incessant joy that the person she'd hired to tamper with his brakes before he left for work the previous morning had conducted a job well done. And with Adonis' death, she
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Chapter 10: The Beginning of a Miserable life.
The trip to the lawyer's office was cancelled as she hollered a cab to ride her home.All through the ride home, her mind dwelled on Adonis' transformation. The man she'd always bullied, the man she'd cheated on, called names, and even tried to kill, had reappeared a new being, confident, and even with authority. Everything she thought she'd accomplished from thinking he was dead was all gone. No, they were probably never even there anyway. And with his new appearance and title as a prince as he made her aware of, he was capable of ruining her life like he'd threatened.But what she was yet to understand was how? How did the man he'd referred to as father that had saved him from the accident come about? For all she knew, he was an orphan with no one caring for him. But now, all of a sudden when she had decided to get rid of him as he was a numbing thorn in her flesh, this ‘father’ with an elevated status resurfaced and saved Adonis from what he was supposed to die from, destroying her
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