The Son-in-law’s Supremacy

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The Son-in-law’s Supremacy

By: Royalmary23💜 CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Alexander Sterling was despised by everyone, just because he was a poor delivery man. His wife cheated on him, and his father-in-law's assassins dumped him into a river to drown and die. Just when he thought his life would take a turn for the worst, he realized that he was the true heir and long-lost son of a wealthy man! With newfound power and wealth at his fingertip, will Alex be able to rise to the challenge and claim his rightful place in the world, or will the secrets of his past come back to haunt him?


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    Highly recommended!!!

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    Update continues!! ^^

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    Hello, it's disheartening to say this, but The Son-in-law’s Supremacy and its author (Royalmary23) will be taking a short break from the 25th of July to the 31st of July. We will be back with more exciting chapters in August. Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for your patience x.

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    Hello, I’m the author of this book. Please leave a review of what you think of my book^^

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Latest Chapter
120 chapters
1 | I brought your birthday gift
The rain poured heavily as a cold breeze whipped through the air. It was evening and they were just little passersby on the lane. A thin, young man, Alexander Sterling in a shabby-looking jacket trudged down the lane as he hid a rose inside his jacket. It was his wife’s birthday and he had planned to surprise her with a gift. In previous years, he was unable to buy her any gifts because he had no money. He proudly walked into the opulent mansion, as his worn-out shoes stained the clean, tiled floor with dirty mud. He was prepared to do anything to make his wife happy again after so many arguments and problems. Inside the opulent mansion was a crowd of wealthy people in the living room, drinking and dancing roughly with music playing loudly. Alex was a little confused with this. His wife, Bella had texted him about calling a doctor when she had a fever, but she didn't inform him about throwing a party or inviting her wealthy friends. Alex silently walked past the crowd as he didn't
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2 | I’m Alex Sterling!
Leaning on the counter, heartbroken Alex thought back on his marriage. He did a delivery job when he was very young before he was able to successfully get admitted into the university. Even after the admission, he had to get different jobs in order to keep paying his university fees and his mother’s medical fees. He and Bella were close friends. He loved her, and he decided to propose to her after he graduated. Luckily, Bella accepted but the marriage was not accepted by her family until Bella pleaded with them. Afterward, the marriage was filled with thorns. Bella’s parents, Mr and Mrs. Vanderbilt kept embarrassing Alex as they never thought of him as a part of their family. Even Bella started despising him too. To keep his marriage intact, Alex went through hell and back, as he also tried to be a good son-in-law to Bella's parents. He borrowed money from loan sharks to buy Bella and Bella’s parents lavish gifts, which left him at the loan shark’s mercy and at risk of physical ha
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3 | Father-in-law?
Alex returned to Bella’s mansion as he pondered about what the doctor told him. He could not even think of how to come up with such an amount of money, hundred of thousands of dollars! Even if he were to borrow money from the loan sharks again, they would only beat him up and maybe sell him this time. He gently pushed the door open as he walked into the living room. The wealthy crowds left the living room in a dirty state. Cups, empty bottles, and trays of food were everywhere on the couch. The music was stopped and some maids were cleaning the living room already. He walked up to Bella’s room, and he sighted Bella all alone, on the sofa with a goblet of wine in her hand. “Bella, Mum is at the hospital and the doctors need some money for treatments.” Alex spoke slowly as he was scared of how Bella would respond. He knew Bella would only give him money if she wanted to post it on her social handles. Bella slowly sips her wine before turning to Alex. “Open the drawer and take as muc
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4 | May his soul rest in peace
The night sky was aglow with bright city lights as the rain stopped pouring. A Mercedes car sped off into a villa, and it was parked neatly in a spacious garage. Mr. Vanderbilt, the old man alighted from the Mercedes car as he walked gently into his villa with his stick hitting the floor calmly. His mouth agape, he was stunned by Bella, his daughter's presence since she only visited him when he had a meeting with his wealthy business partners. He looked at Bella as he noticed that her hands were wrapped around a pillow and she clutched it towards her chest before sobbing quietly. With what he witnessed, he assumed something bad happened to Bella so he walked towards her to calm her down and to question her for the unnecessary sobs. Mr. Vanderbilt stretched out his hand from his pocket and Bella screamed. “Ah! Dad, didn't you see the camera was on?” Bella yelled, glaring at her father before she glanced at the little camera that was recording what she did. She grabbed the camera then
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5 | He is your father
On a bed with crisp white sheets and a thin pillow under his head, Alex lay there unconsciously as he was in a small, quiet toom. The scars he got from the assailants hitting him were evident, even the scar over his left eye. He had been in a coma for nine months and luckily, the fisherman who rescued him took care of him, along with a country doctor. The silence in the room immediately got broken by the noise of chickens clucking loudly outside the room. Alex stirred from his sleep as the chicken's cluck disturbed his sleep. For the first time in nine months, he opened his eyes and moved his fingers. Finally conscious, he found it difficult to recollect, focus or bring himself to recall how he got to the room. He could not even remember who he was or why he was in a room. He felt like he was a newborn baby that had graduated from college recently. And then, he tried his best to piece two and two, or to remember anything but still, his mind was in a blank state. Confused and scared,
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6 | Returning to the city
Alex shrank back as Emma glared at him like a mother scolding her son. “You heard what I said, didn't you?” Emma scolded and Alex replied, “Yeah, but you don't need to yell at me like that. I promise you, you will get back to school soon,” Emma smiled and she pats his head slowly, “ can come to check on the chickens and pigs now,” she spoke before turning around to leave the room. “Sure, Mum!” Alex replied sarcastically and Emma turned back, facing Alex with her eyebrows furrowed like the sharp claws of a bird. She opened her mouth to speak, then she stayed mute, crossed her arms, and pouted, “Whatever,” She walked out of the room, a little annoyed while Alex stared at her in surprise. He could not remember anything, but he certainly believed Jack’s explanation after his encounter with Emma. “Funny sister...” Alex muttered to himself as the room became silent. He pushed the bed sheets off his body and he stood up to check the house. He walked gently out of the room an
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7 | My Alexander?
Stepping off the train, Alex and Emma were welcomed with the blaring of car horns that emitted an unpleasant noise. Slow, sweet melodies mingled with the unpleasant noise as Alex looked up at the street performers. “Finally, we are here, Emma,” Alex cooed and a smile formed on Emma’s face. She eagerly walked away from the train as she sniffed the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. “Hmm, the rich aroma...“ Emma mumbled quietly and Alex chuckled at her dramatic excited self. He turned around to gaze at the crowds on the sidewalk who rushed toward their destination, and he sighted Jack. “We can't continue to stand under this hot sun just for you to admire the city. It's very hot out here, you know?” Jack spoke quickly and Emma looked up at him as she studied his facial expression. He looked tired and sweat dripped from his forehead like it was raining sweat. Emma nodded sweetly and she obeyed him. They continued to walk down the lane until Jack stopped. “Dad, are you alright?” Alex excl
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8 | Ten million dollars
“Great!” the call recipient exclaimed on the other end of the call as his voice brimmed with excitement. He briefly glanced at the glimmering Graff Diamond Hallucination on his wrist as he peeked at the digits displayed.“Rob, meet me at the villa immediately.” The call recipient demanded.“Understood, boss!” The thug’s leader replied before the call ended.Following their leader’s orders, the thugs swiftly reverse their vans as they race toward the luxurious villa, passing by a magnificent water fountain that added a dominating aura to the air.Rob quietly entered the grand villa, as he locked his eyes on the tiled, golden floor with the word ‘REX’ customized on it.“Aren’t you supposed to be here?” A middle-aged man’s shrill voice echoed, shoving Rob to rush toward him.The middle-aged man had brown shoulder-length hair, and he wore an expensive grey suit that fitted his healthy-sized body. His legs were straddled as he sat in a golden wheelchair that was adorned with a large, cust
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9 | Expensive Gucci bag
In a small restaurant near Jack’s new apartment. Alex sat in a peaceful area, far away from the soft music the waitress played. There were only a few patrons in the restaurant, and it was very quiet. With a cup of water placed before Alex, he sipped slowly to bid his time until Jack returned with the apartment key. Without a way to unlock the door or contact Jack, he relied on patience. The rich scent of freshly brewed coffee filled the air as it tickled his senses, but he had no money to afford them. He contented himself with the water he had managed to obtain for free. Amidst the peaceful atmosphere in the restaurant, the door swung open, accompanied by a subtle and luxurious fragrance that enveloped the air. Bella walked in majestically, dressed in an elegant Gucci attire, as her group of female friends followed her closely. They decided to dine at the small restaurant after Bella had deceived them with positive feedback about the restaurant’s food. Deep down, she wanted to avoi
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10 | Fat envelope
The next day, Alex got hired in the same hotel Jack worked at. It was very exhausting as he walked home slowly with Emma after school closing hours. Surprisingly, their apartment’s door was opened ajar and the locks were broken. Alex strode cautiously toward the apartment to see who broke in. To his utmost surprise, he sighted Rex in a golden wheelchair without recognizing him. Meanwhile, Emma adored the golden wheelchair as she gaped at the muscular escorts who stood behind Rex.“Whoa,” Emma mouthed, breaking the silence in the room as it attracted Rex and his escort’s attention.“You came…” Rex muttered, his voice filled with emotions, while Alex became confused and instantly furious. He couldn't understand his emotions himself, but he managed to bring himself to question Rex. “Why did you break the locks and come into our apartment unannounced? Are you all burglars?” Alex questioned, his voice filled with anger.“I was so eager to see you and I could not wait in the car anymore, s
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