Chapter 30 Demion vs Morris (3)

[Void Slash]


A silent wind passed between me and morris. When I lowered the sword [Aurora], there was nothing but empty space between me and morris but I had to face a great difficulty cutting the empty air because I was not only cutting the air but space itself.

There were many conditions which needed to be satisfied to perform this technique and one of them was to have an unbreakable sword. If I had tried to perform this attack with my sword [Punisher] it would have broken halfway through because this 12th sword technique put that much pressure on the user and sword.

There were very few known swords in the dragon realm, which were capable of cutting space without breaking, one of them was [Aurora] in my hand and other was king Azmath's draconic weapon.

Right now what I was using was not a void based ability but a realization of small part of law of void I have gained with the help of Lord Alex and its compatibility with my sword technique.

This ability on top of consuming
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