Chapter 31 The last stand (2)

When my white flames were about to overpower him, he activated his final ability [Inferno Domain] and our surrounding became more hot, my senses alerted me to distance myself from morris and I did so but morris grabbed me, his body pulsing with lava from within, his wound, I could see visible black and red lines of lava, which was enough to melt me in an instance, if touched him and therefore I had to build distance between us as soon as possible.

Not caring about consequences I accumulated the white flames in my mouth and bit the neck of morris in doing so my own mouth was burned and started to melt, my skull and teeth became visible but ignoring the pain I tore a huge chunk of meat from morris neck and morris released me from his grip throwing away from him and crashed on the ground.

My attack just now had not weakened him much because his [Inferno domain] was still active. I had heard about his domain skill but sensing it firsthand, I could say that the rumors were understated.

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