Chapter 33 The Sacrifice

I thought of sealing Demion inside the [Quick seal] for now and work something out with the help of other beasts in next floor but soon an unexpected thing happened.

Demion's body started to swell and turn red; it uncontrollably released white flames and blood started to leak out of Demion's mouth.

Soon an ear piercing roar was heard from Demion's mouth while he was unconscious, his soul slowly fading.

I thought what was happening to him, was it some kind of side effect of using [Soul sacrifice] , but in the past nothing like this has ever happened and he had already paid the price by sacrificing almost 90% of his soul leaving his soul weaker than Dragon kings realm dragons.

But soon my confusion turned into astonishment as I could see that between white flames, there was a faint purple glow.

This idiot was evolving from dragon monarch to pseudo primordial dragon. Once he has evolved his path to become a primordial dragon was paved, no matter how much time it would take.

But he has se
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