The Throne of Sovereignty
The Throne of Sovereignty
Author: DemonkingAK
The Throne of Sovereignty (Different Races introduction)


Just by hearing the name Dragon we imagine a mighty beast capable of flying and tearing the sky with its enormous wings, which doesn't seem to be struggling to carry his heavy weight, which can shake the earth when he walk.

A being who can breathe any element, which he desires from his jaws, which has the potential to annihilate everything that stands in his path not leaving even souls. His hard scale can deflect any attack which dares to come his way and try to harm him. Their bodies evolved to handle their terrifying power which has super regeneration.

To destroy their enemies they have arsenal of abilities which spread death and despair whenever or wherever it is used. Imagine the being this powerful and still evolving with passage of time. That is DRAGONS.

They are the beings closest to becoming gods in a mortal realm with immortal bodies which can only be killed by the strong enough attack to their heart or head.

One of their abilities allowed them to shape shift into human form but even then they are giant with height reaching up to 15 feet with super strength and all their other abilities intact but not as powerful as their True form.

All this power which they gained through evolution, they started considering themselves as gods and ruled the world with absolute authority.

Evolution Stage:

1)  Dragonling

2)  Dragonight

3)  Dragon Lord

4)  Dragon king

5)  Dragon Monarch

6)  Primordial Dragon

7)  Dragon God


A being, which should not have existed in this world. But it is said that every act of creation, starts with destruction.

A wisp of chaotic energy charted throughout the world in search of his purpose in life, but there was nothing he could find which could help him. On his journey, one day he found and devoured a wandering soul which gave him immense pleasure and relieved him from the pain he was suffering from the chaotic energy surrounding him.

After that day he followed that path, becoming stronger and stronger until he would feel satisfied but he never did. And that is how the birth of a new species came to be 'Demons'.

These demons were the most hideous looking creature one could probably imagine and just by standing in their presense, one would conclude that they should not have met this creature in their life.

They looked very different from each other but one thing was common about them, their black bodies always covered in black gas, their bloodthirsty red eyes.

Evolution Stage:

1)  Fiend

2)  True Demon

3)  Arch demon

4)  Demon King

5)  Primordial Demon

6)  Demon God


A being whose origin matches that of a dragon. Nobody could estimate their true potential and that is why they were used as experiments for far longer than any other race. They had infinite potential according to dragons and if given enough time one day they would surpass even dragon race that is what was believed by dragons after doing research on them.

But no matter how much potential they carried in the end they proved to be worthless due to how fragile they were.

But even if they were considered fragile they had many more abilities which were desired by dragon's i.e. faster reproduction, Human Physic and ability to adept in any environment faster than even dragons.

The greed of dragon race to achieve all this abilities drove human race to brink of extinction, but it also helped them awaken their full potential, which posed dragon race a threat never imaginable.

Evolution Stage: (Will be disclosed at the start of Human Arc.)


A beast is a creature born into the world to keep the balance of the world. Each race depends on it in their own way just as they depend on other races for their daily survival.

In order to survive the continuous onslaught of all other races it developed an abnormality later called as Beast-core.

It allowed them to absorb, store and use mana depending on their evolution trait and survive.

Evolution Stage:

1)  D

2)  C

3)  B

4)  A

5)  S

6)  X

7)  Z

(Each rank is accompanied by a suitable title which will be disclosed later in the story.)

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