35: My Love

Jace Robert 


My Love life with Alicia Chevolet is growing rapidly, Imagine Jace Robert having a billionaire girlfriend is something unpredictable, Memories of what happened in the party still remains fresh in my memory. 

I kissed her! 

I fvcking kissed the goddess, Oh my gosh I feel like am in the heavens already, Alicia bought me a new Royce Rolls worth about seven hundred thousand United States Dollars, She is making me feel like a king and I ain't sure I can break up with her. 

Why am I even talking about breaking up? She is an angel and I will never think of breaking up with such beauty, wealthy, Big tits with that nice ass of hers, It remains little before I will fvck the hell out of her and the seal shall be permanent. 

 You know there is something about girls and virginity, When you disvirgin them, That will only make them to love you more and not to hate you, I love Alicia Che

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