36: Chains of Hell

The Underworld 

The Crazy, psychopathic realm filled with the souls of the dead, Grim reapers, Keepers of the underworld, Demons of the underworld.. Knights of the underworld are all doing their seperate duties in tormenting the souls of the dead. 

" Where am I? " Elena asked herself in shock, Standing naked before the multitude of the dead before her, She used her hands to close her ears in other not to hear the screams of the dead as the Grim reapers tormented them. 

" I still don't understand what I am doing here, This is freaking me out " Elena muttered in fear, She tried escape from the place she woke up from, But all to no avail, It's just like she is been trapped in a magical realm where dark barriers surrounds them all. 

" Welcome Elena Dunbar, Welcome to my world " A calm but fearful voice spoke out from the top, Elena looked up to see a black haired man standing before her with smiles, His black wings which is t

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