Chapter 614
Caroline was sent on a mission

"You don't have to hear the entire story though, it sounds so interesting but you can't feel the true horror in it because you're not part of the story, I was part of it, years ago my parents died in a car accident and I was left all alone to the cruel world, I had no one to cater but the orphanage, it was hell down there with the bullies tormenting the weak, I made new friends and got to hear there was another institution outside the place that cater for orphans like us, they can make us powerful to defend ourselves to become rich without having to lean on anyone, her name remains ever green in my head, Caroline, little did we know that she was sent as a spy into the place to recruit depressed people like me, six of us orphans agreed to escape with her and she draft the plan out, the night Came and we found our way out through a secret tunnel that lead into the woods, I was happy, we felt we had gained freedom only to be bundled up by masked men who lead
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