Honor In Vengeance

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Honor In Vengeance

By: Jenika OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Michael had one plan, to save his girlfriend at the mercy of his enemy, he ended up being in jail for three years just for him to return to something atrocious. His lenience is questioned when his girlfriend joined hands with his enemy to mock him, his kindness was taken for weakness Will Michael allow them to go Scot-free, even after ruining him and his career? And what happens when he finds out that his life is filled with mystery and riddles. Each moment unfolds to a new phase of life.


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93 chapters
Chapter 1
The sun rose in the east as usual, it reflected on the buildings and trees, leaving it with a yellow glow effect.Prisoners were chained and tied to one another as they were taken to their place of morning duties. They wore a uniform orange jumpsuit which indicates they are prisoners.While some who didn't have or have completed their morning duties remained in their prisons, locked and secured from the outside world as usual. Among them is the ingenious man who was elated and feeling different from other prisoners or maybe will be wholly different as he will be let out today and won't be addressed as a prisoner again.Earlier this week, man was called out of the blue to meet with the chief executive officer at his office. At first, he was petrified with the thought of adding or sending him to a bigger level of punishment, due to what has happened to other prisoners when they are being called. Little did he know that it was going to be the happiest moment in his life so far.He was to
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Chapter 2
Micheal clenched his first, his jaw clenched, he was furious and was feeling hot out of the news. He wanted to smash something and relay his anger on it.How can Kathie abandon him for that monster, that bastard that was responsible for him being put behind bars for a long time? He was swelled up in anger.He squeezed the glass bottle tightly attempting to smash it with bare hands, Jaden was scared that he would bring people's attention to them.“Where the hell is the wedding taking place?” he finally asked through gritted teeth, his eyes clouded in rage.Jaden cleared his throat, “I think you should calm down Michael, you are getting yourself worked up” Jaden was concerned over his friend's well-being, it was not up to an hour he was released, seeing him devastated was clenching his heart.Micheal smashed his hand on the table, which made a harsh sound and attracted the nearby neighbour's attention. Jaden's heart skipped.“Jaden, Where the hell is the wedding taking place?!” he raise
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Chapter 3
Michael tried to remain calm, given that this hurts like hell, he would want to know why Kathie betrayed him. He was still in shock at how everything was playing, he really wanted someone to tap him or pour him water that it's a dream. He is still in denial.Seeing that Kathie wasn't feeling remorseful over her actions, he is gradually accepting the hurt, the outrage.He looked into her eyes, not flickering.He asked, “Why did you do this, Kath?”“Why the hell did you marry my enemy, Kathie?” Michael asked again.Kathie scoffed, “Why the hell did I marry your enemy?”“Isn't it clear Micheal, you are strapped and a loser!” she jeered, “wait… did you expect me to be with a prisoner, a man who is dragged around and punished by his fellow men, a shillingless man and a worthless one at that, a fucking loser?”She shook her head in disbelief, “In your dreams, Micheal. Not me. I am well-off, and I don't need you in my life, learn that or burn in hell!”Pablo is the young master of the 'smith
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Chapter 4
In the center of a queer situation whereby the Mafia Boss suddenly appeared to be afraid and motionless, Pablo was in a state of extreme anger for that the Mafia Boss was intimidated, in as much as he would want to question what the current atmosphere was about, but he wondered what seemed to be feared in Michael, he doesn't have a dime, so why is the Mafia Boss afraid of him? He questioned himself.Furious that the man wasn't doing what he was called to, “Handle this brat, Peter!”Even whilst raising his voice, Peter (mafia boss) didn't reluctate rather he continued staring at Michael.The ring went extinct and only a few of the legends had it at that time, so how is Michael putting it on?A symbol of respect, authority, and monarchy. And if Michael has one, that also means one thing.Whatever reason that brought him to that place was instantly shoved to the back of his mind as he was flabbergasted.Pablo followed his line of sight and noticed that he was staring at the ring that hun
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Chapter 5
Everything turned out to being sweet to sour in just a few minutes. Pablo was embarrassed on how the mafias walked out on him, and mostly ashamed that he couldn't punish Michael who has been smirking like he won some lottery, hell! He won already.If he knew that it would turn out this way and backfire he would have applied more pressure and the worst of it is that he can't call the police because that is like adding fuel to fire. There is nothing concrete to feed the police. He ran his eyes at the unconscious body of his guards, a bunch of weaklings indeed! They didn't even put in any effort to take Michael down. Jeez, after this, he will definitely sack them all and hire robust ones.Well, Michael had one plan, to destroy the wedding into crumbs and as it is now, it's flaking or rather ruined already. His lips pulled up in the side, his eyes caught her ex, who was gloomy. While staring at her, one of the few things that lingered in her brown eyes is impenitent. She doesn't regret
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Chapter 6
It's about time to show these people how to learn not to mess with him, tamper with him. It's time to be self-centered and let the unforgiving spirit in him poison his soul. On the other hand, he strives to take it slowly due to the people he is acting towards. Mr. Smith and his entire family are unsympathetic and evil, they are neutral about other's feelings when they hurt them, but spending three years in prison Is somewhat the best and worst thing that has ever happened to Michael.Best in the form that he learned how to rip people and take them down without any deep regret.In the worst form, he grasped the betrayal and disloyalty that came with it.He learned all in the hardest way.And these people do not even deserve the tiniest bit of remission. When Michael turned to meet the curious and burning gaze of Mr. Smith, he caught another thing instead.The man standing beside Mr. Smith.He furrowed his brows, Did Pablo and his father call the army for him? They must be joking.S
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Chapter 7
After all the bash, the wedding was finally destroyed. Nothing worked out, everyone was confused and surprised. How they let Michael take control of the wedding like he stood a chance with them, baffled them. They wouldn't hide their confusion because this is Mr. Smith, no other person but the famous rich businessman and his son. Why couldn't they control Michael? They had all the fortune in the world that just in snaps of fingers, people could be killed under their demands, it was obvious in their faces that confusion rules them.A battle of no shooting and much fist fight, standing against someone who was just released from the prison, no one could take him down, they were scared and confused at the same time.Now, the question that lingers in their mind is, ‘who exactly is Michael?’ Even though, it was hard to admit that he won the battle so effortlessly without even doing much, judging with the rank of the people he had on with.“Who is he? They said he was released from the pri
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Chapter 8
Michael was astonished when he looked at the girl. He remembered her as his classmate back in university. She has grown into a beautiful lady, for some minutes he was mesmerized as he stared at her, but something kicked in his mind and he recomposed.The girl was also surprised to see him in the estate, back in school she liked him more like a crush. She searched her brain and realized he must be here to see someone as this is the first time she is seeing him, she guessed.Seeing that the securities were blocking his way, she anchored them to let him in. Since the estate was only made for rich people, not just the rich but rich, important, famous, powerful people, strangers are considered intruders.She said to the security guard, “He came with me.” Michael raised his brow, for the last record, her voice is still the same tiny and sweet voice as it rang loud from her car.The security didn't waste any time opening the gate and made way for him to enter.“Get in my car,” she offered,
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Chapter 9
Shortly after they arrived, Ayla dropped Michael at No. 1 Villa, and they exchanged numbers before leaving.“This place is a luxury Villa, I'm glad you have someone here, so it would be comfortable for you. The place is always quiet, you don't need to worry of any disturbance but if there is,” she assured, “don't forget to give me a call, I will be here in seconds.”Michael flashed her his best smile, “You are too nice.”“Always have been,” her subconscious nibbled at her,‘are you doing this because you like him?' no this is something she can even do for anyone, she didn't even do much, she assured herself. But it was better, she was doing it for Michael.“And yes, before I forget. We are having a classmate party tomorrow, I want to ask if you can come with me tomorrow to the party?” she hoped he wouldn't reject.Michael's smile faded for a second and he had a quick seconds of thought and an examination before giving her an answer. Going out will be fun, and it can help lessen the b
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Chapter 10
“Is he the one?” one of the girls asked.“Omg! He is really poor, look at his dressing and hair” she scoffed and others joined.“Wait, Kat. How did you even consider dating a person like this, I mean I can feel the poverty streaking off him” another girl gave his clothes a quick scrutiny.Kathie didn't bother to stop them from insulting Michael, as a matter of fact she added fuel to the fire.“It was a mistake, do you think I would settle for basic? Girls remember no basic zone”. Michael tightened his fist, deep down what others say about him gives zero damn to him but that particular voice, that just mocked him, it's the same voice that told him ‘I love you’ multiple times in the past. His soul pierced to remember that he as well once relied on the comfort the voice brought him.Truth is that he might have escaped Kathie but that doesn't mean that whenever he sees her, the beautiful memories they shared which are now hurtful and gruesome won't hurt him. If only one could erase some
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