The Wealthiest Heir's Vendetta

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The Wealthiest Heir's Vendetta

By: Rose Linera Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Orphaned and mistreated, Darius West lives a life of relentless struggles until he crosses paths with a tragic beauty. He rescues her, falls deeply in love, and they marry. Yet, her heart remains cold, her affection never kindled. In a moment marred by bitterness and harsh words, Lydia coldly ends their marriage. "Here, take this," she sneers, throwing the divorce papers at him. "I'm done with you, pauper. I never should have married a worthless bastard like you. I regret the day I ever laid eyes on you." Heartbroken yet defiant, he vows, "One day, Lydia, you'll see the value of what you've discarded. And don't expect mercy then." Just as despair seems to have the final say, fate intervenes with an unexpected situation that changes everything—revealing him as the heir to the wealthiest man on the planet. With newfound wealth and power at his fingertips, he embarks on a journey of retribution. "I've been through hell and back," he declares, "but now, I've got the power to turn the tables. I'll make those who mistreated me beg for mercy. It's time for payback, and I'm ready to collect."

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Chapter 0001
1 The night was unusually quiet when Darius felt a weight shift on his bed. He felt a warm and soft body got closed to him, someone was putting down his pajama pants. Darius blinked his eyes open, adjusting to the darkness, only to find a woman moving closer to him. "Lydia? Is it you?" Darius whispered, a mix of surprise and cautious hope lacing his voice. "Shh," she hushed him, with her fingers pressing against his mouth. "Don't talk." A soft grunt escaped from the woman’s mouth, Darius could feel the abnormal smell, she was drunk. But the familiar voice made Darius sighed with relief. With the movements of Lydia, he felt a special emotion. It has been 3 years since they got married, but they were together as more than just strangers under the same roof. Because he was the husband chosen by the grandfather of Lydia, so she didn’t even looked at him properly in the last 3 years! But tonight, finally she came to his room, finished the thing they should have done at the wedd
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Chapter 0002
2 Darius murmured to himself, the words tasting bitter. With a heavy heart and trembling hands, he signed the divorce papers. It felt like signing away a part of his soul.Just as he set the pen down, a sharp ring shattered the silence. Darius walked to the door, his steps heavy, and swung it open.
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Chapter 0003
3 Darius's decision to tear the check into pieces seemed to plunge Lydia into a silent shock. Her frown was more pronounced, her eyebrows coming together as she observed the torn pieces settling on the floor. "Darius, really?" she started, her voice tinged with a cold incredulity, as if she believe
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Chapter 0004
4 Darius was momentarily lost for words, his heart pounding and emotions swirling chaotically. When he finally found his voice, Howard had already seized the initiative, his tone oozing with a crafted innocence and a veneer of kindness. "I was merely concerned and wondered if there was any way I c
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Chapter 0005
5 Darius recoiled as if physically struck, the color draining from his face. His eyes, wide with shock and hurt, searched Lydia's face for a sign, any sign, that she didn't mean what she said. After all, it was she who had offered herself to him last night, without even giving him a choice. How co
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Chapter 0006
6 Lydia's gaze swept over the certificate, her voice cold, devoid of any warmth. "How generous of you, Darius. Donating 'my' money to the orphanage," she stated, her posture rigid, her eyebrow slightly raised. "What a saint you are." Yet, Darius hadn't used Lydia's money at all. Lydia had instruct
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Chapter 0007
7 Leslie's eyes, wide and pleading, locked onto Darius. "You're really leaving, aren't you?" she asked, a note of urgency in her voice. "Please, Darius, you don't have to figure everything out alone. Come with me to the Werner estate. It'll be a fresh start." Darius hesitated, his gaze shifting fr
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Chapter 0008
8 With the voice of Aunt Rana still echoing, the Gate of Werner’s opened, many well-dressed gentlemen and ladies began to pour out with smiles plastered on their faces. But Mr. Sanchez, the owner of Sanchez Industries - the largest conglomerate in Strawberry City, simply walked out with a calm expr
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Chapter 0009
9 Darius laughed nervously. "This must be some kind of joke," he said, his voice tinged with disbelief. He glanced around, half-expecting hidden cameras to reveal a prank show set. "A sick joke." Mr. Sanchez stood up, dusting off his trousers. His face was earnest, his eyes locked onto Darius's wi
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Chapter 0010
10 "I... I must say, this is quite unexpected," Lord Marcel managed, his voice betraying his astonishment. He was visibly trying to piece together the implications of this revelation, his earlier irritation with Leslie momentarily forgotten. Fiona, her hand still covering her mouth, lowered it slo
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