Return of Alex Benjamin the Son in law

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Return of Alex Benjamin the Son in law

By: Jiggy jiggy OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Alex watched as his affluent in-laws and friends deserted him and gave his beautiful wife as a bailout to a rival, all while his father suffered in the hospital bed since the money for his treatment had not been paid. Alex Benjamin, the Smith family's son-in-law who is often overlooked inherited a big sum of money through a government contract against his wife's suitors. As a result, Alex is the newest Whiz to emerge from Rocky City!!!

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    This story is classic and amazing, keep up the good work writer, I need to read more of this

    2023-02-09 16:23:59
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139 chapters
Chapter 1: fall
"This is not my salary; this is not the amount agreed upon; I did not sign up for this filthy amount," Alex Benjamin raged, clutching a few dollars. A fierce-looking lady with a few others wearing construction uniforms with reflective jackets and boots while carrying their helmet in their hands at the Green Network Contractors wage office. They encircled Alex Benjamin and their manager."This is too small, you must pay me in full, including my overtime, and I will give you all the time you need to check…" Alex yelled angrily, drawing everyone's attention."How dare you question my authority?" Serena, the project manager at Green Networks, interrupted Alex with the question. She was stunning, tall, and had well-defined features. She had recently hired Alex based on the recommendations of an old friend."No, but this is half the amount I'm supposed to be paid; there must be a mistake somewhere," Alex replied politely as she turned away from the document she was scrolling through and fac
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Chapter 2: worsening situation
"How is my father currently?" Alex inquired about the health of his father.The sound of the emergency room door "scrrrr" drew Mary's attention. The doctor's gaze met her own. She recognized him and immediately rushed up to him. Alex, who was following up, came to a halt as he observed his father from a distance. He was wearing an oxygen respirator and lay motionless. He rushed over to Mary and the doctor. "Good day, sir. Could you please tell me how you are related to the patient?" The doctor inquired. "He is my father, my last living relative. " Alex answered. "I discovered a metastatic cancer. This is a stage 4 cancer that must be treated right away. I recommend that you make payment to the account department as soon as possible so that we can commence the surgery." The doctor addressed Alex and Mary. "How much will the operation cost?" Alex enquired of the doctor, eager to hear what he had to say. "The surgery will cost $300,000, while chemotherapy will cost $100,000 to $450
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Chapter 3: Humiliation
When Alex heard Georgia Smith's words, his heart tightened. "What? Is it possible that Mary had cheated on him?" Mary denies it right away. "Mom, I only agreed to let James take me out to discuss the sale of my restaurant, but it turned out that he wanted to help Samantha with her medical bills. Because it was dark, he insisted on sending me home. It isn't what you think.""Daniel James is Arcanehouse's heir. Marrying him would be the best thing that could have happened to you." Georgia stated flatly."I'm not going to divorce Alex." Alex couldn't take it any longer and confronted them. Georgia Smith desperately wanted to kick him out, but he wouldn't let her.Mary scowled. "Listen to me, Mom. Yes, I love Alex, but if I divorce him during these difficult times, I will be a laughingstock." Mary stated."It's nothing in comparison to your long-term happiness." Georgia said coldly."I'm not divorcing Alex!" Mary maintained her position.When Alex heard this, he was touched. He pushed t
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Chapter 4: Mike
As Alex stepped out of the Smith Villa and walked to his bike, a Bugatti Chiron passed by, capturing his attention for the moment. His gaze was drawn to a former classmate. He immediately yells Alex's name. It was Mike, Alex's college friend who had dropped out for financial reasons but is now a don. Alex was ecstatic to see him. Mike parked his Buggati and dashed over to Alex."Are you the same Alex?" Mike asked, a big grin on his face and an open arm to hug Alex, his college buddy."You've always been a clown," Alex chuckled, "How are you, Mike."Mike inquired as to where Alex parked his own car after seeing him emerge from such a massive mansion. Mike reasoned that Alex must be wealthier than him. Alex laughed and led him to his old and rickety bike, which he had parked."This is what I ride," Alex said, his face uninterested. This astounded Mike and prompted him to inquire further."When I saw you coming out of the Villa, I assumed it was the intelligent Alex Benjamin I knew in co
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Chapter 5: Pain
"Gentlemen," Mike said, pulling out their glasses. "From now until the end of this mission. You will be working with Alex Benjamin. This mission is to secure the Rocky City Housing Project. This is Alex Benjamin, he will be your new boss. In descending order, you may introduce yourself to him." Mike spoke while Alex was stunned by what was happening. "My name is Lincoln Kelly and I work as an urban designer." The first man in the black suit on the left said to Alex, but before he could finish, Mike cut him off. "Kelly has been named Europe's top urban designer for the past decade. He will report directly to you." Mike said. "Yes, sir. You can call me Kelly, sir." Kelly spoke to Alex as he took a step back. The next person took a step forward. "Adrew Watts is a recent architecture graduate with honors from Rocky City State University. He broke the school record by receiving nine of the ten available awards." Mike spoke before Adrew began. "I'm an architect specializing in green d
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Chapter 6: Fear and Disguise
"Old age was the main cause of my father-in-law's death. Please don't be too angry, as it is finally time for him to rest in peace." As Mary said these words, her voice took on a melancholy tone. "Just before he died, he asked me to give you his message that you should never stop believing in yourself."She finally to let out a long, satisfied sigh after learning that Alex had been awarded the contract. "Despite the fact that this is a big victory for you, I require that you keep this information as private as possible. Everyone who has ever underrated you should be shocked when they find out." Alex's heart was flooded with a variety of emotions as he listened to his wife talk."In preparing for Dad's funeral, Mike was a great help, and he even helped you put on a black mourning dress. Despite his serious demeanor, I believe he is a good person who sincerely cares about our well-being since I met him. Alex and Mary concluded when their father-in-law's funeral will be held."The minis
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Chapter 7: The Contract Ceremony
As part of the effort to catch up with the preparations and in honor of Alex, the Rocky City Urban housing agency hosted a dinner ceremony tonight in his honor. Alex called Mary to let her know the exciting news that he had just received.After a short while, the call was finally connected, and a voice that sounded like Mary could be heard."Honey, I'm going to the Smiths Villa; would it be possible for you to pick me up when I get there?" The request was made by Mary to Alex."Would you rather I start out by telling you the good news or the bad news?" Alex exclaimed while erupting into a hearty laugh."Of course, this is the good news, honey. The total value of the contract is now double the amount that was initially budgeted for it. It's hard for me to fathom the possibility that I'd be in charge of billions of dollars." Alex whispered what he had to say."You deserve everything you received darling. Being sad is a waste of time right now. Is that the unfortunate report? "Mary went
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Chapter 8: Henry's fall
Lincoln Kelly, Alex's most trusted employee, had planned everything for the dinner ahead of time, even the speech he was going to give. The entire staff greeted him with a standing ovation as he walked through the door to show their appreciation.Alex glanced across the room and found the Smith family sitting in the front row with Daniel.The anchor cheerfully greeted the mayor of Rocky City. "It gives me great pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, to introduce you to the Mayor of Rocky City!" The Mayor of Rocky City is known as an enthusiastic and charismatic leader who has helped the city achieve its reputation. "We are gathered here to honor an outstanding group for their important contributions to the growth of Rocky City. It is impossible to overstate their contributions. I'd like to wish you and Rocky City all the blessings God has in store for you. In a loud voice, the mayor expressed his joy."Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to welcome the Lioness Arts to the stage." Everyon
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Chapter 9: humiliation and restoration
As soon as it was announced, word quickly went throughout the city that the Lioness Arts Group had decided not to hire the Bull Intelligence. This information immediately traveled throughout the dinner. Everyone agrees that someone must have done something to irritate the Lioness Arts Group; Whoever is in charge of maintaining that relationship is not hiding the reality from anyone. As Alex approached the table where he and his in-laws sat, he began by notifying them of the latest development. The grandfather of his bride was the first to offer some insight. He addressed Alex with a pompous tone, asking, "What brings you here, Alex?" Alex paused for a moment to collect himself before continuing, saying, "I wanted to share the fantastic news with the family once more. I recently learnt that I will be the one to carry out the multimillion-dollar Housing contract. The milk and honey will still flow in the Smith's family." There was an awkward pause during which no one talked. Everyon
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Chapter 10: Disbelief
Alex woke up from his dream, kissed his beloved wife on the pillow, and got ready for work. "I love you." He said to her, Mary murmured as an answer. Alex could not help but feel a special feeling inside him. So long he had longed for this peaceful and happy life. "I..." The moment he was ready to say something, his phone rang, interrupting him. A voice that was both clear and pleasant could be heard coming from the phone. "Good morning, boss, where are you?" As soon as he heard it, Alex immediately identified Kelly's voice as the one speaking. "You mentioned that you might be interested in paying me a visit today. I'll provide you a location update shortly. If I see that you are quite busy right now, I promise I won't bother you." Kelly added. "Alright. Please send me your current location." Alex terminated the call by hanging up. "What's the matter? Is there a pressing need for that?" Mary asked. "Yeah, an employee of my team needs me now. Honey, I'm sorry but I can't be
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