The Chaotic Heir's Revenge

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The Chaotic Heir's Revenge

By: Arxwen Pshma CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Clayton lost his memory and ended up married to a woman from the Astor family. When the death of the head of the Astor family just occurred, he has been pressured to divorce. At that time he also learned about his true identity, he came from an extraordinary family. However, who is the enemy that has made Clayton lose his memory?

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218 chapters
Chapter 1
The Astor family mansion was filled with people dressed all in black as if to show their sorrow for the passing of Daniel-the head of the Astor family who had just passed away due to illness. The atmosphere of sadness is extreme in the luxurious house until the arrival of a manmade one. The eyes of the guests and the Astor family focused on him.The man looked sad, his face showing a deep sense of loss. Unfortunately, when his steps had just reached the entrance. A man in a black suit with a firm jaw stared at him sharply, he stood in the way so the other man could not enter."What did you come here for? Isn't your presence not expected, Clayton?" the man asked the modest figure in front of him."I wanted to participate in this funeral, after all, Mr. Daniel is my grandfather-in-law," he said, glaring back."How dare you say that! You were never considered in this family! Not even once, even though you were married to Ahren. In fact, your marriage is not even approved by this family."
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Chapter 2
"Everyone has already explained it. Is it not enough to understand? Why are you still here, useless man?" Ella's gaze was intense. Her voice was so loud that the veins on her neck stood out."Mom, didn't I say that already? I just want to-""Want what? You want to humiliate my family even worse? Your presence here will only make things worse. You are indeed a stone person who always makes me angry. God, my head hurts because of you!" Ella massaged her forehead, which was throbbing with pain. Her anger had risen to the top of her head because she was sick of Clayton.The chaos that ensued made Ahren come over. She had just finished entertaining the guests. Ahren was Daniel's granddaughter, who was married to Clayton. Their marriage was met with much resistance, but Daniel trusted Clayton to look after his granddaughter. "What's going on?" asked Ahren, who now saw where Clayton was.Ahren knew her family couldn't accept her husband, even though Clayton had never hurt them. However, Cla
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Chapter 3
A middle-aged man exited the car, now in front of Clayton. Still, in a restrained position, Clayton could only watch as the man walked over. Suddenly, two other people were helping Clayton break free. I don't know how long ago the bodies of the two people holding him were lying on the ground."Please come in, sir." The man invited Clayton to get into the car.Clayton, confused and astonished by the man who treated him so politely, could only stand still on the spot. He noticed the man in front of him did not look like an ordinary man.The man in front of him again raised his hand politely. "Come, sir. Please come in. I will escort you."Clayton's brow furrowed, still confused because he was worried that the man in front of him was up to no good. But seeing the man's attitude made him dismiss any evil thoughts. Clayton finally decided to get into the car. The man got in too, and the car drove away.Clayton looked out the window. He frowned as the car drove off in a different direction
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Chapter 4
This time, the friendliness made Clayton behave more politely and not say rude things to him. In fact, Otto's attitude showed that his work was so great that he could command the people around him.He must be an essential person or the leader of a group? Conjecture after conjecture popped into Clayton' head."Mr. Clayton, I am Otto, servant of the Arnould Family," Otto said to Clayton, now tilting his head in confusion."Servant? Ar-nould Family?" asked Clayton, repeating Otto's words.Otto smiled in response to Clayton' question before answering. There was a sense of longing that Otto wanted to shed, but not for now. He had to explain to his memory-impaired master about who he was."That's right, the Arnoulds are the richest family. The family lost its sole heir who was rumored to have had an accident and lost his memory. Mr. Sawyer-your father-knows that this was all planned by someone. He wanted you to die in the accident, but you did not. Mr. Sawyer has learned that you were saved
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Chapter 5
Otto smiled at Clayton while bowing his head respectfully. "Everything you need and whatever you order, I will fulfill immediately because you are my master."Clayton bowed his head. This still needed to be clarified to him. He stared fixedly at Otto's face. "I'm still uncomfortable."Otto nodded his head with a faint smile. "I can understand that, sir."Clayton was silent. He was in a state of indecision. He didn't understand what Otto was saying but tried to remain calm. "Can I go home now?"Otto nodded his head. "Yes, sir. I will take you home." He raised his right hand, inviting Clayton into the car.Clayton got into the car, followed by Otto. The vehicle drove towards Ahren's house. Even so, Clayton was still confused about what had happened to him earlier. The car he was riding in began to enter the residential complex where he lived.Clayton realized that he was driving a luxury car. He thought about what if someone saw him getting out of a car this nice. It would definitely be
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Chapter 6
Clayton, who didn't understand Otto's words, could only nod in agreement with Otto's terms so that he could also know the truth about what had happened to him all this time. Who he really was, and why he had lost his memory.The vehicle continued to drive until it finally stopped in front of a tall, luxurious building that was the continent's bank. They got out of the car and entered the bank. Clayton' arrival, together with Otto, made him welcome. Everyone in the bank seemed to bow their heads respectfully to Otto, even though the people there felt strange about Clayton."Good morning, sir." Several bank officers saluted Otto.Everyone there noticed Clayton' appearance, who was wearing simple clothes and looked shabby. They all knew expensive and luxurious items, but none of them Clayton was wearing. But what surprised them was that Clayton came together with Otto. They all thought that Clayton was his servant.The employee invited Otto to continue walking into a room until Otto fina
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Chapter 7
Chris laughed at that. He raised both hands as he glanced around. "Who knew you wouldn't do that? You're poor, right? Your mind could be rotten. Still, we here should be wary of you."Clayton looked at Chris with his lips trembling with anger. He pointed his index finger in Chris' face. "I'm not like that!""He's right. What are you here for anyway if not to steal or rob a bank?" The bank customers, wary of Clayton, grew suspicious. Assuming Chris's words were true."Yeah, how can a bank this nice let someone like you in? Is the Security here not good enough? Where's the Security?" The shaggy-haired man with a bit of grey hair on the top of his head looked around for the whereabouts of the security guards.Clayton stared coldly at them. "I have an interest here. And you ...." He turned his gaze to Chris. "Better think of yourself. Didn't your stock crash yesterday and suffer many thousands of dollars in losses? Just mind your own business."Chris's eyes widened. He became annoyed. "Da
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Chapter 8
Chris pointed his index finger at Clayton with a glare in his eyes. "He started the fight first!" Chris turned the story around."You wanted to hit me first!" Clayton replied to Chris in a voice so high that it echoed.Chris laughed, then looked around at everyone as he raised his hands. "Just ask them, who here started first? Anyway, I've asked you to leave nicely since you disturb the peace here. Right?" He tried to appeal to the defense of the bank visitors, who were bothered by Clayton' presence.That made them all nod their heads, confirming Chris' words. They all pointed at Clayton. "He started the fight. That guy was just defending himself!" they said to Chris, defending him as innocent.Clayton was wide-eyed. Chris had really gone too far in leading them to accuse him. "He started the fight. You guys saw it yourselves."They looked at Clayton with cynical eyes. "That's it, just kick him out of here. We're annoyed with him. How did a thief get into the bank? Are you guys not gu
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Chapter 9
Chris looked back at Clayton while examining Clayton' appearance and laughed. "There's no way Clayton is a customer here. He doesn't even have cash. I know him very well. He's a poor man."The bank president shook his head, defending Clayton. "That's impossible. Mr. Clayton is a VVIP customer at this continental bank."Chris laughed, then stifled it. "Sir, did you not see how he looked? How can a hobo-looking man like this be a VVIP customer?"The other customer nodded his head. "Yes, that's right. He doesn't look like a VVIP customer. It's only natural that we were suspicious of him and thought he was a thief. Besides, there's no evidence proving he's a VVIP customer." They agreed with Chris' words.Chris smiled slightly at the people defending him. He chuckled and shook his head. "Maybe you have the wrong people. I know this poor man very well. He can't possibly have the money to save in a fancy bank like this continental bank."The bank president was annoyed at Chris's words. Espec
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Chapter 10
his was the first time Clayton had been treated so well. He was surprised by that, the doctors here handled him with a good attitude. He exhaled after all the examinations done on him were completed. "Will there be more to check, Otto?" He looked at Otto, who was beside him. "Nothing, Master. You just need to wait for the results and get treatment afterward." Clayton nodded his head, he would have believed it if he came from the wealthy Arnould family. A doctor soon approached them, he carried many reports in his hands, and a friendly smile was evident. "Sir Otto, we have completed the examination and only need to administer more tests. For now, we will give Sir Clayton medicine to help him recover faster." Clayton nodded his head. The examination business was over, he went out for a walk in the hospital while Otto was busy taking care of many matters related to Clayton. He didn't realize until he was on the ground floor that someone was holding Clayton's shoulder. When h
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