The great orc king

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The great orc king

By: RaygonWolf OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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This is the story of a young orc that wish to follow in his mothers footsteps. When he was very young he heard stories of great battles and great Warbeast, he began to be inspired by these stories and had a fire light in his eyes. This is the journey of Rogan the Orc and his grueling adventure to discover what he really wants, he will face deadly beast lose great comrades, but if this cold stop him then he'd have no right to be a orc king, he may face adversity but he will battle through blood and bones and will eventually be THE KING OF ORCS. NO ONE WILL STOP HIM HE WILL BE KING.


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I will join the hunt
It was early morning I had just woken up it was a bright morning and the sun light had pierced through the holes in the roof. Leaping off my bed I flingwhat once covered me, it was some kind of creatures lushes black fur. The fur that previously covered me now layed on the floor as it always did wheneverI woke.     As I got off my bed I strolled towards a large bucket. OUCH. A large wooden splinter sliced into my finger causing the blood to drip into what remained of the water below.    As I looked at the water I could see a distorted image of myself, I had dark black braided hair which went just past my sholders and I was rather bulky with a slightly above average appearance although I still had a little bit of my baby fat on my face. There were also small cracks of red around my body that occasionally sputtered flames. I had been told that I inherited it from my mothers side of the family not that I ever asked much about it.
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Strange encounter
Once me and my friends finished talking we started walking back to the orc tribe, the strange thing was that the camp was a lot more chaotic with loud chattering that  normally didnt echo throughout such a small village. I then heard the village chiefs docile voice and began to speed up trying to see what was going on, the chief wasn't very influential to the stronger orcs only having power with the weaker ones. When I managed to gradually push through I saw an enormous warg nearly twice the size of a  normal one, most wargs were between 2 - 2.5 M long and  1 - 1.5 M high. The black mane of the warg showed it wasn't your normal warg as only 2nd order warg had black, red and white manes, where as most were grays and browns or a mix of both.When I got closer to the centre of the crowd I saw almost 200 warg riders, with over 10 on 2nd order wargs. This group of riders looked to be in a greater horde, normally in this area you wouldn't find a horde of
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The journey to training
After all of the things that went on during the morning I was ecstatic at finally being able to do some training. Orcs under the age of 13 couldnt leave there tribes unless under certain situations, this was due to the need to learn to fight with different weapons and understand how to hunt warbeast or tame certain ones. The problem is that most orcs never payed much  attention during training, only coming to training to bash some faces in.As I walked to the training room I met up with Arg and Nork, we began to stroll towards the training area for some combat training. When something unexpected happened. BANG. Nork had slammed to the groud. He was then spat on by the despicable orc that tripped him up and pushed him, causing him to fall face first. When I turned around I saw an orc 6ft tall laughing with 3 other orc alongside him, this orc was Gunug who enjoyed bullying gray orcs for being weaker than most orcs. When I saw my frien
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Hells training
As the door to the training rooms opened an orc around 25 years old came walking out, this orc had a stern face and a scar which went from the left side of his face al the way to the right lower side. The orc stood in place for a few seconds as all of the unblooded orcs walked into the training room, then with a stern and deep voice he let out an intimating aura that brought most of us to are knees.This orc was over 7ft tall and had a murderous aura around him that would bring a chill to the bone. He spoke and said with a booming voice, my name is Kogan and I will be going through the training you wimps will be going through. As he spoke he went straight to the point and grabbed a random orc, he then went over to what looked to be a metal tree trunk. Once he got to this tree trunk like object he stood before the small orc and told the orc to start hiting the metal trunk with his fists continously until instructor Kogan told him otherwise, the orc looked at the instruct which
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The progress of training
After 4 days of continuous training we were informed that there would be sparing matches with other orc to put to practice what we learned, almost all the orc were craving a fight after not being able to for the past few trying sessions, I was no exception.While I walked towards towards the training area I saw an orc that I did not want to see, it was Grah the warrior I saw before. When he saw me he began to walk towards me having a devilish grin on his face that couldn't be hidden.As soon as I saw him I froze for a second and started to walk in the other direct slowly speeding up. Once I thought I was far enough away I turned around one of the tents that were set up around the tribe camp and sprinted for it, not far behind Grah followed.I sprinted as if my life depended on it, twisting turning, doing anything could to get him off my back. The camp wasn't incredibly big, it had a 10 foot wooden wall that had small watch towers around it but nothi
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The start of the tournament
BANG! BANG! BANG!The drums were in the background as the orc audience stomped there feet, the tournament has begun!The loud drums stopped, me and Gunug charged forward, gunug was a much bigger orc than me so his weight gave him an advantage. I had to think of a way to take him to the ground so I could get the advantage on him. As I was think of a way to get the advantage Gunug charged at me with a feral fury, probably due to what I had done to him before with the surprise attack.As Gunag neared me I tried to avoid his punches and get a few in myself, as I was about to dodge another punch to my face another one hit me right in the stomach making me winded. I tried to recover as fast as possible but I was a little too late, he swung for my face, I managed to slam my head into it to get some damage back on him but my head was still bleeding. As I looked up with blurry vision I could see that I also managed to break a finger on Gunugs hand.After the short
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Mysterious figure
The tournament continued as normal, there weren't any more serious injuries that occurred after Args. It was rather boring after the first few matches, I didn't face any difficulties in my matches and ended up only making one mistake during my third match due to me being clouded by my rage from what happened to Arg.Args POVAfter what happened to him Arg couldn't stand watching the other orcs battling and experiencing the thrill of battle while he's hobbling around. As Arg walked off to his old training space which he used to hide his fight training from his father, he saw a black outline a small distance away from where he was. Arg began to hobble towards the black outline as it disappeared into some bushes nearby. As Arg began to approach this black outline he noticed what it was but it was too late, due to his weak footing he fell yelling, its a sha.... but it was too late.Rogans POVRogan had finally finished his third match, he had a gash on his ar
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Tournament schemes
Rogan finally woke up after getting splashed on his face, it was freezing cold water which slowly dripped down his face. As he opened his eye he saw a familiar face, it was Gunug and alongside him was Ruk and Gunug with his grunts. As Rogan was about to speak he realised he was unable to due to having some cloth which covered his mouth. As Rogan struggled to break free he was finally stopped by Grah, who punched Rogan in the stomach winding Rogan and preventing him from struggling any further, due to the pain he felt and not seeing a reason to struggle further with all these stronger orcs that surrounded him. Someone eventually spoke, it was Ruk surprisingly. This was surprising due to me expecting Gunug to be the ring leader especially with Ruks lack of intelligence. As I expected my guess was correct it was just that Ruk was dumb enough to speak in front of me spilling what they were planning.  Ruk then spoke sayi
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Before the hunt
Once Rogan escaped he managed to push himself to get to Norks house, crawling through his window. Rogan had managed to stop most of the bleeding from coming out when he left the warbeast butchering place but the wounds opened up more once he moved closer to Norks house, causing blood to go everywhere as he approached the window of Norks house.After an hour of lying in his own blood a figure started to appear close to the window, Rogan went to grab something to defend himself but had no strength to move and barely managed to move a foot from where he originally was. Slowly the figure peered around the corner, Rogan prepared for the worst. Then the figure finally came around the corner, Rogan realised who it was and signed in relief, Nork on the other hand had a different expression on his face when he came around the corner. Nork began to enter his room with a mix of emotions, anger, worry and frustration, his friend looked horrible and he wasn't there to help him.Nor
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The journey to the hunt
It was early morning the sun had just shone through Norks window hitting Rogans face waking him up from his slumber. Rogan began to sit up as the blinding light hit his face causing a slight daze, he finally had a proper night's sleep after all that torture. Finally siting up he sees Nork but for some reason he's not got any survival equipment or weaponry for the hunt.  As Rogan sits up Nork notices this and begins to speak, morning got all the equipment you should need over there for the hunt Rogan, good luck today. This confused Rogan as Nork was speaking as if he wasn't joining the hunt. Rogan finally asked what he was wondering, Nork are you not joining the hunt, you've always looked forward to joining a orc Horde.  As we began to talk Nork finally tells me whats going on, he made a deal with the shaman which meant that he had to become the shamans apprentice. This meant that his Gre Gar Hunt wouldn't happe
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