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Transmigration!!!! Yeah,that's it. Jasmine woke up and found herself in a world. What world? a world that was the exact same as the one in her favourite novel. But something didn't seem right. You want to know what didn't seem right? She got into her favourite novel but it was the olden days era. Ah!the olden era and she was actually playing the role of a girl who was hated by someone she loves. You know, Jasmine's crush was the ML of the novel. And then she getting into the novel and playing the role of enemy is.... Again,she woke up and found herself in a hospital bed. And this time it was the actual novel. Isn't that a bliss? She was her playing her own damn role. Intriguing right? A secret!What's it? A change again occurred in the novel. The novel she read was a contemporary romance but this time it turned to Fantasy. The novel turned to a book that the ML and other characters were not humans but something else...... Something mysterious, something gruesome

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"Lo and behold! I truly want to hug Lu Feng. She actually put those nasty bitches to their places. How could Han xiao betray her own bestie,thank God my besties ain't bad like her",said a young lady who is laying on her bed and reading a novel.One thing Jasmine loves doing is reading novels. Chinese novels to be precised. To her,there were lots of dramas in those kind of novels and it's better to read such. "The dramas in Chinese novels was better than those in movies", She would say. You can relate with those in novels cause the stories will be portrayed well and then you can imagine the scenes well in your head."The ones in movies were yuck! Sometimes the story lines doesn't make sense." Well that's to her though,others didnot think like that.She would say, "I hate movies watching,reading novel is a bliss".And again our Jasmine has this guy she's crushing on. Damn it! he's hot,sexy, handsome, smoking hot. He's beauty is one in a million. He's rich. He has a multimillion mansion
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"I'm so sorry you had to hear that", muttered Jasmine to Florida. It skipped her mind earlier when she said that in front of Rida. She knew she shouldn't even had said that. Drew would be so hurt,sad and devastated by now. He trusted her with his secret and she couldn't even keep it. Such a bad best friend she is."It's fine Jas." Florida said and then tears streamed down her face"It's fine,Rida. Everything will be fine and I'm so sorry", Jasmine said while hugging the crying Florida. It wasn't a new thing cause almost everyone knew Rida likes Drew but Drew,maybe he's blind or just decided to be behave oblivion. They all grew up together and knowing each others secret wasn't new but Drew's secret;he told only Jasmine. She has always been his confidant. The only one he could tell a big secret to."Who's she?" Florida asked.""Who's who?" mumbled Jasmine"The one Drew's crushing on.""I can't say her name Rida, I can't and I'm sorry!" said JasmineFlorida smiled and stood up and walked
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"Am i in Space?I'm floating!what's this?Why's everywhere dark!" Jasmine muttered to herself. It seems as if there is a void that has to be filled.*Bam*, she fell on a soft bed and slept drifted into deep slumber.Soldiers guarding the door of where Jasmine resides and maids busy doing stuffs hurriedly,its like something is going to happen."What?""Don't ask me!I'm just as clueless as you are!" narrator(i) said. "Let me continue please,no disturbance".Some cleaning windows and floors,some filling the drums with water,some making spectacular dishes. In the wide field,I did call it compound tho but it's a field,decorations of all kinds,red carpets and red designs of things filled there. Arrangement of chairs,tables with instruments filled the large compound. Such a wide field. "Seems like a wedding."Who knows?!Yawning and stretching her slim body,Jasmine got down from the bed and moved to the door still drowsy."Stop!you can't go out of this room",one of the guards said.She rubbed h
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"How sad! I wasn't suppose to play the role of Mina at all. Like damn!I'm in a novel and I'm suppose to play myself written note. Just me being myself and not playing Mina's role. Fu Cheng never spared Mina a glance at all. So what will I do?if I were playing my Jasmine self,I could at least try somethings but....and this olden days era isn't even in the story. The storyline is still the same except this era and me playing Mina's role." Jasmine muttered to herself and sighed.The wedding ceremony finally began as the people with great status merged into the wide decorated field. But Jasmine doesn't give two fucks about them. Fu Cheng,was who she was waiting for. She though stared at all of them and laughed. They were all fictional characters and now she's one of them. We can't recognize any of the people that came in cause,the way she imagined every character defers from the way they appeared. Lian's mother,Jia was damn beautiful. Fine,she imagined someone pretty but the way she came
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"Excuse me,Mr. Fen Shang but I'm here to train and not to chit chat. I don't know you so don't talk to me",I said to him with arrogance. He has always been a pain in the ass. Mina suffered in his hands. I thought that he liked her but nope,he didn't. He knew she liked Cheng and we'll wanted her to be with him but Fu Cheng never gave her a chance nor a glance. I don't want him to stress me at all.Fen Shang looked at the little girl that stood in front of him and laughed at her statement, "she didn't know him?what?" he thought. "Min'er I wonder what side of the bed you woke on. you don't know me? but you know Fu Cheng",Shang said.Jasmine narrowed her eyes at him,this dude will always be a pain in the ass. "Fu Cheng? ha!who doesn't know the commander hmm?Shang",I questioned him."Shang?it's brother Shang baby girl,let's train. Cheng will turn you into a great warrior".Fen Shang took Jasmine/Min's hand and dragged her to where Fu Cheng was."Cheng,our little Min is here",Shang said. Ch
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"Brother Shang", Jasmine/Min called. Looking at Cheng,she bowed a bit at him and called, "Commander Fu."Fen Shang stared at this little pub of theirs and thought she was going to call Cheng by his name now as they were out of the training centre. He wonders whether she was over his friend or not cause their is an hundred percent probability that she isn't. Maybe she's trying to because Cheng doesn't like her and he won't.But he might though,hatred to love---how wonderful that is,hehehe. "Min,how delightful to see you here. What's our little princess doing here and what have you even gotten so far",Shang asked and mover closer to check what she had bought.Jasmine just laughed a little bit as Shang kept sticking his face into her little bag. She looked at Cheng and saw he was staring at her intensely. He always did tho. It was as if he had something to confirm from her."Fen Shang",Cheng called and it was actually the first time he spoke since they moved closer to Min. His deep,husky
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Lian couldn't believe what her sister just sputtered. She was damn angry at her. How dare she ultra such words in her presence. Both of them had never and will never be in good terms."Min",she called in anger. "How dare you?""Insolence." Emperor Luhan said. "How audacious for this little brats of his to behave like this during dinner. They both weren't kids at all and though the ain't in good terms,they never fought in his presence.""Father,when I told you not to spoil this daughter of yours,you didn't listen. Look at her,speaking about her brother-in-law in a nasty manner"Iian complained to the Emperor.Shen,on the other hand just held his darling wife's hand to calm her from exploding. He knew the brat of the family doesn't like him but he doesn't care at all. Her hatred for him was just that her sister didn't choose Cheng but chose him. What every one does not know is that,our dear Jasmine,was actually happy that Lian didn't like Cheng. What would have happened if she did and th
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Min's grandma hit her with a book. A very big book to be precise. It was a book where the duties and roles with the characters that should be portrayed of young mistresses were written. It's a book passed from generations to generations. Her grandmother,the Emperor's mother brought the book along with her today to read it to her granddaughter again and again. And it highly seems like she would have to read every pages in the book. When she,she was growing up,she learnt every page of that book. The book name is, "Gongzhu Shū".Bammm!!Jasmine jolted up immediately and was damn furious after seeing it was that old hag that hit her with such book. She screamed at the woman. And stood up to face her head to head. The old woman didn't back down either.Her noise made her mom rushed into the room with the Emperor and others. Her feets were rooted on the ground when she saw the sight in front of her. Her daughter looking at Emperor's mother in the eyes.Jasmine didn't back down because she f
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Shang bursted into laughter when he heard of the news. His parents were so happy. He is the second commander and now will marry the the princess,isn't that a wonderful thing.Princess Min isn't even his type and she likes his friend and he wants them to be together. Someone even caught his interest. Ah!that pretty little damsel that's always shy around him. He's wondering what she's even doing there. But it's good though,she near him.Jasmine walked into the training centre and Shang sighted and walked up to her. "Hey my soon-to-be-wife,how you doing?" Fen Shang said with a smirk.Jasmine looked at Shang and just shakes her head. "Boo,my soon-to-be-husband,I'm doing well",she replied with the same playful smirk he gave to her."What's Boo?" Shang asked. The word sounded so unfamiliar."Dont bother knowing it's meaning,my love", Jasmine said."Is it something bad?"Shang asked and glared a bit at her."Nope,it's a word lovers uses", muttered Jasmine."Hehe,so we are lovers?hmm?""Yup,lo
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Fu Cheng stared at the back of the little girl running away from him after she said those words. A dangerous chuckle came out of his mouth. "How dare she?how dare she say she wants him after what she did?after causing him pain for years?.He raked his hair with his fingers and went away.Jasmine smiled at her little achievement. She finally told him she wanted him so he should be get ready to be chased. She doesn't even give a fuck about how he thinks of her cause soon he will know she's not the cause of his pain and he would surely accept her.Days passed by and the talk of Min marrying Shang was off because her father totally disagreed. She knew he was going to though so she didn't even bother to stress herself. She had been ignoring Cheng since the day she said those words. She doesn't want to seem desperate or eager.A night came and after having dinner,Jasmine went into her bedroom to sleep. The day's training made her exhausted and her bones felt so stiff because of the combat t
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