The Great Jewel

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The Great Jewel

By: Kurt Dp. OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"Those who dream shall be rewarded! Find the jewel, claim it as yours and receive all the glory and power you have ever dreamed of!" The words from a pirate who was executed because of his knowledge about a certain treasure. A treasure that grants the one who finds it the ultimate power, it is The Great Jewell. A 18 year old boy, will try his luck on finding the treasure and set to sea in an effort to also find his pirate father. And see for himself on why did his father chose piracy over him. The Jack of the Seas will now emerge!

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A world of piracy is also where a world of lies resides. Fathers leaving their children just to pursue some stupid dream of being a pirate, what the hell is that for? Thomas, an 18-year-old boy, son of a great pirate who is Edward "The Terror" Jack. He is now sitting on top of the roof of the fish shop he works in. He has been working as this shop's fisherman for 8 years now since he was 10. He lived alone for the past 17 years of his life. Since his father chose piracy over him, and he never really got to meet his mother, Thomas was basically orphaned at the age of 1 with no one to take care of him. The townsfolk of this small port town took pity of him, and they helped them as he was a kid. As he grows up, he started to know what he needs to do, and then, at the age of 10, he went to work as a fisherman. Because for some reason, being out in the sea is one of the most relaxing moments for him. When he is out there at the great blue, he always asks himself. What is so great about pir
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"Sorry, son. But Dad has got to go. Be strong and brave, I love you." Says this man as he then boarded a boat and left this little child alone.For some reason, Thomas can still remember what happened that day clearly. And it pisses him off, especially when his father dared to say that he loves him after what he's done. His father is a menace, a no-good piece of shit. As he was continuously cursing his father, Thomas hit his head on a plank and that woke him up. Thomas shook his head as he looked around him. He is now in a small prison cell and is tied up in a rope. The place was all wobbly and felt like riding waves. And that was enough for Thomas to determine that he has been kidnapped by these pirates and he was knocked out when he tried to resist. Normal people would lose hope and just accept their fate, but not Thomas. He is still confident that he would get out of the grasps of these nasty pirates and will go home. But first, he needs to get out of here and get onto shore. While
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This man with blond hair then brought Thomas back into his inn that he was staying in. And in that room, it was if Thomas is being interrogated because of a crime he did."First things first, are you really the son of The Terror?" asked the man.As much as he hates it, Thomas nodded. The man is sensing that Thomas is not lying, which means this man is the real deal. And as he looks closer, they do loo alike, except for their eyes, Edward has black ones. Delgado underestimated this fellow, because to this man, he can sense that this kid has something hiding under his sleeves."In any case, here." The man then tossed some healing materials for Thomas to use to treat his wounds.While he was treating himself, the man sat and then looked at him,"My name is William Davis, call me Will. I'm from Linp and is set sailed to the seas in search of Edward as I will avenge the town which he destroyed. No one was killed, but still. That town of ours just got liberated from a certain pirate crew ju
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They placed their ship where it can't be seen by others. Since this island is filled with pirates, no one can really be trusted as their ship might get stolen if they leave it in plain sight. The two placed their stolen ship in a hidden location, and it is inside of this cave near the water. After putting it there, the two then prepared themselves. Thomas took 2 pistols and a machete with him and strapped it all on his waist. Meanwhile, since William is a wind boon expert, he only fights with his fists, and he really does not know how to handle weapons that much."Before we get off, let us prepare our boons before going to town." Says William as he is now testing his powers and hitting the water with it."Uhm, that's the problem. I am boonless,""Boneless?""No! I don't have a boon, just fighting skills."And that was a massive curveball. Thomas keeps on telling surprises, one after another. To think that the son of someone who has fire powers doesn't have any boon, and yet, he has de
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After the bloody second elimination, it is finally time for the final round. Thomas is now face to face against this scrawny man with black hair. He may not look like it, but this man is strong as hell. He came from the most difficult bracket where people with over 5 million bounties on their heads, but he won without even breaking a sweat and without even getting hurt at all. That's how strong he is."And now, for the final match! Thomas Griffin versus Jeff Tew!" the crowd went wild.But then, the mayor made a revelation. It turns out that Jeff is the one who built the galleon ship with his men as he is a talented shipwright, hence he participated in this battle in order to reclaim his own ship as he will not just give it away to some pirates without fighting for it. The mayor then signaled the start of the battle, and for a change, Thomas went on to charge first. However, when he reached the middle part of the ring and was just preparing for a punch, he was met there by Jeff, and si
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"I will still not forget the scar your fucking father left me!" yelled the captain as he swung his flaming sword at Thomas who blocked it with his own new sword."Well, guess what? I also hate my father! And if you could excuse us, we are going on a journey, so get out of the way!" Thomas replied with a yell.Newton just grinned as he puts extra weight on his sword as Thomas is getting pushed back. William right now is also fighting some navy sailors that is preventing him from preparing their voyage by attaching the helm to its designated place. And he must admit that holding off a lot of sailors is being quite annoying and difficult itself. As the two are now struggling, a gang of people suddenly helped them. They all climbed up the ship and beat the hell out of the sailors on it. And when Thomas looked around, it was Jeff on the ship with his men in his shipwright job,"Hurry up!" Jeff ordered Thomas.And it seems as it was if he is about to join the crew. Jeff and the others are n
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"Fire at will!" Thomas ordered as loud bangs erupted from their ship and is going towards the enemies.Whistling cannon balls are raining upon their enemies which are pirates too. Since Thomas became a big shot so suddenly, other pirate groups are now making their move to annihilate him so that they would get famous by slaying the son of The Terror. It has been a week, and they are now closing in the kingdom of Miliq. The pirates who came there in that town who didn't have any luck to plunder it are now coming back and coincidentally encountered the Jack Pirates. The Jack Pirates launched a barrage of cannon balls at them, but the pirate groups were unfazed, they still charged at the rookies' ship. Until they are now next to the ship of the Jack Pirates,"Prepare for battle!" Thomas ordered.As his crew and him then went back-to-back and is now watching as rival pirates came down their ships and were zipping down the ropes they attached to Ace. The fight erupted, 3 captains are now du
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The Jack Pirates are now hiking their way through the forest to reach the gates that is supposed to be 30 minutes away from the village they came from. As they walked, Jeff suggested that the name of the ship shall be changed to something else that would match its appearance."Instead of Ace, I recommend that the ship will be called as the Sailing Falcon. You know?" Jeff suggested.It makes sense, since their figurehead is a black falcon, Thomas agreed with the idea, and for now on, the ship's name changed from Ace to the Sailing Falcon which sounds much cooler than what the thought of before. And then, after 30 minutes of walking, they finally reached the kingdom gates. Just like what the elder said, the gates have no guards, as if they are content and confident that no one would trespass their kingdom. In any case, the pirate crew entered with discretion since they can't cause any trouble as they need to get off this kingdom immediately. And then, Thomas came up with an idea,"We sh
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It has been 2 days of searching and what the Jack Pirates are only receiving were hints for the past 2 days. It is now April 2nd of the afternoon, and they are back on their ship and was discussing all the hints they have received in 2 days. To the others, this is something to be glad of since they are finally getting onto something with these hints. However, Thomas is having doubts about this. It is because these hints just randomly appear in places where they were. That can be considered as coincidence, however, it happened for 2 days straight. Something is wrong, and Thomas knows it. The hints were just too easy and too good to be true. And then, William revealed something,"I have gathered some information. It turns out that three navy warships are docked at the main port of this kingdom and is waiting for orders so they can transport the criminal that is being kept here." William says.Thomas nodded and this is when he came up with a guess. He told the crew his hypothesis, and at
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The next morning, the pirates are now getting ready for tonight. Since they would be defeating the navy, it won't be an easy task. 2 lieutenants and sailors that has a total of 600. They are literally outnumbered from 2 to 100. So, they need a decisive plan in order to get that Henry out of there and defeat them. But before Thomas could start planning, William then gave him something,"Ought you want to know." William says as he then gave Thomas an article.It turns out, this article contains Edward Jack, Thomas' father. And it says here, his bounty has been increased significantly,"WANTED!Dead or AliveEdward "The Terror" JackBounty: 3,700,000,000 pendz""That shitty father. It hasn't even been a month since his bounty climbed 400 million, and now, he reached the billions. What did he exactly do?" Thomas then flipped the newspaper and he gogt his answer.The article says,"Edward "The Terror" Jack, a truly demon of the seas. Over the past 2 weeks, The Terror have sunk 36 navy wars
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