The last Spellcaster

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The last Spellcaster

By: Debbie OngoingFantasy

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SYNOPSIS Title: The Last Spellcaster In a world where magic was believed to be a myth, a young man named Kael discovers that he possesses extraordinary powers. Becoming the last remaining spell caster, he is suddenly thrust into a position of power and responsibility that he never wanted. As he struggles to come to terms with his newfound abilities, Kael learns that a dark force is growing in the shadows, threatening to destroy the world as he knows it. With no other options, he sets out on a quest to find other magic users who may be able to help him. Along the way, Kael battles dragons, evades assassins, and discovers ancient warring factions that he must navigate through to save the world. But as the odds stacked against him, Kael must rely on his wits, his magic, and his determination to prevail. "The Last Spellcaster" is an epic tale of one man's journey to uncover the truth about his powers, and save the world from a dark force that threatens to consume it. With high stakes and a constant sense of danger, this fantasy story is sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.


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10 chapters
Chapter one
Kael had always been different from the other villagers. He had a keen mind, a sharp wit, and a way of seeing the world that others didn't. He spent most of his days lost in thought, daydreaming about the world beyond the village.It wasn't until his sixteenth birthday that Kael discovered that he was different in more ways than he had ever imagined. It started with a small flicker of light that he saw in the corner of his eye. At first, he thought it was a trick of the light, but then he felt a strange warmth spreading through his body, a power unlike anything he had ever experienced before.Over the next few weeks, Kael tried to keep his newfound abilities a secret, but it wasn't long before his secret was uncovered. One day, as he was walking through the village, he heard whispers behind his back."Did you see that? Kael just made the apple levitate!""It's true! I saw it too! He's some sort of wizard!"The news of Kael's powers spread like wildfire, and soon the entire village kne
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Chapter two
He made his way back to the small village where he had grown up. The village was nestled in the heart of the forest, surrounded by tall trees and rushing streams.Kael had always felt a connection to the forest. It was where he had first discovered his powers, and where he had spent countless hours practicing and honing his skills.He made his way to a small clearing at the edge of the village, where an old woman lived in a small hut. She was known throughout the village as the village healer, and Kael had always felt a special bond with her.He knocked on the door, and the old woman opened it with a smile."Kael," she said. "It's been a long time. What brings you here?"Kael stepped inside, feeling a sense of comfort wash over him. "I need your help," he said.The old woman nodded. "I suspected as much," she said. "Come, sit down. Tell me everything."Kael sat down on a small wooden stool, and the old woman poured him a cup of tea.He told her everything that had happened, about Morg
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Chapter three
Come on," Rian said, grabbing Kael's arm. "We have to go."The two of them ran through the forest, following a path that Kael had never seen before. It wound through the trees, up and down hills, and across a small river. Kael had to keep up with Rian's fast pace, but he was determined to see this through.Finally, they came to a clearing. In the center of the clearing was a stone pedestal, with a small chest resting on top of it. Rian walked over to the chest and opened it. Inside were a few pieces of parchment and a small crystal."These are the clues your father left," Rian said, handing Kael the parchment. "We need to decipher them and follow them to find the others who can help us."Kael took the parchment and studied it closely. It was filled with riddles and cryptic symbols, but he knew that he had to solve them if he wanted to save the world."We don't have much time," Rian said, looking around nervously. "We have to move quickly. The longer we wait, the more danger we'll be i
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Chapter four
How did you do that?" Kael asked, still amazed."It's an old trick I learned from my grandfather," Rian explained. "He was a powerful mage, and he taught me everything he knew."Kael nodded, still trying to process everything that had happened. "So, what now?""Now, we continue on the path your father left for you," Rian said. "The next clue should be somewhere around here."They spent the next few hours searching for the next clue, following the instructions left by Kael's father. Eventually, they came across a hidden cave, tucked away in the side of a mountain."This must be it," Kael said, peering inside the dark cavern.Rian nodded. "Let's go in."As they made their way through the cave, Kael felt a sense of unease wash over him. It was as if they were being watched, and he couldn't shake the feeling that something was about to go wrong.Suddenly, a group of dark figures appeared out of nowhere, surrounding them on all sides."Well, well, well," a sinister voice said. "Look what w
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Chapter five
"Kael, we need to focus," Rian said, grabbing his arm. "We have to find survivors."Kael shook himself out of his shock and nodded. "Right. Let's go."They split up, running in different directions as they searched for anyone who might have survived the attack. Kael dashed into a burning building, coughing as the smoke filled his lungs. He stumbled through the darkness, calling out for anyone who might be there."Hello?" he shouted. "Is anyone here?"There was no response. Kael coughed again, his eyes watering as the smoke grew thicker. He was about to give up when he heard a faint sound coming from somewhere in the building."Hello?" he called again, following the sound. "Is someone there?"And then he saw her - a small girl, huddled in a corner, tears streaming down her face."Come on," Kael said, reaching out to her. "We have to get out of here."The girl looked up at him, her eyes wide with fear. "Who are you?" she asked."I'm Kael," he said. "I'm here to help you."The girl hesit
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Chapter six
As the days passed, they grew bolder. They began to strike at the invaders, taking out scouts and disrupting supply lines. They knew that they were still vastly outnumbered and outmatched, but they refused to give up.One night, as they were huddled around a small fire, Kael spoke up."I think we're ready to make a move," he said. "We've been successful in our attacks so far, but we need to do more. We need to hit them where it hurts."The other survivors nodded, their eyes filled with determination."What do you have in mind?" the bandaged man asked.Kael hesitated for a moment, then took a deep breath. "I think we need to go after their command center. If we can take it out, we can disrupt their communications and maybe even turn the tide of the war."The others looked at him in surprise. "That's a bold plan," Rian said. "But it could work."They spent the next few days preparing. They scouted out the enemy's base, noting its weaknesses and defenses. They worked together to come up
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Chapter seven
Rian stepped forward, a look of sadness on his face. "Kael," he said softly. "We searched for him, but we couldn't find him. I'm sorry."Kael felt a lump form in his throat, and he struggled to keep his emotions in check. He had always known that there was a chance his father wouldn't survive, but he had held out hope that he would be okay."It's okay," he said finally, his voice barely above a whisper. "We'll find him. We'll keep searching until we do."The group nodded in agreement, and Kael felt a renewed sense of determination wash over him. He would find his father, and he would do whatever it took to make sure that he was safe.For the next few weeks, Kael and his group continued to fight, pushing back the enemy forces and reclaiming more and more territory. With each victory, they gained more allies, as more people joined their cause and believed in their mission.Kael had never felt so alive, and so fulfilled. He had found a purpose beyond himself, and he was fighting for some
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Chapter eight
One day, as Kael was sitting alone, lost in his thoughts, he was approached by a young girl. She couldn't have been more than ten years old, with dirt smudged on her face and ragged clothes. She held out a small flower to him, a wildflower that she had picked from the fields."Thank you," Kael said softly, taking the flower from her. "What's your name?"The girl smiled shyly. "I'm Lily.""That's a beautiful name," Kael replied. "What are you doing here all alone?""I'm looking for my family," Lily said, her smile fading. "They were taken by the bad men."Kael's heart sank. He knew that there were still many people out there who needed their help. "Don't worry, Lily," he said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "We'll find your family."And they did. It took several days of searching, but they eventually located Lily's family and reunited them. Kael felt a sense of pride and joy in that moment, knowing that they had made a real difference in someone's life.As time went on, Kael and his g
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Chapter nine
Days turned into weeks, and Kael spent his time studying the patterns of the guards, observing their routines and listening in on their conversations. He carefully crafted a plan for his escape, and as he waited for the perfect opportunity, he honed his skills and kept his mind sharp.One day, Kael heard a commotion outside his cell. He stood up, his heart racing, wondering if his moment had finally come.A guard rushed past his door, shouting into his radio. "Code Red! We've got a riot in Cell Block C!"Kael's heart leapt in his chest. This was it. He sprang into action, using a makeshift tool he had been crafting to pick the lock on his cell door.As he emerged into the corridor, chaos reigned around him. He could hear screams and shouting, the sound of gunfire echoing in the distance.Kael darted towards the sound, moving quickly and quietly, using every trick he had learned over his years as a soldier. He had to find a way out, to escape before his captors realized he was missing.
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Chapter ten
Kael felt a surge of hope well up within him as he thanked whoever had left this cache behind. He raced back to Zyra, his face alight with excitement."Look," he said, holding up the box. "We have everything we need to survive. Food, water, ammunition, and a radio. We can use it to get help."Zyra's eyes widened as she realized the significance of what he was saying. "That's amazing, Kael. But how are we going to use it? There's no way we can get a signal out here."Kael's face hardened with determination, his eyes fixed on the horizon. "We'll find a way," he said, his voice ringing with confidence. "We'll make a signal. We'll get help. We won't give up."Together, they set about building a signal fire, using the debris from the abandoned building and the few bits of wood they had found scattered in the sand. Kael worked tirelessly, his mind racing with the possibility of a rescue mission swooping in to save them.As the fire blazed, they sat beside it, staring up at the stars, wonder
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