Valor: Brave Souls

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Valor: Brave Souls

By: Knight Phantom OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Valor is a magical systematic world where skills are everything. Skills refer to magical abilities one has acquired through fighting and killing monsters and enemies. In addition, Valor is believed to be the world of those humans who are worthy of living another life; whose souls are transmigrated here and granted to start anew as an adventurer. But as for Maria Isabelle Reyes, who possessed an exceptional bravery in her past life, she was given sets of magical skills in the verge of death and her soul was reincarnated in Valor not as an adventurer but as a half-blooded monster-a hybrid of human and silver werewolf to be exact. With her given skills, how can she survive in an ever-changing environment where every living creature roaming around her can be an enemy? Is she really worthy of living another life? Or is it a mistake to give her magical skills and the chance to live again?

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  • Stitch


    Amazing world-building, I love the narration and how detailed the fighting scenes are. The scenes are vivid and I can imagine them in my head. Lovely ...

    2022-08-06 14:17:52
  • Scarlet


    nice story, pacing and character design. keep going ^_^

    2022-08-06 07:17:46
  • Nacht Skywalker


    the book is good. it has an interesting beginning and nice inciting incident. it's a female-oriented story but i was like imagining playing a RPG video game. keep writing author

    2022-08-05 17:55:27
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6 chapters
Chapter 1: Tyranny
Chapter 1: TyrannyFires are everywhere, burning our houses into ashes. The agonizing screams of my townsmen filled the whole village. Despair and misery are evident on their faces as they tried to save those important to them from the raging fire. I clenched my hands as tears slowly rolled down on my face. My teeth were gritting nonstop. They took everything from us and tainted our land with filth and greediness. We have suffered enough. I will end the root of evil tonight. I promise, tonight will be that cruel king’s demise. I run towards the villagers who survived the fire holocaust. I lead them to the hidden route I have discovered going to the mountain and instructed them to wait for me there, in a small shack that serves as my hideout. I studied the ways of an assassin and dress myself up every night with a black clothe to eliminate those who made us suffer; those people under the greedy king’s command. “Maria, were you the assassin who killed the king’s people?” the chieftain
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Chapter 2: The System of the New World
Chapter 2: The System of the New WorldI am not dead. And my wounds… I don’t feel them anymore. I sat and groped my body but I was temporarily stunned when I touched something smooth and silky attached on my body. I slowly looked at myself, illuminated by the light coming from the hole of the ceiling. I almost shouted in bewilderment as I have realized what I’ve become. I have white smooth, thick and silky furs, shining through. I have these feet and a tail akin to dogs, foxes… or wolves. Wait, wait, what the hell is going on to me? “Report: The transmigration of the soul has been successfully carried out. Welcome to the world of Valor. I am Solomon, your virtual assistant and your guide. To start your adventure, please enter your name and register in the system,” a monotone male voice suddenly segued in my mind, putting me into complete awe.Transmigration? World of Valor? Solomon? What on earth is happening to me? How is this possible? Maybe, I am just dreaming… or imagining thing
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Chapter 3: Bloodline Pact
Chapter 3: Bloodline Pact“S-Solomon, is there any skill I h-have here to hide m-myself or make myself i-invisible from the sight of that a-armored dragon?” I asked my virtual assistant with my voice shaking. The rumblings of the earth became stronger stronger as time passed by. I gulped as if there’s a lump blocking my throat. “There’s none, master. But you can activate your special skill, Omnicognition, to gain awareness of yourself and your skills and to accelerate your thinking even without asking me as your virtual assistant,” he replied to me. “Okay, but h-how can I activate t-that skill?” I inquired, stuttering. Nervousness is eating me. “Just give me the command, master.” “Got it! Solomon, activate Omnicognition for me,” I ordered.“Copy that, master. Activating Omnicognition in 3… 2…” Please hurry or I’ll die waiting here. I uttered mentally. I can’t help but to close my eyes. “...1. Omnicognition is activated successfully,” Solomon stated. As I opened my eyes, I saw di
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Chapter 4: Ambush
Chapter 4: Ambush“Have you ever experienced going out from this cave?” I asked Lumond, starting a conversation after I caught dripping Dairy Mineral using my hands and drank from it. My magicite storage has been raised to 10000. My current magicite status is 5600. And to maintain my human form, I need more magicites. My skill, Metamorphosis is draining my magical energy. So I need to drink more Dairy Mineral and make my magicite storage full for my human form to last longer. “Not yet, ma-” “Call me Luna. Don’t make it feel awkward for me,” I cut him off then I laughed shortly. “Okay. Not yet, Miss Luna.” I just drew a sigh. He’s way too formal. But I’ll just slip it. At least, he called by my new name. And it sounds like a music to my ears. “There are many monsters lurking inside the cave and all I can do is to drive them away from me by pretending I was a vicious monster using my skills, Rumbling and Growl,” he added. “Okay, I see. Why don’t we get out from here and let’s see
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Chapter 5: New Comrades
Chapter 5: New ComradesI and Lumond gained EXP after defeating the boss of those monster frogs. My HP, MP and magicite level increased too. Though, we didn’t get a new skill except Poison Resistance. Well, fair enough at least we beat them. We are just waiting for them to gain their consciousness and will ask them if they want to join us in our endeavor.After a while, the leader of these monster frogs have woken up, then, followed by its two members. But they can’t escape because they are confined in a spell I and Lumond called Crystal Prison. “Release us!” their boss demanded in a shrill voice. “I’m afraid we can’t,” I responded. The frog glared at me. According to Solomon earlier, these monsters are the so-called ‘frog ninjas’. They are trained in Valor’s ancient martial arts and employed especially for espionage and assassinations. “Are you related with that atrocious monster dwelling in this place?” the human frog asked me with sternness in his voice. “You mean tyrant monste
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Chapter 6: First Blood
Chapter 6: First BloodWe hurry up, running as fast as we could, to arrive immediately at Zephyrus’s location. A blue transparent screen appeared on my vision showing Zephyrus and Carios’s status points. They are taking constant damage and their HP and MP are gradually depleting. Just what kind of monster they are fighting? No matter what it is, for sure it is out of their league and they need an immediate help. I can’t let them die on me.The shaking of the ground and the cave’s ceiling continues and it’s getting stronger as we get nearer to where our comrades are. The continuous deafening roar also adds up to the tension in the atmosphere. We came into halt after we entered a huge chamber as a gigantic monster bull just shows up before our eyes, ramming its horns on the cave’s wall and crushing Carios and Zephyrus. I gasped as an initial shocked reaction but I managed to pull myself together and out of impulsiveness, I rushed in to attack that monstrous abomination. However, I remai
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