Traved In The Void

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Traved In The Void

By: Rizal Akbar OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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There is one thing I have always been sure of. "If you make the wrong choice, then your life will be filled with dark clouds." Slandered, bullied, betrayed, threatened, is the hell that I always feel because I made the wrong choice. Words are "killing machines," and many people don't know that. "One word can destroy someone's life and one word can change someone." I even thought that sleeping is torture and waking up is the worst. In the past, I lost my temper and planned to kill myself. I like walking in an endless tunnel with emptiness and emptiness filling my heart. This is my broken story.

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"Criminal!" "Rapist!" "Stay away from me, trash!" "You'd rather die damn it!" "Bastard!" Those words rained down on me as I walked through the school gates. Seeing the student in front of me paving the way while avoiding me, I felt like I was walking in an empty hallway and silence filled my body. I know that look, that look of disgust, condescension, intimidation, and anger. Then when I walked into the school ... the paper waste from the students was thrown and hit my shoulders one by one, accompanied by the students' harsh words that did not subside. I didn't care, because I realized... whatever I say, whatever I do now it will be useless. I entered the classroom, and I saw a girl sitting at my desk. "Kringg-kringg...." The sound of the alarm woke me from sleep. "Ah... that dream again." Back to remembering my past dream when I had given up and resigned myself to the situation, not knowing what to do, like falling into an abyss. Yes, I used to experience it, I was lik
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Stuck in hell days and encounters
I will repeat again. There's one thing I've always believed in. "If you make the wrong choice, your life will be filled with dark clouds." Yes... just from a wrong choice, it can turn into a 'vicious' circle. Words are "killing machines", and many people don't know that. "One word can destroy a person's life and one word can change a person." They don't know... if the words they spoke to me, would echo in their heads when they closed their eyes to sleep. I've come to think that "sleeping is torture" and "waking up is the worst." Before going to sleep, the words 'they' always stabbed into my head and when I fell asleep, the nightmares of my past always haunted me. It's all I go through every night, and honestly... I can't get used to it, because... I'm just ordinary people. If we consider the nightmare "rice", I have eaten it every day and lived it with resignation. Until one day I met .... • • • • My eyes opened and looked up at the ceiling of the house that I was used
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The woman I respect where I hate the most
"Let go of your hand Rein! The problem is only smoking, right? Besides, I think there are a lot of students out there who smoke too, and you have to understand when it comes to Rey!" Rein let go of his hand and exhaled as if removing his emotions, I was silent then thought 'hey why should I? Didn't I just smoke? And there are a lot of students out there who smoke?' But this muscle-brain is mindlessly challenging me and always commenting on everything I do, I'm so sick of this bastard. Do you remember what I said when I was with Katia? 'If the super student has hatred, in the future whatever the ordinary student does will look wrong in the eyes of the super student' Yep, that's what I'm experiencing. "Ok, for now you pass." Rein turned around and seemed like he was going to sit down, hearing his words, I, who was fed up and angry with this bastard, said the words that I had been hiding for a long time. "Yeah... it's up to you, damn muscle brain!" Indeed, after I said that I f
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My night with her
Evening turned into night, like shifting a curtain into silence and darkness, the night breeze that I felt made me realize how calm this atmosphere was and then healed my heart and soul for the heavy things that happened today.Right now, I'm in front of a girl ... which this morning we had made an appointment to meet again in front of this minimarket at 18:00, yes ... I promised Katia. This time Katia's appearance was really relaxed, she only wore training pants and a sweater, then her ponytail hair when wearing a hat, now flowing beautifully when the wind blows on her. "Yo... good night." "Good night, too." "By the way, what things do you carry that many?" I asked while looking at her hand which was carrying a lot of things. "Ah this ... we discussed this this morning right? It's today's discount eggs and I bought a little more, you can take a box, take it!" Her hand took a box of eggs, put it in a spare plastic bag and handed it to me. "Eh... even though I intended to buy it
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Fragments of dreams and the past
I walked alone in an endless tunnel, as far as the eye could see all I could see was a long hallway. Puddles of water filled my ankles, but I don't think this is water because the sensation is thick. "Where is this . . . and what is this fishy smell?" Curious about what was pooling this, I then squatted down and looked at him clearly 'eh is this blood?' Suddenly someone appeared lying from the pool of blood, when I looked again wasn't it 'Mother?' I see a scar on my mother's stomach. "Mom... hey mom why are you here?" I immediately ran to my mother, but I fell. Then one by one the paper fell from above on my back, there was a disdainful laugh filling this empty tunnel, I was familiar with these voices, these were the voices of stupid pigs all over the school. I caught one of the papers, and when I opened it it said 'you'd rather die, crook'. "What the hell is this bastard!" I tore it up then threw the paper away, the laughter suddenly disappeared. I saw that my mother had d
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"Ahhhh, why is it so hard to sleep!"I mumbled then looked at the clock on my cellphone, and the time showed 03:23.Actually my body is tired from yesterday because I've been working, but because of overthingking... sleeping is really hard for me.Running away from home, changing places of residence and also changing places of work, I did all of that to protect myself. The world is cruel, especially for a woman. If I easily trust someone, then I will easily break and fall too. Therefore, until now I don't trust anyone.The only one I believe in is myself.I kept trying and trying to close my eyes hoping to fall asleep, but my mind didn't let me sleep that easily. Until without realizing it, it was already 05:38."Oh my... why? I just want to sleep and rest!"I woke up and tried to calm my mind, but my mind couldn't be calm without sleeping. I thought ... the only way to calm my mind was to smoke, but I'm out of cigarettes."Hah! Looks like I have to buy it at the convenience store and
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A calm morning before the attacks and dark storms
Now I'm with a girl getting ready. Yes ... that girl is Katia, Katia and I took turns showering and then wearing our activity uniforms. In my house, the toilet happens to be in every room, except in the guest room. So, if you want to take a shower, it only takes a few steps. Previously we discussed something, and the result of that conversation was taking turns taking showers while bringing our clothes into the toilet. So, we won't see each other's bodies exposed after bathing. Now ... after we took turns showering, Katia was already wearing the employee uniform like yesterday and was sitting on my bed, it looked like she was about to tie her hair. 'If it's a pretty girl, then whatever clothes and style she wears will always look good on her', I thought as I watched Katia tie her hair. This is the sight that every man with a ponytail 'fetish' dreams of. In front of my eyes, a beautiful mature girl, was seen biting her hair tie in her mouth, followed by her two hands gathering
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Deer and herd of lions
I hastily arrived at the school, it looks like the other students are also in a hurry because they definitely don't want to get wet in the rain. By the way, even though the sky was cloudy earlier, but somehow it still hasn't rained. I parked my motorbike in the usual place, which is at the corner of the school.The homework that must be done is Mrs. Rika's lesson, then now I realize, because Mrs. Rika was busy and will not come to class, won't if I do homework it will be useless?'Shit, I want to smoke!'Mrs. Rika's lesson today starts at 10, because she is not in class, we will definitely do independent tasks such as taking notes. Well this is not surprising, in fact I'm happy because I have a lot of free time.When I finished parking my motorbike while daydreaming, I immediately rushed to class, then two people suddenly blocked the road in front of me."Oi ... follow us, someone wants to meet you!" said one of the people in front of me."Huh? Who are you? And what's the problem?""D
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Reality and pain
I ran towards the five people in front of me with my fists clenched, maybe this sight was like a deer that took its life to a lion herd, but I didn't care about it all, because now I was filled with anger.When I was in front of them, I swung my hand to hit one of them's head, but one of them dodged it easily.The one I attacked was the one in the middle, and when I swung a punch at the one in the middle, the other four people took a step back as if leaving this guy alone to fight me. Apparently, they retreated because this person gave the instructions to retreat with both hands.'Do they want to do gladiators?', I thought."Son! I really feel sorry for you!"Because my attack was dodged, suddenly a sudden impact was felt on the side of my neck so that I unconsciously fell to the ground."Hah?""Hahaha ... as expected from a Rolan, you are fast and merciless!" said Leon.It turned out to be the kick of the person called Rolan. Damn... I was completely shocked that the attack seemed in
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Disgusting bastards
Anie said that it is now around 10 am, which means that now in class the students are enjoying free time because Mrs. Rika is busy outside of school.Now, I'm in front of the classroom door and want to open it.With such a chaotic appearance what would my classmates think?Wet clothes with blood stained the front of my shirt, then my body is full of bruises, especially in the stomach that hurts so much when I walk, when they see it what will they think?Even when I slowly walked here, I was holding my stomach because of this pain.'Will they pity me when they see me like this?'"Hahaha... that's impossible, they will definitely laugh at me!" I muttered.I should have just come to UKS because my condition is like this, but... I used to swear and decide to myself, whatever the situation if it's Mrs. Rika's lesson, I have to be in class.Then now, even though I might be a few minutes late, but I should still have time to be absent to the class president.Slowly, I opened the classroom do
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