I Have The Power To Heal The World

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I Have The Power To Heal The World

By: Chukwuemeka_101 Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Leonardo Dubois sacrificed everything for his wife and her family, but they turned against him in the end. Little did they know that he possessed knowledge that would eventually put him at the highest position where he would have the power to heal the world...

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  • MoonlightOfure


    Poor Leo, I highly recommend this book, with the few chapters I've read it indeed has potentials. The author didn't disappoint in this one.

    2024-01-21 10:37:58
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23 chapters
1 The Divorce Proposal
"What's this?" Leo asked as he looked at the paper on the table that had been passed to him by his wife's secretary.The sound of the obnoxious newscaster on the TV made it even worse and he felt like breaking the TV into pieces. Everything just seemed to annoy him after he had read the contents of that document."The divorce agreement that my boss ordered me to give to you." The secretary replied with a stern, no-nonsense tone. It was obvious that he was there for business, there was no time to mince words or to beat around the bush."Divorce agreement?" Leo muttered to himself in shock and disbelief. "Why? Where did this come from all of a sudden?"Leo's question elicited a cynical chuckle from the secretary and he leveled a condescending gaze on him. "Does she need a reason? A loser like you doesn't deserve a woman like my boss as your wife. You're too miserable to have someone like her."Leo felt a sharp pain in his chest as his wife's secretary made those derisive statements. It
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2 A Painful Realization
The person standing at the doorway was none other than his wife, Melissa, and she was dressed in her Lauren Martins designer green dress that complemented her green shoes and purse. She was dressed like the wealthy woman that she was and it was almost impossible to believe that she was the wife of the average-looking man who stood before her in the cafe.She was the person he needed to see at that moment so her sudden appearance made him stop in his tracks."Melissa...." he muttered to himself,The secretary who had been raining threats on Leo grinned widely when he saw that Leo had stopped, he thought that his threats had worked and he rushed forward to confront him while spewing more insults."I knew it! You're a coward who can't even stand on his own decision! You better listen to me now or else...."He suddenly saw Melissa and he stopped in his tracks just like Leo did.He was a bit overwhelmed by her sudden appearance but he quickly got over it and bowed to her. "Welcome ma, than
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3 A Strange, Sudden Call
The call was from one of the secretaries in a restaurant where Leo had booked a reservation. The reservation was supposed to be for him and Melissa where he planned to surprise her for her birthday. "Sorry?" the young lady on the phone retorted. "I said, cancel the reservation," Leo repeated gruffly."Uh...um...um...why sir?" she was confused. "by any chance, are you unsatisfied with any of our services? please tell us so that we can know where and how to serve you better. Do you need an upgrade for the reservation?"Leo was already fed up with everything. The word 'reservation' reminded him so much of his treasured marriage that he had just lost and all he wanted at that moment was for the whole world to shut up."Just do as I said." He snapped at the woman and hung up the phone.A few seconds after he disconnected the call and put it in his pocket, it rang again and he pulled it out with annoyance,"I said CANCEL THE RESERVATION!!!" Leo yelled into the phone, "Don't call me again!
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4 Leo Arrives At Mr Jones' Mansion
A few moments later, a black Benz car drove by and parked in front of Leo.The sudden appearance of the car got tongues wagging. The black Benz was not any ordinary car, it was the latest model and it was still on exclusive access. That meant that whoever owned the car was definitely amongst the top 100 richest people in the world.When the woman called him and said that she would be coming to pick him up, he didn't expect her to come in a car that was as luxurious as this one.'I didn't know that the old man was this wealthy....' Leo thought to himself.Suddenly, the tinted window of the driver's seat rolled down to reveal the face of the most beautiful woman that Leo had ever seen in his life.A small face with flawless white skin, azure blue eyes, and blonde hair that shone lusciously.Some of the people who were around when her car drove by were amazed when they saw her through the window. Just like Leo, they were all enchanted by her beauty and some of them even brought out their
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5 Leo's Strange Check Up
The woman opened the door and they stepped into a spacious room that had a huge bed in the middle.The bed was fashioned after a hospital room and it had immaculate white curtains, white wall paint, and a lot of life support devices and equipment including an oxygen tank, respirator, and a flatliner. The room also smelt thickly of disinfectant and it attacked their noses the moment they entered.Leo instantly noticed that there was someone lying on the bed and the person was surrounded by a lot of doctors and nurses.The moment Leo entered the room with the woman, all of them turned around and bowed their heads towards her in greeting."Welcome back, young Miss, we have been awaiting your arrival." They all said simultaneously. Without wasting any time, they offered face masks and gloves to the both of them before allowing them to come closer.This greeting piqued Leo's interest and made him wonder who this young woman was that would enable her to attract such a level of respect from
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6 Seizures
Everyone was shocked at Leo's action and they all yelled in raw fear. Even the bodyguard who was stationed in the room pulled his gun and pointed it at Leo."What are you doing?!" the young Miss cried out in panic and slapped Leo's hand."Gentlemen, gentlemen, let's be civil about this," Leo said in mock surrender as he put his hands in the air. "I'm going to cure him, didn't you guys bring me here to cure him?""Cure him?" One of the doctors asked angrily, "Do you seriously expect us to believe that bullshit? Can you guys hear him?"Another doctor said, "He's trying to tell us that an unlicensed individual like him can cure an illness that professionals like us haven't been able to cure for weeks now. That's the biggest joke of the year."Leo gently put the knife down and shrugged, "It's not a big deal if you don't want me to treat him. But one thing that I'll assure you is that he doesn't have much time left."What's this dumbass talking about?" One of the female doctors said and ch
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7 An Unbelievable Recovery
The moment the scalpel pierced the man's chest, he made a loud gasping noise and it was then that everyone in the room realized what Leo had done."Oh my God! What have you done?!" the lead doctor asked in pure despair and terror.The bodyguard who hadn't noticed Leo earlier suddenly tackled him to the ground and locked him in a chokehold.He began to tighten the chokehold on Leo's neck with a single motive- murder.Luckily for Leo, the young Miss quickly intervened before the guard could squeeze the life out of him."Wait, don't kill him yet," she said as she towered over them on the floor.Once she noticed that the guard's chokehold had loosened, she bent down and slapped Leo across the face.WHACK!Turning to the doctors, she said, "Someone please take out that scalpel before he dies."The doctors had been hesitant to remove the scalpel because they didn't want to complicate the old man's condition any further. When Leo noticed that the doctors wanted to remove the scalpel, he yel
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8 He Isn't Just Any Ordinary Skilled Doctor.
Helen's face turned sour when she heard her grandfather call Leo's name.She had wanted to hug him when he woke up but now that he was mentioning the name of a man that she disliked, she frowned and kept her hands to herself."Why are you looking for Leonardo Dubois?" Helen asked irritatedly, "he almost killed you."If her grandfather was shocked by that statement, he didn't show it because his facial expression remained cold, devoid of emotions as he asked again, "Where is Leonardo Dubois?""Grandpa," Helen tried to speak softly but her voice betrayed her and dripped with thick irritation, "you don't need Leonardo Dubois, I've already called Mr. Greg."For the first time since he woke up, the old man's facial expression changed to a frown and he opened his mouth to say something. However, whatever he wanted to say was interrupted by the sudden entrance of a man into the room.SLAM!The door swung open with so much force and ferocity that it seemed like the door would fall out of its
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9 Agnes And Her Son Confronts Leo
"I need you to promise me that you'll marry my daughter, Helen."'What is this man talking about?' Leo asked himself, 'where did he get this hilarious idea of telling me to marry his daughter?'Before Leo could compose himself from the shock of Maxwell's request and give a response, Helen butted in with a hot-headed rejection."No! No way in hell Grandpa!" She cried, "There's no way I'm getting married to this man. That's not how things are done."As she spoke, she eyed Leo with contempt, Leo noticed the death glances that Helen was sending his way and he couldn't help but shake his head and think, 'The feeling is mutual.'He then turned to Maxwell, summoned his most polite voice and said. "I'm sorry sir, but I can't grant this request. It's beyond me."Leo could see the disappointment cloud Maxwell's face when he heard his response.‘What if I can help you to find out the truth about the death of your parents?’For years, Leo had no clue about this, how could he know it. He was abou
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10 False Accusations
They all turned to see a fair, curvy, and beautiful woman walking towards them with her security around her.The woman was dressed in a suit for females which gave her a look of professionalism and smartness that complemented beautifully with her natural beauty. She had a perfectly symmetrical face with small pink lips, a pointed nose, and amber-brown eyes that betrayed the wisdom and experience of the owner. It was obvious that those eyes had seen a great many things in life. She was of average height and her curves were all in the right places in the right proportion. Her stature was so perfect that she looked like she was a model actor who was playing the role of a businesswoman.The air in the environment had suddenly changed at her arrival, everywhere was suddenly filled with tension and the security men all stopped what they were doing to hear her out. A lot of them didn't know who she was but they knew that she was an important person."Wait a minute..." One of the security men
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