Chapter 28: Disappointment
The group rested for a while.

While the others are resting, Mika, on the other hand, is trying to retrace the route that she took to find the Anahata.

After a few minutes, Virgo asked Raft, “So, what are we going to do after we get those items?”

“We’ll distribute them,” Raft answered. “Also, we will be assigning each member a specific role. Lumine already collected information about all of us; I’ll use it as a reference to assess which roles suit each one of us.”


Mika returned. “Guys, I think I already remember how to go to the location. I retraced the path that my friend and I took when we left the Starting Point to hunt some items.”

“That’s great!” Raft responded.

Arii suddenly asked, “Your friend?”

“Yes,” Mika answered. “The one that I told you on the Third Station - the one that I said I will be going with, that’s why I decided not to go with you guys.”

“Oh, It’s a different friend?” Arii asked. “All this time I assume it is Lumine.”

Lumine was a bit baffled. “Sor
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