Vengeance: The Blood Moon Curse

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Vengeance: The Blood Moon Curse

By: Aslan 007 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Argus Devonte Albus, the emperor of Alabusia, dies by the hands of his closest friend and gets resurrected as his own newborn son only to find out he has lost everything including his family to the hands of his enemy kingdom Nigrosia. He swears revenge and plots to take back everything he has lost and bring the ones responsible to justice. Especially HIM.

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  • Aslan 007


    Hey everyone, I am just a beginner but I hope you would like my story.

    2022-08-09 23:25:05
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Prologue 1: The Second Chance
"Why, Ruther?"Argus crumbled to his knees as he hunched forwards while warm blood was forcefully ejected from his mouth. A giant wound was carved across his chest. He choked on the blood that gurgled his throat and regarded the shady figure behind his back with a bloodied sword in their hand."The sixth castle will remain unconquered if you die," The shady figure stated. "They promised me to give a castle if I got rid of you."Argus grinned weakly as he wiped the remnants of blood from the side of his mouth. His chest heaved heavily from the excessive blood loss. He braced his mass with one hand planted firmly to the ground while he still clawed at the wound with the other. "Oh, so a castle…" Argus fought against the pain; however, he ran short of breath,"... was more valuable than…" He huffed and gritted his teeth, "... your people," the arm that supported his mass felt limp as the last of his strength faded, "... your soil," Argus' gaze narrowed intensely, "...our friendship," he a
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Prologue 2: The Corpse
The shady men belonged to the assassination troops of Nigrosia. Argus had fought them before and he knew they were not ordinary people.They considered those shady men the most ferocious of assassins, even stronger than their Alabusian counterparts, and Argus too recognized it.The one leading them raised their sword, pointed it towards Layla and ordered the assassins, "There she is, get the baby from her." Nigrosia was not appreciated for how they treated their women, but a woman was the leader of the assassins which revealed the power she possessed. She was not the ideal person to be your opponent."Layla, run..." Argus cried in his heart when he saw those assassins approaching his wife. He wanted to stand up to those assassins, but he was an infant now. His body did not let him stand up to them and protect his loved ones. He could not feel any spiritual energy inside him either.The maid covered Layla and became a barrier between her and the assassins. "Run, my lady. I will stall
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Prologue 3: The Alabusian Pride
Stella carried Argus to a chamber located in the dull and cheap part of the palace which was reserved for the servants and maids. The chamber Stella carried the baby inside was full of maids wearing revealing dresses. It was the emperor's fetish for the maids to be in two-piece mostly, regardless of the weather or season.When Stella entered, an old maid combed the hair of a young maid who seemed to be a fresh recruit. It was going to be her maiden experience in the emperor's harem."You must not infuriate him. He would not hesitate to crush your scalp," warned the old woman when she combed the young maid's hair. "Something like this happened a few days ago when the emperor got the news of his loss and that he had lost the fourth castle. They brought you to fill her slot."No one mentioned it but they all noticed the trembling body of the young maid. Her lips were dry, and her eyes looked terrified. The old maid spotted Stella at the door. She quickly bowed her head and presented a c
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Chapter 1: The Holy Academy of Nigrosian Arts
SIXTEEN YEARS AFTER THE INCIDENT The Empire of Nigrosia got everything under its control. They assumed control of the lands of Alabusia through a puppet Alabusian governor. The cruel leaders of Nigrosia oppressed the poor and innocent people of Alabusia, so that they could not rise in power again, but there was someone who prepared to enter The Holy Academy of Nigrosian Arts, the most prestigious academy in Nigrosia. Argus stood outside the academy and stared at the huge arched gate. They had carved the name 'Holy Academy of Nigrosian Arts' at the top. He took a read and frowned as it was the most unholy place in the entire world. They brainwashed the innocent children in this place. Argus had assumed the identity of a sixteen-year-old kid from the first province now. The Alabusian land was called ‘the first province’ after Nigrosia took control over it. Argus had short brown hair, fair skin, big black eagle-like eyes, and a fit body. He wore a woven dark-blue full-sleeved shirt
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Chapter 2: Rusty Sword Skills
The headmaster cleared his throat and began to speak. “It has been seventy years since Master Taurus laid the foundation of this academy. I had taken my training from here only, and served my country for a lifetime. I am sure you all are aware of my services.” “Why is he bragging about himself?” mumbled Argus, crossing his arms as he found this formal speech boring as hell. “I too would brag about myself if I had his achievements,” replied Gunther. “He led our army to victory not once or twice, but thrice against Alabusia in a row. He is the only one to achieve this feat.” “Boring,” mouthed Argus, receiving a smile from Gunther in return. “You sure don’t like these formal events,” said Gunther. “But don’t you worry, it is just for once. We would not be seeing him giving a speech every day.” “I hope so.” Argus looked at Marya who listened to her father attentively. He guessed it must suck to be the daughter of the headmaster. The expectations must be too high. Gunther smiled devi
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Chapter 3: The Educational Malpractice
Argus seated in the class and observed the people around. He purposely took the corner seat as he did not want to catch attention. Gunther seated beside him and he noticed Argus looking around too much. He guessed he must feel uncomfortable as it was his first day. "I know it feels strange on the first day," He mentioned, trying to make him comfortable. "Don't worry, you will get used to it." Argus was impressed as he found Gunther smarter than the children his age. He responded to his words with a nod. The students chattered around until the lecturer entered. They all went silent as the one who entered did not have a great image dealing with students. His frowned face gave a dangerous vibe as if it cried out blatantly to not go near him. Argus wondered if he had ever smiled in his life. All the students stood up to welcome him, he nodded before they all took their seats again. The moustached master noted the faces of students before he began to speak. “Children, I know it is the
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Chapter 4: The Physical Combat Class
"Do you really believe all this stuff?" Argus whispered into Gunther's ears."Of course, I do," replied Gunther with no hesitation. Argus nodded with pity as he knew that these kinds of teachings would take them nowhere.The master still lectured. "First, I will explain the basics. What are Nigrosian arts? Can anyone tell me?" He asked, looking at the faces of the children, hoping to get an answer from one of them.A girl stood up like an obedient student and answered, "It is about developing your spirit energy by submitting your soul to God.""No, your answer is incomplete," said the master. He looked unhappy with her answer.‘Heh, they changed the name of the devil to 'God',’ Argus wondered after hearing her answer. ‘What they do is nowhere near holy.’The master signaled her to sit. "What she said is correct. We submit our soul to God, but her answer is not complete,” said he and again looked at the students, “Who can complete the answer?"Gunther belonged to the bright students of
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Chapter 5: The Spar
The students surrounded the sparring arena and waited for the first student to get their butt kicked by Marya. Marya was ready to kill everyone, it was evident from her face. She put her sword against a rock, even though there were simps to carry it for her. She stretched voraciously like a demon. "I don't want to fight her," Gunther whispered into Argus’ ears. "Be careful with her. She might break your bones and you would have to miss a significant amount of lectures as you would be spending your time in the hospital." "Oh, is that so? Then…" Argus took a glance at her and his lips twisted to form a smile. "I would like to spar with her." "Are you mad?" Gunther could not comprehend what this guy thought. “You better accept your defeat in the first fall if you are going to really fight her. She would not stop until you do it,” he tried to advise him. "Why do you fear her so much? Is she that strong? She doesn’t look so,” said Argus, casually. "She is definitely stronger than any
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Chapter 6: The Meeting with The Headmaster
The headmaster scribbled on a scroll in his chamber while his attendant went through some documents. The chamber had wooden walls with scrolls hanging around as decorations scribbled with words like “Keep fighting” or “Dreams comes true”. There was a table spread at the center with cushions aligned around it for the guests to sit on. The headmaster seated parallel to the door while his attendant seated on his right-hand side. He thought about the sparring match of Argus with his daughter and what he had witnessed was out of ordinary. His paintbrush stopped midway when he thought about the moment Argus had hit his daughter.The attendant noticed the headmaster lost somewhere while staring at the scroll. “I will get you another scroll, master,” he said when he saw the scroll had a large blot because of the headmaster pressing the brush too long at one spot. He stood up, pulled out the drawer near him and picked out a scroll.“Is something bothering you, master?” he asked after changin
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