WILL BRIDGES: The Salvation Case

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WILL BRIDGES: The Salvation Case

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The life of a legal perfectionist can indeed be challenging and time-consuming. Will Bridges was known throughout the legal world as an ace defense attorney, a winner who never lost a case. His reputation was untouchable, until his junior assistant lawyer brought him a new case - the Salvation case. Will's job was to defend Michael Todd who was both a victim and a suspect in a mysterious shipwreck that left him as the only survivor. The state was torn between believing he was a hero or a villain, but there was no clear evidence to point either way. As the trial began, Will was faced with the task of untangling the complicated web of evidence and testimony, all while keeping his own emotions in check. It was a case that would test his skills as a lawyer, and his very understanding of the law itself.

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The Ace Attorney (1)
SWANSEA, WALES2014...A FLASHBACK OF SOME MONTHS AGOThe headlines on TV and in the newspapers were always about 'The Ace Attorney of L&J Law Firm'. More specifically, everyone in Swansea was talking about the 'Ace'. He was considered one of the best lawyers in all of Wales, and people never stopped talking about him, both positively and negatively. But none of these talks and happenings mattered to a certain man. He said, 'Oh, what a beautiful day! It's the perfect weather to win a case.' He then crushed an insect under his black polished Chelsea oxford shoe and straightened his crooked red tie, which seemed to be the only distinct color in his outfit, but it blended in well. Anybody could guess he was a perfectionist by the way he dressed. He was wearing a gray three-piece suit in a British style that fit his body perfectly, along with a pure white shirt underneath. His hair was covered by a gray flat cap, giving him a look that combined the modern and the old days, although
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The Ace Attorney (2)
2015THE SWANSEA CROWN COURT..R. Bridges, who had been absorbed in his thoughts during the court proceedings, suddenly snapped back to the present moment. His mind was racing with thoughts of the past, when he was a prosecutor, not a defense attorney. Just seven months ago he was a prosecutor, now a defense attorney. The change had been his own decision, not something his firm had pressured him into.Turning his attention back to the courtroom. The witness had just been sworn in, and she began to give her testimony. "My name is Jane Smith, and I'm here to tell you what I saw on the night of the incident. It was a cold, rainy night, and I was driving home from work. I saw a car swerve into the oncoming lane, and it struck another car head-on.” She continued. “The crash was so loud, I pulled over to the side of the road to see if anyone needed help. That's when I saw Mr. Hardin, standing over Shayna. I could see that she was unconscious, and that Mr. Hardin was attempting to take
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Ivan Wadsworth
L&J LAW FIRMThe elevator dinged again, signaling that someone was coming up from the first floor. The doors opened, and Bridges emerged, heading back toward his office. As he approached, he noticed his secretary's office, which was located just outside his own, and heard laughter coming from within. He could hear her giggling with two other people, and he wondered why she wasn't working.His eyes narrowed as he reached the door to his office. He pushed it open, his expression flat and unreadable."Ivan, I need to know what's so funny," he said, looking pointedly at his assistant, who was standing with his secretary and another person, all of whom looked mortified. "Aren't you supposed to be working?" he asked, his tone brusque.Ivan stammered, "I-I'm sorry, Attorney Bridges. I just..." He trailed off, glancing nervously at the other two people in the room.Bridges' gaze shifted to the other man who was with his secretary. "And who are you?" he asked, his voice stern. "I'm Molly," t
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Two Parallel Lines
AT A CLASSIC RESTAURANTBridges walked alongside Mr. Lambert and Attorney Malcolm, their faces serious as they made their way into the upscale restaurant. Bridges decided to break the ice by asking, "Are we back at this place again?"He tried to keep his tone light, but he couldn't help but feel a bit of trepidation. He had a lot riding on this dinner, and he hoped it would go well.Lambert looked at Bridges with a pout on his face, then turned to Malcolm, who was still silent. He turned back to Bridges and said, "Yes, we're here to see a client, and that's why we're here again."Bridges shook his head, rolling his eyes. "Why are the three of us going to see this client?" he asked. "Why can't you go with someone else? Why do I have to come along?"Lambert sighed and said, "Well, the client said he wanted to see the two best lawyers at L&J, so I told him we had an ace, and I also told him we had someone who was very good. And that's you and Malcolm."Bridges still looked unconvinced, b
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Men Of Pride & Ego
(L&J LAWS)It was early morning, and Bridges was getting ready for work. He pulled out a baby blue shirt and a crisp black suit from his closet. As he scanned his tie collection for one that would match his outfit, he thought about the week-long vacation he had just returned from. He needed to get to the office early to catch up on what he had missed.Dressing quickly, he headed out the door. The morning air was crisp and fresh, and he felt a sense of anticipation as he walked to the subway station. His car had been broken down for over a month, and he had been relying on the subway to get around. It had its pros and cons - he liked being able to people-watch and observe the city around him, but he didn't always enjoy the stares and attention that came with being a celebrity. To avoid any unwanted attention, he would often wear a face mask on the subway.Today, he made his way to the office, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. He was determined to catch up on everything
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The Salvation Case
Bridges wondered what his uncle could possibly want. His uncle was his father's younger brother, the baby of the family. They had never been too close, but they had spoken a few times. He felt a mixture of apprehension and curiosity as he waited for his uncle to arrive..ATTORNEY MALCOLM'S OFFICEMalcolm's desk was immaculately arranged, his papers neatly stacked and organized. He was all set to go speak to his client. Malcolm straightened his tie and checked his appearance in the mirror. He wanted to look his best, as he was about to meet with a client. The case Lambert had assigned to him was a serious one, involving a sexual assault, and he wanted to be sure he was prepared. He took a deep breath and opened the door to his office.As soon as Malcolm opened the door to his office, he saw Laurie, the secretary, and Molly, a junior associate, walking past. Laurie was leading the way, while Molly followed closely behind. It seemed that Molly was trying to follow in Laurie's footst
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She Divorced Me, Not The Other Way Around
The day had almost come to an end, and Bridges was at the door of his house. He turned the doorknob, and the door opened easily, since it wasn't locked. Bridges was not a forgetful person, so he wondered why the door was unlocked. However, he reasoned that whoever might be inside the house must have a key, so he did not panic.He entered his house and recognized the first voice he heard. It was his mother. He took off his shoes and placed them by the front door. He walked fully inside his luxurious yet small and comfortable house. There, he saw his mother, who was bending over to pick up a book from the floor. “Hey, Mother,” Bridges said. “Good evening. What are you doing here?” Bridges asked, not sounding happy to see her, but not angry either.He wasn't surprised that she was in his house. She often showed up without telling him first. He walked past her and went into his room. He dropped his bag, changed his clothes, and his mother ignored him. He knew that when she showed up at
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Bridges scoffed. “She divorced me, not the other way around.” He folded his hands on his chest and tried to prove his point to his mother. But his mother wouldn't accept it. “Yes, she divorced you because you couldn't hold her down,” Flora, his mother wouldn't have it as an excuse. “Do you know how many times I told your father I'd leave him, but he's the one who left first, before me. He could hold me down, but you couldn't hold your son's mother down.”Bridges just sighed and gave up. He knew there was no point in arguing with his mother. “Mother, can we just please stop fighting?” he asked, a hint of exhaustion in his voice. “I don't want to argue with you.” But his mother wasn't done yet. “We will stop fighting when you finally accept the truth,” she said.Bridges replied, “Fine. I accept it. I can't change history now, can I?” His mother just looked at him, unable to counter his statement. In his thoughts, Bridges reflected on how this conversation about his divorce had been
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Sentimental Gifts
It was lunchtime, and the law firm was still quiet, as usual. L&J Laws wasn't a noisy law firm. Everyone was sensible and well-behaved. Most of the lawyers knew what had happened between James Luther, one of the partners of L&J, and their ace lawyer, Attorney Bridges. Most of them, in fact, supported Bridges.Everyone was on their lunch break and taking a break from work. Well, except for some of them who used their lunch time to do extra work. One of the lawyers, Attorney Malcolm, was on his way to Bridges' office. They didn't really talk or interact much, but this time, the lawyer had a case he thought Bridges was way ahead of and experienced. He wanted to talk to a like-minded lawyer about it.As he walked to the office, the junior and senior lawyers greeted him. But he just smiled and nodded. He didn't say anything in response. When he got to the door labeled "Attorney R. Bridges", he decided to put his ear to the door to listen for anything before he knocked. He didn't hear a
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Emotional People Of The Law
Ivan was in the middle of a very productive work session. He'd been working for over an hour and a half without stopping. Suddenly, one of the paralegals came over to his desk. She was standing with her arms crossed over her chest and a worried expression on her face. Ivan wondered what was wrong.Ivan tried to sound friendly as he greeted the paralegal. “Hello, Miss Madison,” he said, forcing a smile. But he was a little worried about what she wanted. He noticed that she seemed upset about something.Madison rolled her eyes and uncrossed her arms, letting them fall to her sides. “Didn't you hear me, Ivan?” she asked. “It's not like you have something blocking your ears. Yet you still didn't hear me, or you chose not to.” She sounded frustrated and upset.Ivan couldn't figure out why Madison seemed so upset. They didn't know each other that well, and he couldn't think of anything he'd done to make her angry. She must be upset about something else. “I've been calling your name for ab
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