Chris Bolton's Unexpected Rise To Wealth And Fame

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Chris Bolton's Unexpected Rise To Wealth And Fame

By: Six of Spades OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Chris Bolton is shamed and despised by all. His wife, Mabel thinks he is a worthless pauper, and so do everyone at the company where he works as a cleaner. However, Chris' fortunes take a dramatic turn the day after he is divorced by his cheating wife. He finds out that his long lost father is the Lord of the much coveted Bolton Empire, making him the heir. With his new discovery, Chris is ready to take revenge on the people who once shamed him for being broke.

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On a cool Friday evening, Chris walked out through the doors of the building of the multi million dollar company, GLAM where he worked, carrying a trashcan in his hand, and down the deserted Sanders Street. Chris Bolton had worked there as a mere cleaner for three whole years and it didn't matter to him that the owner of the company was no other than his beautiful wife and daughter of billionaire business tycoon, Mabel Sanders. Chris had always been a hardworking and independent man who preferred to work hard for his own money rather than stay idle because his wife was a billionaire.On that faithful evening, Chris seemed to be the happiest man in the world. He wore a smile on his face as he struggled with the over filled thrash can and almost bumped into a beautiful lady trying to make her way through the door."Watch where you're going, you dumb and dirty looking peasant!" She screamed, as her eyes scanned him from head to toe."You should be ashamed of yourself!" She ranted on. "A
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Chris Bolton could not believe his eyes. What the hell was going on? Who the hell was that man and what had given him the boldness to kiss Mabel Sanders?"I think you're making a huge mistake!" Chris blurted out. "A mistake that would cost your freedom for the rest of your life! That woman is Mabel Sanders, my wife and the daughter of billionaire business tycoon, Marcus Sanders."The blonde man planted a kiss on Mabel's neck and chuckled lightly."I thought you said he was a boring little peasant," He muttered in her ears. "This man right here has the right charisma to be a stand-up comedian!"Mabel laughed to his joke and started moaning again as he resumed kissing her neck."Arthur..." She moaned. "Right there."The name registered in Chris' memory immediately - Arthur. He was definitely going to find out who the bastard was and how he had turned his darling Mabel against him."Hope he's still watching?" Arthur grunted as he began to undress Mabel fully."Yes sir," the burly men rep
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After about thirty minutes of driving, the men dumped Chris in front of a hospital and zoomed off in the black van they had come with. Chris was still conscious on the floor, but he had lost a lot of blood already, and he could barely move a bone. He remained on the floor, waiting and hoping for a saviour to come to his rescue, but none was forthcoming. Unable to bear the throbbing pain in his leg, he passed out. Chris woke up about three hours later to the sound of machines beeping and whirring. He stared at the pure white walls of the room he was in and immediately, he realized that he was in the hospital. A drip was connected to his left hand and his left leg which Arthur's men had shot, was now bandaged. Chris tried to move his leg and noticed that he didn't even feel any pain. He stared up at the machines surrounding him and he wondered who had taken him to such an expensive and sophisticated hospital. There was no way he was going to be able to pay the bills for such a place a
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Chris Bolton could barely contain the excitement he felt. In the less than ten minutes that Greg left him to wait for his father, he had paced about the room over a hundred times.Thousands of questions flooded through his mind in that moment. Was his father really the owner of this mansion? If that was true, did that mean that he was actually rich and not poor? Chris kept on repeating the same questions over and over again to himself until finally, the door to the room creaked open.Chris spun around at once and the moment their eyes met, he knew it was his father, Michael Bolton. Michael walked up to his son, Chris and the pair stared each other down for the better part of a minute without saying a word. The resemblance was clear - the same ink black and curly hair, the same grey eyes, well chiseled jawline, taut arms and long legs. Chris was a spitting image of his father, Michael."Son?" Michael muttered. "Is this really you?"He reached for Chris' cheek but the latter shifted bac
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On Monday morning, as early as 8 a.m. Chris was already seated outside the office of the CEO of NEXON CORPORATIONS, Arthur McDoyle. Over the weekend, he had the chance to browse through the internet for more details about the company, and he had found out that the multi million dollar company was mainly involved in the production of jewelry. Chris stared in awe at the magnificent building and the sight of each well furnished office when a door opened amazed him. Was all this really his? Or was life playing some kind of sick joke on him as usual? Chris felt his confidence dwindle over time as well dressed employees began trooping in more. It was already close to an hour later than resumption time, and some of the offices were still locked, meaning that those who worked there had not shown up yet. Chris quickly concluded that Arthur was doing a terrible job.He waited on patiently, and sometime around 9, a woman sauntered over to where he sat."Arthur in?" She asked, without even spari
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Chris settled down on the arm chair at a far corner of Arthur's office. His legs were crossed and his eyes scanned the perimeter quickly."Are - are - you sure you don't want to sit right here?" Arthur asked, pointing at his executive chair. "I'm good here, Arthur, thank you," Chris replied with a smile. "You're still the CEO of NEXUS. You told me that a few days ago, remember?"Arthur heaved a deep sigh and his fingers tapped against the wooden table. His heart was pounding in his chest as he thought of the best way to get himself out of the mess he had just entered."Okay, I'm really sorry, man," Arthur croaked. He lowered his gaze to meet Chris and he swallowed hard."I'm sorry you had to watch what happened between Mabel and I. It was - ""That's not why I'm here, Arthur McDoyle," Chris replied and straightened up. He waved a file in Arthur's face and dropped it on the table before them."This is why I'm here."Arthur stared at the file on the table. His heart was pounding in h
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It was barely eleven a.m. and Mabel Sanders was already having a terrible day. The heater had suddenly stopped working, and she was freezing now, the maid that was supposed to prepare her clothes for her meeting had burnt them, and worst of all, her father, Marcus Sanders, was on his way home.Mabel literally dreaded Marcus' presence. He was a monster to her. He had always been one, and their already strained relationship had gotten worse when she forced that deadbeat piece of thrash, Chris Bolton, on her. How could any billionaire in his right senses want his daughter to get married to such a broke man like Chris? Mabel was convinced that her father hated her.And now, he was back. He had been away for seven whole months on a business trip, but he was back suddenly, just three days after her third wedding anniversary with Chris. Mabel knew that her father's sudden appearance was in a way related to her anniversary, and she had no plans of hearing what he wanted to say. She needed to
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Mabel could not believe her eyes. Standing before her in the head office of one of the biggest establishments in the world was her own ex husband, Chris Bolton, the very man she had shamed for the past 3 years because he was broke.How the hell he had managed to afford such an expensive suit, and what he was doing in there, Mabel had no idea. All she knew was that he was there, and he definitely looked better off than she had ever seen him."Where's Arthur?" Mabel asked, as she eyed Chris. "And what are you doing in here?"Her voice remained cold but Chris could tell that she was still very much surprised."Arthur is regrettably not available at the moment and so you would have to answer to me," Chris replied with a smile. "Please have your seat.""Report to you?" Mabel snarled, completely losing her cool. "Tell me, Chris. Who exactly do you think you are?"I heaved a deep sigh and slowly walked over to the executive chair in the room. I sat down and faced Mabel who was still surpris
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Another guard walked up to Mabel and stared her down."Calm down ma'am!" The guard boomed. "You're making a scene.""Don't fucking tell me to calm down when you're failing to do your job properly!" Mabel squealed, and turning to face Arthur, she added. "Is this how disrespectful all your workers are?"Arthur was too shaken to speak. He couldn't bring himself to tell Mabel that he had lost it all. He was in debts, and the company he thought was his, belonged to that unfortunate bastard, Chris Bolton."Answer me, babe!" Mabel ranted on. "Whatever the issue is, we would solve it," Arthur replied in a desperate bid to calm her down. He knew very well what the problem was. She had probably seen Chris in his office and that was why she was shouting. Arthur had no idea how he was going to explain it to her, that he had lost the company to Chris. "Let me tell you what the issue is!" Mabel said. "That little animal - Chris, is in your office, pretending to be your representative or something
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The moment Chris walked out of the office, Mabel was all over him."What was that about!" Mabel frowned. "Do you realize how much money you let that pauper have?"Arthur's fingers drummed across the table for a while as he considered everything that had happened."It's nothing, Mabel," Arthur replied with a smile. "Take it as a kind gesture from me - helping the less privileged.""Helping the less privileged with twenty million dollars!" Mabel squealed. "Did you come here to have a go at me?" Arthur frowned."And what about the weekend getaway?" Mabel eyed him. "Since when did you start going on weekend getaways with Chris of all people?"Arthur smiled to himself as he remembered the bet he made with Chris. A part of him wanted to tell her about the bet, so he could secure the money, but another part of him wanted to prove Chris wrong completely. If he cheated by telling her about the bet, he would never get to know if she truly loved him.Just then, a knock sounded on the door, and
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