Zachary Hougthon : The Invincible God Of War

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Zachary Hougthon : The Invincible God Of War

By: Dragon Slayer Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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For ten years, he never forgot what happened to his family, and a woman saved him. Now, he has returned after becoming such a great man to return the favour to the woman who saved him and take revenge on those who killed his family.

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61 chapters
Chapter 1
Over the southern sea of the Yanta region. In the sea of Yanta, the aircraft carrier called Atlantis is sailing, where the most elite troops were stationed, a man in beach shorts was relaxing while lying on a chair. The cell phone in his pants pocket vibrating. He picked up the phone. He received the phone call and he said. “Hermes, what’s up? Is there anything urgent that you my vacation time.” He took another sip of his drink. "I mean Pacific and training the soldiers." The man on the other end of the line stared with straight eyes. "Zeus, I've found her!" "The woman is still alive, and I have obtained information about her. She is Naura Harvey from the Harvey family." The voice came back, making the general grip his cell phone tighter. "But... " The man's voice trailed off, making Zeus frown as he waited for the next answer. "But what?" Zeus asked in a firm voice. He no longer had the patience to wait for him. The sound of breathing could be heard over the phone. "That woman
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Chapter 2
"Let's go down." Zachary, who had just opened the car door, immediately contacted Naura.His heavy voice caught Naura's attention. She held Zachary's hand awkwardly and exited the car. When she had done that, her eyes were immediately distracted by the manor in front of her. "We have arrived." Zachary spoke softly again. The voice seemed to be signalling Naura to get off immediately. Naura nodded. Naura walked and stopped her steps for a moment. Naura's gaze was fixed on the building in front of her. The spacious place seemed to stand proudly, beating the Harvey family's private villa. She stared at Zachary momentarily, she could hardly believe that Zachary would take her to a manor she had never imagined. Who is this man?Before this, Naura had never known Zachary's background. She only thought he was a poor man who wanted half of the Harvey family fortune. If he didn't need money, there was no way he would like to be with this ugly man. She had dirty thoughts about the man holdi
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Chapter 3
The Harvey family villa looked quiet from the front. But it was different inside the house. After fourteen days of the announcement, they gathered again. But they knew that after fourteen days, Naura and Zachary never returned. Meanwhile, tomorrow, they have to hold a wedding. "They should have come back." Amy spoke with a stern voice in front of Naura's mother. She thought that Naura's family was jinxed. Leo shook his head. "You shouldn't be thinking about that useless woman. Wouldn't it be a good thing if they didn't come back? That foolish man has saved us from the Harvey family's disgraceful woman. We'll be free of her." Leo spoke confidently. He looked at his mother. Jhonny chose to remain silent. In contrast, Naura's mother seemed annoyed with her daugther, who was always making trouble."That woman is gone, so stop bringing it up again," Leo spoke up again, to which Amy nodded. "Yeah, we shouldn't be talking about that pesky woman. I wish she'd never come back. She's such a
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Chapter 4
"Zachary, how is this? I know it's too hard." Naura looked at Zachary as he left the Harvey family home. Her eyes were glazed with helplessness.After her return, she had hoped that she would get married to Zachary tomorrow, but her family had played a trick on Naura."Calm down, Naura. Your grandfather said we will get married." Zachary spoke calmly. He touched Naura's hand.Naura's face looked glum. "We will fail because I know very well that my family's decision is not easy to be about. Especially when they impose such heavy requirements." She sounded desperate. "That sounds impossible for us, Zake."Getting a partnership by signing a thirty million-dollar contract was a lot of work. She remembered her father's struggles, who went to great lengths to get a ten-million-dollar deal. Indeed, thirty million dollars would be much more difficult."We can try. We'll make it," Zachary replied, not changing his attitude.Naura squeezed her hand, only she seemed to understand. "They're an in
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Chapter 5
At the Pierson residence, a big party was being held. It was Peter Pierson's 70th birthday party. The entire Pierson family had gathered together with all the guests present, as well as the guests of the three family emissaries. They were from the Winter, Lawson, and Joansen families.One by one, people approached Peter and congratulated him by bringing many luxurious gifts."Mr. Lawson came with a jade god statue worth twenty million dollars. Mr. Winter came with a painting worth fifteen million dollars. Mr. Joansen has brought a diamond watch worth twenty-five million dollars." The host announced the gifts given by the three great families to all the guests.Everyone listened in awe. Meanwhile, Mr. Peter was seen smiling excitedly with a beaming face.Many guests came with high-value gifts, seeking the attention of Mr. Peter Pierson and hoping for cooperation from one of the Pierson family's subsidiaries.Meanwhile, outside, there was already a masked man who came with a large bell
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Chapter 6
The ringing phone made Zachary reach into his pants pocket. He got a call from Naura."Zachary, I've been talking to my friend about the contract you should get from that international company." Naura's voice sounded very enthusiastic when Zachary put the cell phone next to his ear. "We can meet him now," Naura spoke again.Zachary looked happy. He had gotten the contract, but he didn't want to disappoint Naura. Then Zachary spoke, "Alright, I'll pick you up."After saying that, the phone call was disconnected. Zachary immediately put the cell phone back in his pocket, after which he immediately went to Naura's house.A few moments later, Zachary had arrived. A beautiful woman was waiting for him in the yard. Naura beautifully decorated her face with formal clothes that made her look even more attractive.Naura widened her smile. She immediately grabbed Zachary's hand and spoke excitedly. "Zachary, I've been waiting for you. I was so happy when I convinced my friend to help us get the
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Chapter 7
Dizon looked confident. He was very sure that Naura would be interested in his offer. He knew that Naura wanted the contract.Meanwhile, Naura looked at Dizon with annoyance. Dizon's words were as if she was demeaning herself. "I want that contract, but something like that will never happen." Naura gave another refusal.Lyla folded her arms with a cynical smile. She knew that Naura was just pretending to reject Dizon. Lyla was also sure that Dizon hated her so much that Dizon only gave bad words to demean Naura."You don't need to pretend. I know this is your main goal. Come and make advances to Dizon to get what you want. How embarrassing." Lyla gave Naura another insult. She was sure that Dizon still hated Naura even though she had become a beautiful woman.Dizon walked closer. He looked at Naura's face from a close distance. But this made Lyla feel jealous. Naura stepped back, giving her some space.Lyla tapped her foot hard. "I know, you're just pretending to refuse because I'm he
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Chapter 8
After completing the contract, Naura returned to see Zachary. She immediately got into the car and looked at Zachary. "Have you been waiting for me too long, Zack?" She looked at Zachary."But I have good news for you. I have finalized my contract." The beautiful woman showed Zachary a copy of the document she had brought.Zachary looked at her. He had known about the matter, but he gave his answer to Naura. "That was an excellent job, Naura," Zachary replied with a slight smile."Zack, do you know Mr. Jeremy? He talked a bit about you. Did you know each other before?" Naura moved her eyes as she asked Zachary."Yes, I know him. We are friends." Zachary answered her briefly.Naura now nodded in understanding. Previously, she felt surprised when she got a big contract so easily, but after hearing the explanation from Zachary, she knew that it might have been Zachary's intervention.This was enough to make her feel surprised. Then she remembered about the Manor that Zachary lived in.Na
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Chapter 9
Howard got up, his eyes sharp. He had imagined that the beautiful woman would be his wife. But seeing and hearing that Naura was going to marry that strange man made him feel upset."Naura will not marry anyone other than me," Howard spoke firmly again. He patted his chest firmly.Naura squeezed the hem of her shirt firmly. She looked at the man with a cold gaze. Likewise, Zachary also gave Howard a cold stare.Naura had envisioned getting married to Zachary soon, but she had another obstacle that upset her. Naura didn't know the man, but he had dared to forbid Naura to marry Zachary."Naura, he is Mr. Howard. He is the only son of the Lawson family. You should get to know him first." Leo, who was there spoke.Leo forced Naura and said, "Don't you know if the Lawson family is one of the four giants? He is an extraordinary man." Leo wanted to make Naura feel interested."I don't care. I'm just going to marry Zachary." Naura decided it firmly. She also looked at Leo sharply.Howard didn
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Chapter 10
The phone call was still going on, and Howard was still frozen in shock after hearing the report from his father. He couldn't believe that all this was happening. This could destroy his family's industry. Prague. Inc. was a huge company, but he had broken the cooperation contract with Pierson Group, which would make many other companies withdraw some of their shares. This was an alarming thing.If that happens, it will affect the Pierson family's wealth. So far, the Pierson family has been known as a mighty giant family."You are so stupid. What have you done? Mr. Jeremy said that you had done such a bad thing that we were stripped of our partnership." Her father shouted back over the phone.Howard was still clutching his cell phone tightly. One hand was clenched into a tight fist. "This can't be, Dad!" Howard rejected the truth." has completely canceled cooperation. We are in grave danger. You-" Suddenly, the voice cut off."Great master? Mr. Big? What happened? Mr. Big is
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