Zombies Apocalypse: Too Late To Run!

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Zombies Apocalypse: Too Late To Run!

By: KMyay CompletedUrban/Realistic

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When the enveloping darkness ends, it is also the time when the door of light will open. However, when passing through that door, the intense red light unveils the brutality; the dawn of the apocalypse just has only one the continuous flow of fresh blood signaling an impending doom. It all started when Hubert Wang, bored with his life, decided to buy the virtual reality game “Zombie World” from a mysterious man on the street. When he opened the game, a few specific words echoed in his ears. “From now on, 36 billion people will have to fight with you... Please be ready for the battle!” Thirty-six billion people, who will be the one to bring a new ray of hope to all of humanity from the land of the dead? Can Hubert Wang redeem himself for the mistake he made?

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Chapter 1: Apocalyptic Game.
City S.Strolling down the street with his hands tucked into his pockets was Hubert Wang. He was twenty years old, but at first glance, he appeared to be only sixteen or seventeen due to his round face, chubby cheeks, and large eyes, which seemed to shave off a few years. Knowing his advantage, he had started his career as a streamer at sixteen, and it had been four years since then.A devoted gamer, particularly of virtual reality games, Hubert had tried and live-streamed his experiences with all sorts of fun. Over time, he had run out of new games to explore and had played just about every game. Lately, he had been feeling down due to the lack of new games to review for his fans, so he had decided to take a walk outside and get some fresh air while he waited for new games to be released.Suddenly, he spotted a man dressed in black from head to toe, with hair covering his eyes, holding a sign that caught his attention:“Virtual Reality Game - Zombie Apocalypse.”Having played countle
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Chapter 2: Bloodbath.
It's 7 a.m. on June 15 in S City.Only three hours until the solar eclipse. Predictions suggest the eclipse will last three hours from beginning to peak and then end. However, the eclipse two thousand years ago lasted eight hours. No one knows what will happen or whether the person next to them will turn into a zombie and attack.Based on the situation from the zombie pandemic two thousand years ago, Minister Wang already had a plan. During the eclipse, the transformation from human to zombie occurs. Regular people and power users won't change, but zombies will gradually stiffen, unable to move or speak. They'll growl at the peak of the eclipse. During this time, those nearby can notice and quickly isolate them or go to a prearranged area for power users and regular people. Regardless of the relationship, the priority is to run or kill the zombie, as there is no cure, and antibiotics are ineffective.Two thousand years ago, the Wang family ancestor discovered a vaccine against the zom
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Chapter 3: Meet Another Superpowers.
Jacob chuckled cheerfully. Hubert wandered around the clothing shop, picking out a set of more appealing clothes for Jacob and incidentally grabbing a few extra scenes, just in case they got dirty.“Do you want to take a quick shower?”Hubert followed Jacob’s pointing finger to a water faucet in the staff toilet. Hubert twisted his lips: “Bro, we’re not on vacation, are we? The groans of zombies surround us, and you’re here wanting to shower? Isn’t that too laid-back?”Even though Hubert thought that, but he decided to take a bath, the smell from the meteorite that fell last night still lingered on his body.“You go first.” Hubert said.Jacob took the clothes Hubert handed him and went in. While waiting outside, Hubert fiddled with his phone and discovered the lost signal. This meant that communication was impossible, and he would need to find a place that provided communication devices and get a few walkie-talkies, just in case he and Jacob got separated.However, walkie-talkies had
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Chapter 4: Fast Power-Leveling!
“Thank you both for the help.”Hubert turned around. Enda and the young boy had reached him and Jacob.“My name is Enda White, a police officer working here. I didn’t expect my supervising task to be so challenging... fortunately, you both stepped in to help..”“No worries, exterminating zombies is a task for all of us, right?”Hubert winked, smiling. Enda took on a less formal demeanor. The boy behind him then spoke:“There are too many zombies, and I have no idea how we will eliminate them all.”This boy was much shorter than Hubert, and his baby face suggested he was only about fifteen or sixteen.“What’s your power? It seems unique.”“Wind element.”“Wind? Really?”Hubert was surprised to encounter a wind elemental superhuman, a type that hadn’t existed in the last apocalypse, and his curiosity was piqued.“So...how does your power work?”“I can provide energy to other superhumans, and it feels like my body is a massive, never-ending energy pool.”“That’s incredible!”Hubert was s
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Chapter 5: Classification Of Cores.
After leaving the Wang residence, Hubert and his group started planning to search for superhumans and trapped civilians in various locations to prevent them from being unable to escape once they reached the designated assembly points. Hubert sat, deep in thought, staring out of the helicopter window. So Theodore had turned into a zombie, and the rest of his family had scattered elsewhere. He sighed heavily, his brotherly relationship with Theodore now blown away like smoke due to this apocalyptic event. From now on, they would walk different paths, with the stark distinction between life and death.“Hubert, don’t be sad. Your older brother wouldn’t want to see you like this either. The transformation into a zombie isn’t unexpected, right? You still have many relatives waiting to be saved, right?”Hubert nodded. Jacob was right. Having only Theodore turn into a zombie out of seven family members was a cause for celebration, better than having everyone turn and leaving him alone in this
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Chapter 6: Energy Barrier Grid.
Hubert pointed at a large room, a dance studio. After seeing what Hubert was telling, Jacob moved forward to investigate, pressing his ear against the door to listen. There was both growling and talking inside. Enda looked at Gideon, and they signaled each other with their eyes, finally speaking out.“Whoever’s inside, listen up. We’re a rescue team here to rescue trapped civilians and superhuman. Can you tell us how many people are inside?”The room suddenly fell silent for a few seconds before a somewhat arrogant voice echoed from within:“We have fourteen people, ten adults and four teenagers, one of whom is superhuman.”“Open the door, please.”Though Enda said this, he still pointed his gun at the door, ready for any unexpected situation. In less than a minute, the door opened, revealing many people, among whom one was tied up and lying on the floor.“You rescue dogs are always so slow. Do you know how many hours we’ve been holed up here?”The one who spoke was a middle-aged man
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Chapter 7: Classification Of Essence And Advancement.
"Hubert, come down here..."Only at this moment did Hubert take a moment to look at himself, having transformed with both a tail and a cat's claws and had even scampered up onto the canvas to hide. He knew that cats' instinct to run away was phenomenal, but he hadn't expected it to be to this extent. How embarrassing!After an awkward period of hesitation, Hubert finally decided to jump down, and Jacob wrapped him in a protective embrace. Ahead, Enda and Gideon were constantly unleashing their abilities to chase after the undead that had just activated its powers. The strange thing was that this undead entity seemed to phase in and out of visibility as if it had some cloaking technique, making it impossible for Enda's lightning to hit. How it utilized its power suggested it had already been promoted to level two or was at the peak of level one. Zombies rank faster than power users, but their strength is explosive and difficult to maintain for a long time. Given the energy pool that Gi
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Chapter 8: Close-Call Battle.
Hubert enhanced his hearing, estimating from the dense footfalls that hundreds of them could be. As he had predicted, the S.M. corporation was a heavy-weight zombie nest.Jacob was the first to open the door and step outside. Seeing no zombies in sight, he gestured for Hubert to follow. However, as soon as they left the room, a horde of zombies coincidentally arrived."We're trapped. They've blocked our path to the upper floor. Hubert, what do we do now?"Hubert, after a moment of tense silence, finally spoke:"There's no time to contemplate. We're only two floors below the top. You hold them off while I find a way to the top. Help me break the glass window first!""Alright!"Jacob ran ahead to confront the approaching horde. He ripped off a wooden door, produced a burst of flames, and hurled the blazing door toward the zombies. The lower-level zombie was afraid of fire and didn't dare to advance. However, four had leveled up and weren't scared of fire. They jumped through the flaming
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Chapter 9: Frozen And Earth Transmutation Of Energy.
The passage of five days felt as if the sun overhead had frozen in the sky, never setting, as if the Earth had ceased its rotation. Hubert slowly opened his eyes from his meditative position, his state of "sleep" allowing him to perceive everything happening around him. He knew five days had passed, yet the zombies hadn't discovered their hideout. He glanced at Jacob sitting beside him, the aura radiating around him in intense hues of red and orange, sweltering and relentless, coupled with the blinding sunlight, causing the sweat to stream down, soaking his recently changed clothes. The wounds Jacob had, were healing as well.After five days, a gnawing sensation of hunger made its presence felt, and he reached for some food again.Rising, Hubert approached the railing, peering down at the ground, using his enhanced vision to survey the surroundings. Zombies were everywhere and evolving, growing agile, some even progressing to peak level one and, astonishingly, level two. The ones reac
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Chapter 10: Electromagnetic And Hydrodynamic Energy Transformation.
At this precise moment, the helicopter suddenly slowed down. Jacob turned to Hubert and spoke."Smoke is rising from the supermarket below. I believe there are people inside.""Where?"Hubert stood up at that, reaching the cockpit and peering out the window. Below was a supermarket, the smoke billowing from almost the topmost floor. Expanding his vision, he saw hordes of zombies encircling the building. He could not see any living souls, but he did notice the words "Help! There are survivors here!" plastered densely on each glass door of the supermarket. Hubert immediately instructed: "Descending onto the rooftop terrace.""Understood."Jacob nodded, pulling the lever and expertly maneuvering the helicopter. His skillful and professional operation further impressed Hubert. When the aircraft touched down, Hubert flung the door open and jumped out, turning to Lucia and Bella."You two should stay here. It's going to be dangerous down below.""We'll be fine. I can help if we stick toget
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